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Serious bodybuilders know that they need to get plenty of sleep every day to see real gains in their muscle mass. Learning proper lifting form may seem like a trivial detail, but it’s an important step in mastering the art of bodybuilding. What is important for beginners is to make sure to eat meals containing both protein and carbohydrates before and after workouts. Take a day off between workout days to recover, and you’ll be able to maximize your results for each workout.

This gives your body fuel for the workout itself, and energy to burn afterwards so that new muscle can be built. If you’re serious about gaining muscle mass, remember that your sleep time is just as important as your workout time.
Work on your basic form for every exercise and muscle group and, once you’ve got them down, start worrying about your weight levels and other details. There are a lot of factors and decisions, both big and small, that can affect how much muscle your workout routine is adding to your body, and making just a couple of wrong choices can mean you’re putting in a whole lot of work and sweat for lackluster results.

If you’re not sure what the basics are, do some research online to find tips and videos from the experts or look into hiring a personal trainer.

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