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You don’t need animal proteins to Build Lean Muscle, in fact animal proteins have been known to have a more complex structure and are therefore harder and more tiresome for our bodies to break down than Plant Protein sources. Many bodybuilders start their day with oats in one form or another because they help promote lean muscle mass. Leafy greens are packed with iron for optimal oxygen circulation during exercise and they contain a good amount of Protein to help build muscle. Packed with Protein,  soluble (and insoluble) fiber, folate (vitamin B9), magnesium, potassium and a number of other health promoting nutrients, red kidney beans are a true superfood.
The Protein is concentrated from the normal level of 6% in fresh Peas, to around 80% – 76.2g per 100g! This entry was posted in Health & Wellbeing and tagged in best vegan diet for muscle building, best vegan muscle building foods, high protein vegan diet, high protein vegan diet bodybuilding, high protein vegan foods, how to build muscle on a vegan diet, the top vegan foods, the top vegan muscle building foods, vegan muscle, vegan muscle building, vegan muscle building foods, vegan muscle building supplements, vegan muscle food, vegan protein, vegan protein foods, vegan protein foods list, vegan protein powder, vegan protein sources. Hea€™s written an informative post on vegan bodybuilding and has even sent aA  list of High Protein Vegan Foods. And now Ia€™m going to give the blog over to Robert Cheeke, the worlda€™s most-recognized vegan bodybuilder and author of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness a€“ The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet.
Building muscle on a vegan diet should not be considered a challenge, an oxymoron or an improbable task deemed for failure. If your goal is to build muscle, it must be understood how muscle grows in the first place. The food you eat, supplements you take, and ensuing rest you get all help in the recovery process that builds you back up bigger and stronger.
It usually requires the consumption of six to eight meals a day with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats throughout the day. Though ita€™s not an easy task to consume enough food, ita€™s also not extremely challenging either, it just takes some dedication, focus, planning and preparation. In general fruits are the easiest to digest and are often best eaten alone rather than combined with other foods such as proteins. These programs have been created for women and the quantities of food are based on approximately 125-150- pound active women. These nutrition programs are for an average 170-pound male looking to maintain and build muscle, but the themes throughout are consistent for any gender, any size; just tailor your own programs to your individual caloric needs. Ia€™ve found that the more enthusiastic you are about supporting your active lifestyle with a sound nutritional program, and the more meaningful your reasons for doing so, the greater your success will be.

My career opportunities, interests, and long-term goals are all dependent on my ability to stay motivated. What are YOUR unique reasons for wanting to build or maintain muscle?A  Why do you care about it, and what does it mean to you? But many vegan and vegetarian athletes consume adequate, quality protein on a plant-based diet and thrive with high levels of health and fitness.
Like anything else in nutrition, getting enough protein in your diet comes down to the basics, and common sense.
You cana€™t expect to pack on muscle without understanding how the process works: For starters, you have a basic minimum caloric need just to maintain your weight, muscle and health. But ita€™s also one of the main reasons why a€?vegetariansa€? as a group get the reputation for being underweight.
If it were, wea€™d all be walking around as muscle-bound citizens mimicking cartoon super heroes.
Regardless of your sports interest, consuming smaller meals throughout the day keeps you constantly nourished and fueled for a run, a tennis match, cycling, swimming or anything else, providing important nutrition to start the day, throughout the day and pre and post-exercise.
They also vary per individual based on factors such as your food preference, your rate of metabolism (your bodya€™s ability to burn fat) and your specific athletic goals. Consumed at the same kind could slow down digestion in many people so some people choose to eat fruit by itself and consume other carbohydrates with proteins in other meals throughout the day. They are just samples and exact foods and quantities can be altered based on interest, size, age, and activity level. The harder I work, the more success I experience, and the more personal fulfillment I achieve. I think it’s amazing how you CAN certainly be extremely healthy and thrive on a vegan diet. I actually just picked up Brendan Brazier’s Thrive book and am reading about endurance athletes and plant-based diets. I am getting more active with biking, not bodybuilding necessarily- but this is very helpful.
Its extremely critical to help build lean muscle mass and help preserve it once its formed. This is determined based on your age, size, weight and gender, and primarily based around how many calories youa€™re expending (burning) each day.

Ita€™s not a baseless stereotype and ita€™s something that I work hard to eradicate through my Vegan Bodybuilding lifestyle.
Muscle grows as a result of the micro-tears that happen within a muscle following resistance training, usually weight training. Of course that image isna€™t the goal of many, but recovering properly from any type of exercise is our primary goal.
My meals tend to be a bit smaller and I get to incorporate a lot of variety, flavors, themes, etc. They are purely based on my experiences and observations as a competitive and champion vegan athlete over the past 15 years.
If I ever meet someone interested in doing this sort of thing, I now know about your book and can direct them to it! So they require more calories through the consumption of food than their non-athlete counterparts. Lifting weights or putting your body under physical stress in other ways (such as manual labor or bodyweight exercises) causes the muscle fibers to tear. When put together appropriately, they work harmoniously and create outstanding results of proper nourishment, fat-burning and muscle building.
Listed after these meal programs from my book are custom made meal programs for women based on general fitness, not bodybuilding per se.
Exercising and eating well is a lifestyle decision that allows me to live, work and play as a vegan bodybuilder. It is a system which supports any sports interest from tennis to running to lifting weights.
We break the body down through exercise and need to build it back up through sound and adequate nutrition.

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