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Athletes and bodybuilders understand the need for power and energy to perform at their peak during intense exercise. Creatine is an organic compound that is synthesised naturally in the body, and it serves the function of supplying energy (ATP or adenosine triphosphate) to the cells. When doing intensive exercise or training, PCr levels deplete, which can result in a loss of energy, endurance and performance. For best results, the supplements should be taken with meals or shakes that contain substantial amounts of carbohydrate. Water intake should also be increased to a minimum of 1 litre of water for every 25kg of bodyweight as creatine draws more water to itself and may put strain on the body’s normal water requirements. Many studies have been done that provide evidence of the benefits of creatine supplementation. The Sports Dieticians Australia body also asserts that several studies reveal that supplementation boosts recovery between bouts of exercise, due to the resynthesis of PCr in the rest periods, and that creatine loading improves intensive exercise performance. Some other studies have shown that creatine supplementation may improve cognitive functioning in older adults, and have positive impacts on certain diseases, such as muscular dystrophy and atrophy of the eyes. While some literature has stated that there are harmful side effects of taking creatine, these have largely been discredited. International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: creatine supplementation and exercise. Use of creatine in the elderly and evidence for effects on cognitive functions in young and old.
Many people make the mistake of increasing their protein consumption as soon as they begin a bodybuilding regimen. If you workout your muscles, you will be adding a lot of benefits to your life, even though the thought of being muscular does not appeal to you. Adults who are looking to build their muscle should look into a supplement called creatine. As you can see, there are many things you can do to maximize your efforts at building muscle.
This entry was posted in Muscle Building and tagged build muscle, building efforts, building muscle, creatine supplements, muscle groups on June 11, 2013 by BuildMuscle. You squat, you bench, you curl your way to a better body each and every day you set foot in the gym. This guide will lay the foundation for a solid supplement program; one that is detailed and tactfully assembled for maximum benefit. Protein powders in general are great for when you have no time to fix a meal or need extra protein without downing another chicken breast or steak. 20 grams upon waking in the morning: Your body has fasted for up to eight hours or more, so it is imperative that you down a shake first thing when you wake up. 20 grams pre-workout: It is time to get the levels of aminos in the bloodstream up once again. 40 grams post-workout: This is prime time to get a quickly digested protein in the body along with about twice the simple carbs (80 grams). 3-5 grams pre-workout: Taken with a moderate amount of complex carbs and 20 grams of whey protein taking creatine at this time will guarantee your levels are filled up.
3-5 grams post-workout: Within 30 minutes after training combine creatine with 40grams of whey protein and 80 grams of simple carbs to get a potent growth producing shake.
Another convenient protein source, casein protein is slow digesting so it will be digested and released into the bloodstream at a steady rate feeding the muscles over a longer period of time. 20 grams post-workout: Take in 20 grams of casein along with your other post-workout supplements.
20 grams in the middle of the night: Since it is slow digesting, you can also benefit drinking a shake in the middle of your sleep to ensure your body is getting the protein it needs.
7-10 grams upon waking in the morning: This will be taken with your small whey shake mentioned above. 7-10 grams post-workout: Again, taking glutamine after a workout will help with glycogen uptake to quickly start the recovery process and get you in that anabolic state.
7-10 grams 30 to 60 minutes before sleep: This is another great opportunity to protect your hard earned muscle right before you go to bed. BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine are used for fuel during intense workouts thus preventing your body from scavenging hard-earned muscle for energy. 5-10 grams upon waking in the morning: BCAAs first thing in the morning is just another weapon in your arsenal to ward off the catabolic effects of fasting most of the night.
5-10 grams pre-workout: Again, taking BCAAs before a workout can fuel the body with energy so you can spare muscle tissue and it will also keep you in an anabolic state for growth.
Readily converted to Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body arginine is a powerful supplements for muscle building with a host of benefits. 2-3 grams upon waking in the morning: At this time arginine will dilate blood vessels to shuttle in the nutrients of other supplements.
