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Many moons ago when people asked me how to build muscle fast I told them that they had to squat, deadlift and bench press. My friend and ex training partner called and told me he tore his rotator cuff while benching heavy over the weekend. This bench press has been injuring shoulders and tearing pecs since the first time it was ever performed. Back in the golden days of the Iron Game, when the military press was the main upper body exercise of choice, nobody ever heard of rotator cuff injuries or pec tears. The bottom position of a heavy bench press puts your shoulders in a very vulnerable and dangerous position.
Like a lot of you, I have always been obsessed with learning more about how to build muscle fast, and the bench press has long been a staple in popular mass building programs.
I have discussed this issue with many of the worlds top shoulder specialists in recent months and they are all in full agreement. Make sure your technique is picture perfect and you bring the bar down to the right spot while properly activating your upper back and lat muscles. While the bench press is probably the most dangerous exercise most of you are doing on a regular basis, it is not the only harmful one. Jason Ferruggia is a world famous fitness expert who is renowned for his ability to help people build muscle as fast as humanly possible. Many women are worried about the side effects of weight lifting, specifically that since muscle weighs more then fat, they will gain weight. Don’t be too concerned about the scale when the you begin weight training, because soon you will notice that your clothes fit nicer, and you will have a sexier, more toned appearance.

Don’t be afraid to push yourself and try to go for low reps with a heavy weight, instead of doing 30 reps with a light weight that hardly gives you a burn. Women can do all the same exercises as men, but for some reason, in popular media, they are always shown doing bicep curls with 5lb dumbbells.
It is true that there is a misconception about how bulky you can get just from picking up a pair of dumbbells. From meal plans to workout programs that get progressively more challenging, Vince lays out everything in an easy-to-read manner. Your 6 Pack QuestNo Nonsense 6 Pack Quest provides a workout and dieting program designed to burn the fat off your stomach and reveal those 6 pack abs.
It was only after the bench press achieved extreme popularity that shoulders and pecs started getting obliterated at record rates.
For years I proudly proclaimed it to be a great size and strength building lift and measure of upper body power.
Secondly, don't use the flat bench for more than 4-6 weeks without switching to a safer version of a barbell press like an incline or floor press.
There are far more effective movements that will build mind blowing strength and size in your chest, shoulders and triceps while saving you years of frustrating and costly injuries.
Unfortunately many of you are probably doing damage to other body parts without even realizing it. He is the head training adviser for Men’s Fitness Magazine where he also has his own monthly column dedicated to muscle building. The truth is that women will not get bulky from weight training because their bodies do not produce nearly as much testosterone as men’s do.

Yes, you will probably gain a few pounds after starting a dedicated weight training routine. So the more muscle you build, the higher your resting metabolic rate (RMR) will be, which means your body will be burning more calories just to sustain you. It is extremely unlikely that a woman would become bulky from weight training (without steroids) unless she was a stereotypical Mesomorph (naturally muscular). Nothing made me happier than helping one of my athletes add 50 pounds to his bench in the off season and watching him go to camp and destroy the competition. And if that were the case, she would probably know this anyway, and her muscular development would be restricted by the lack of testosterone. I created this website to share how I gained over 30 lbs by weight lifting, eating and using the right nutritional supplements. For the rest of you, who still love to press big weights and impress your friends and gym members I recommend you do so with extreme caution.
Here you will find honest supplement reviews, weight-gaining tips, workout routines, free PDFs and the best hardgainer workout programs on the internet. Some of them supplement with testosterone as well, which is why they are able to pack on so much muscle.
The flat bench press will eventually lead to some kind of shoulder problems or pec tear in the majority of lifters who do it heavy enough and long enough.

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