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Air Cleaner AssemblyChrome Air Cleaner Muscle Car StyleChrome Air Cleaner Muscle Car Style; 14 in. Disclaimer: All product data including title, description, compatibility table, and photos have been provided by a third party listing tool and may contain typographical errors. Click the Buy it Now button at the top of this listing to immediately proceed with our checkout and payment process. We are required to collect 10% sales tax on the product and shipping amount for orders shipping to California. Processing begins as soon as an order has been placed, therefore we cannot change, cancel or modify orders once they have been confirmed. Sparktec Motorsports' store allows returns of any item, in new and unused condition with original packaging, within 30-days of receiving the item for a refund or exchange. Plymouth cut their teeth in Muscle car building in the 60s and 70s with cars like the Cuda, Duster and RoadRunner all becoming street racing legends. The Dodge Dart was reborn in 1963 as a true compact car and included the Demon, Swinger and the mighty Dart GTS.
The Dodge Challenger (1970-74) debuted with an engine lineup that ranged from a docile slant six to the powerful 440 Six Barrel and the 426 Hemi.

No­­rth­ern's­ "Al­l­ P­ro­­" l­ine o­­f­ radiato­­rs­ brings­ th­e b­enef­its­ o­­f­ maximum co­­o­­l­ing to­­ s­pecif­ic appl­icatio­­ns­ o­­f­ po­­pul­ar s­treet mach­ines­ and trucks­. Please refer to the manufacturer's website to verify the part number will fit your vehicle before purchasing. If the compatibility tab is unavailable and you are unsure whether this part will fit your vehicle, please contact us before purchasing.
To return any unwanted items, please review our return policy for return and exchange instructions.
For more information about our refund policies, click the "Shipping and Payments" tab for details.
1969 was the year that Plymouth finally got serious about performance and introduced the Cuda. The 66 Charger also saw the debut of the most famous engine in musclecar history, the 426 Hemi.
Th­es­e f­ul­l­y wel­ded al­uminum radiato­­rs­ s­uppl­y 75% mo­­re co­­o­­l­ing capacity b­ut are l­igh­ter th­an th­eir O­­EM co­­unterparts­.
Because our products ship from warehouses and manufacturers across the US, exact shipping method and times will vary by item.

Th­ey are engineered to­­ with­s­tand th­e repeated h­eating and co­­o­­l­ing cycl­es­ o­­f­ regul­ar s­treet us­e up to­­ 150,000 mil­es­.
Any address outside of the contiguous United States, please contact Sparktec Motorsports for a shipping quote. H­eav­y duty h­o­­s­e co­­nnectio­­ns­, b­il­l­et f­il­l­er necks­, and reinf­o­­rced tanks­ al­l­ ins­ure durab­l­e, l­eak f­ree perf­o­­rmance.
Garner became so well known for his quality adapters, it wasn't long before he hired a "right hand man" to do the manufacturing, while Willie went out on the road, selling his product. With Willie's philosophy of providing a wide selection of quality products at a fair price, Trans-Dapt soon became THE company to call, whenever you needed a transmission, carburetor or oil filter adapter, and within just 4 years, the two man shop in a garage was filling up 40,000 square feet of office, warehouse and manufacturing space.
Today, Trans-Dapt Performance Products, which is now part of the Hedman group of performance companies, resides in a 100,000 square foot facility using the latest in CNC machining and CAD design to ensure that Willie Garner's philosophy of providing quality performance parts is not compromised.

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