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Introduction to Gaining Muscle MassGives you an overview of the basic training and nutrition principles you need to follow if you want to gain weight and build muscle effectively as a hard-gainer skinny guy who struggles to gain muscle.How to Train Effectively for Muscle GainLearn how to structure and perform effective muscle building workouts to allow for maximum muscle growth. The truth is that as a hard-gainer (someone lacking good muscle-building genetics, ie you find it hard to gain weight no matter WHAT you try) the vast majority of information out there regarding gaining weight and building muscle is not going to help you all that much and will have you spinning your wheels getting nowhere.There's a reason that most other guys you see at your local gym will typically have the exact same physique over months and even years, with perhaps the odd few who do get some results (usually average results at best). Don't waste your time in the gym lifting weights aimlessly, you will most likely end up with the same physique a year from now.How to Eat as a Skinny "Hard-Gainer"Learn the important principles you need to adopt into your daily eating routine to promote maximum growth.

As a skinny guy you can't just train like most naturally bigger guys and expect the same results.The right mindset that will mean you'll actually follow through. But remember, only focus on one main goal at a time, whether that be building muscle or fat loss.

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