2-3 grams pre-workout: This will enhance the natural increase of growth hormone before a workout. 2-3 grams 30-60 minutes before sleep: This is another time to take advantage of the burst of growth hormone as arginine will only enhance this effect.

As a proven hormone booster Tribulus Terrestris can increase testosterone from cholesterol in the testicles. ZMA (the combination of zinc magnesium plus vitamin B6) has been shown to increase IGF-1 and testosterone levels. Antioxidants have the ability to rid the body of free radicals which are produced from periods of severe stress such as from an intense workout.
500 mg of vitamin C at your post-workout whole meal: Vitamin C will help with joint health and immune function.
200-400 IU of vitamin E at your post-workout whole meal: Vitamin E has the ability to reduce muscle cell damage and helps with recovery.
This monstrous 255 ebook will explain to you everything you need to know to get the most anabolic benefit from creatine monohydrate - the most researched supplement in history! This is where creatine supplements may be able to help, by improving endurance and capacity for exercise, while at the same time increasing power during training. It is stored mostly in muscle tissue, with about 65% being in the form of phosphocreatine (PCr), and the rest as free creatine.
To obtain more of the desired levels of PCr naturally, a bodybuilder or athlete would need to consume quantities of protein beyond what is required to maintain and build new muscle tissue – which would mean greatly increasing calorie intake, which is probably not the most desirable thing to do for the excess calories would be stored as fat! Loading the muscles with extra creatine and then following up with a maintenance dose can help improve exercise capacity and performance, and build up muscle mass and strength in the process.
This is because carbs have been shown to improve the uptake of creatine due to the effects of insulin.
According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, almost 70% of peer-reviewed studies on the effects of creatine monohydrate (CM) showed significant improvements in exercise capacity and performance of around 10% to 15%, as well as increases in the levels of lean body mass. However there have been no studies done on the long-term use of creatine, so it’s important that it is used safely and wisely, and under the care of a sports health practitioner. If so, then there are some steps that you can take to maximize your workout and minimize time wasted at the gym. You’ll always get better results if you complete repetitions slowly and correctly, rather than if you try to get your reps done too fast. These exercises are widely considered the base of a proper bodybuilding routine, and rightly so. Your body will produce more stress hormone, called cortisol, if you exceed an hour long workout. Doing so can mean a boost in calories consumed, and if these are not getting burned off by the exercise, fat can start forming.
There are many different types of muscle routines, and you must decide what kind you want beforehand. It can raise your self-esteem, provide your body with greater strength, improve the functioning of your joints, plus strengthen your lungs if it is done in conjunction with some form of light to moderate cardio workout. During the usual biceps curl, the upper movement of the lift provides little benefit because you have not moved the weight past your parallel point. Creatine supplements have been shown to increase pre-existing problems with the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.
It will be perfectly timed for the greatest results and even spelled out for the beginner to the advanced bodybuilder. Easily digested, portable and effective, whey is a must for anyone seeking gains in lean muscle mass. Whey is a convenient way to feed the muscle and boost gains especially when you need it most. This will shut down the catabolic state you may be in and get you on that road to growth once again. Taking whey prior to your workout will ensure that your muscles will have a steady stream of protein during your workout so that it can actually begin the rebuilding process early.
No later than 30 minutes after a workout down this cocktail along with a few other ingredients to boost insulin levels which will stimulate protein synthesis by driving glucose and amino acids into the muscle. As it gets converted into creatine phosphate in the muscles, which produces energy for contractions during training, supplementing with creatine can ensure that levels of it are topped off. Whey is used to get instant nourishment to the muscles while casein is taken for when the whey is digested and the muscles still need aminos for recovery.
During sleep the body is basically fasting and this may cause your body to dip into a catabolic state. Again, this will be absorbed quickly to help get your body out of a catabolic state it may have slipped into overnight. At other times of day BCAAs help stimulate protein synthesis and ward off cortisol, the catabolic hormone.
Your body can readily utilize BCAAs as fuel while whey and glutamine quickly get to muscle tissue. It allows more blood flow to muscle by dilating vessels to allow more nutrients in such as amino acids and glucose as well as hormones like growth hormone, testosterone and insulinlike growth factor-1 (IGF-1). It also has the ability to enhance the firing of nerves in muscle for increased strength during workouts.
Zinc has very powerful recovery benefits and magnesium will actually calm the nervous system down so the body has an easier time resting.
It is wise to supplement with vitamins C and E to combat this damage and keep your body in an anabolic state.

All of your supplements for muscle building questions answered from timing to dosages, now you can get on the road to growth. However, a recent study published in the British Journal of Cancer claims that taking muscle-building supplements results in an increased risk of testicular cancer.The results of the study included pills and powders containing creatine or androstenedione, and stated that men who started taking supplements before the age of 25 had a higher risk of developing cancer.
Ultimately by increasing strength and therefore load on muscles, creatine may improve the body’s ability to build lean muscle. Creatine supplements are best used by people involved in high intensity performance exercise that requires short bursts of energy, rather than endurance sports such as cross-country running.
They can help you become stronger, build your endurance, and improve the effectiveness of future workouts. Be sure you use methods for building muscle and use a number of exercises for working your various muscle groups. Cortisol may block testosterone, which hurts all your efforts that you have been putting in towards achieving more muscle mass. Increase your protein intake slowly, adding a couple hundred calories at a time every few days. Plyometrics are considered ballistic moves in that they require a certain amount of acceleration. This puts more demand on your hips, hamstrings, and glutes, which gives you the ability to squat an additional amount of weight that you couldn’t otherwise. For plenty of years, this has been used a lot as one of the leading supplements when people weight train. You are a disciplined hard worker who accepts nothing less than the best from your workouts and nutrition strategies. Now, you want the protein to get in rather quickly so no complex carbs or fats, just protein, some simple carbs and a few other things (which we will get to in a moment). Plus, creatine will force more water into the muscle cells creating an anabolic environment increasing protein synthesis. The insulin response from the simple carbs will also shuttle that creatine right into the muscle. Ingesting a shake at around three or four hours after going to bed will guarantee your quest for mass is still on track. As one of the most plentiful amino acids in the body, glutamine assists in recovery by helping muscle cells take up glycogen after a workout, boosting growth-hormone levels and maintaining immune function so you can stay healthy. Also, having a greater water delivery into the muscle cells means an increase in protein synthesis, which, in turn, spells more muscle growth. While much more research needs to be done on testicular cancer, the relationship between supplement use and cancer was strong, according to the study. This means that vegetarians usually have lower concentrations of bodily creatine than meat-eaters. By keeping the breaks to about a minute, the lactic acid doesn’t have a chance to dissipate. Your body will be able to keep up with the increase this way, using the extra protein to grow muscle. For example, when you do push-ups that are plyometric, your hands leave the floor, propelling your body upward.
This means your chance for injury will be increased, which is opposite of your desired results. Creatine should be avoided by those that are still growing, like teenagers or younger children.
It can also help delay fatigue during a workout so you can turn up the intensity for a longer period of time. Everyone is different so some supplements may be a better choice for you than others.Just make sure you are eating a bodybuilding friendly whole food diet because without it supplements for muscle building will not save the day. Nearly 900 men from Massachusetts and Connecticut participated in the study.Accounting for race, age, and other demographics, researchers still found that men had a 65-percent greater risk of developing cancer when they were supplement users. People not interested in rapid creatine loading can simply take 5 to 10 grams once or twice per day, and still get results - although it will take longer for the muscles to become creatine-saturated.
Unfortunately you sometimes find that your gains have slowed or stopped or perhaps even regressed! The digestive system requires so much glutamine to function that it will take it from muscle tissue so supplementing is a no brainer.
Eat plenty of complex carbs such as potatoes, wheat pasta, rice, wheat bread, and oatmeal along with lean proteins such as lean beef, turkey, chicken, eggs and fish. The percentage increased for those who started taking supplements before the age of 25, and for those who took multiple supplements. When this happens, your motivation will increase dramatically, and you will be eager to hit the gym next time.
If you used multiple types, you had a higher risk,” said Tongzhang Zheng, who led the study at Yale University.

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