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The following compilation of sound nutritional tips is for those who already know the difference between carbs, fat and protein and who are looking for a dietary edge that will help them to maximize their muscle gains.
Salmon and sardines, for example, are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which support the immune system and assist with muscle recovery and growth, in addition to many other benefits. Known for its immunity-enhancing properties, glutamine is not only one of the most prevalent aminos in the body, but also one of the most important for bodybuilders.
Take a mix of antioxidants; a good cocktail has an anticatabolic effect by quenching free radicals formed during and after intense exercise.
Arginine also improves blood flow and enhances the growth of muscles lengthwise (new contractile units are built onto muscle at a faster rate when arginine is given to developing rats). Calcium is important for fat-burning metabolism, magnesium for training performance and potassium for muscle cell volume. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps in the synthesis of hormones, amino acids and collagen.
One of the best ways to prevent your body from tapping into muscle stores for energy is to take in a moderate amount of protein shortly before going to bed at night. One excellent way to keep your metabolic rate up and your body burning fat is to change the amount of carbohydrates you eat on a daily basis.
On the surface, this may seem to contradict the previous point, but when implemented properly, it doesn’t.
There is no shortage of mass-gain diets and muscle building tips out there to help you get started, but you can’t possibly take them all on at the same time. You see, your body’s glycogen levels are going to be a bit low after a workout, which means you need to consume more carbohydrates in order to keep those levels where they should be. For starters, when it comes to your protein intake, you’re probably noticing that you need to ramp it up in accordance with not relying so heavily upon carbohydrates to fuel your workouts and to help you build muscle. You’re going to use your body weight again when factoring in how much protein you should have each day according to muscle building nutrition rules. After taking on this step, you might find out that two grams of protein is your ideal number. For fats, you want to make sure your getting in a mix of healthy fats, mostly from unsaturated sources. A recent study at Maastricht University in The Netherlands discovered Casein Protein before sleep increased muscle mass and strength gains in response to prolonged resistance training in healthy young men. The simple steps laid out before you according to muscle building nutrition rules are the best way to work towards building muscle correctly. This entry was posted in Nutrition, Ottawa Trainers, Recovery, Supplements, Wellness and tagged dymatize, meal plan, Muscle Building, nutrition, pppinc, pppincto by Rob Lagana.
Pegasus Nutrition Horny Goat Weed is an all natural supplementation to help increase your energy levels and your libido!
Varying in fat content, some types of fish are high in healthy fats while others are low in fat altogether.

Many bodybuilders are rigorous about their protein and complex carbohydrate consumption, but lax about eating a sufficient quantity and variety of vegetables. If you’re overly stressed from dieting or training, supplementing with glutamine allows your body to maintain its storage supply of glutamine in muscle tissue, enhancing overall muscular growth and recovery.
In your antioxidant regimen include 400-800 international units (IU) of vitamin E, 500-1,000 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C, 200 micrograms of selenium (from selenium yeast). Arginine, a conditionally essential amino acid, seems promising in the muscle-building department, although not by aiding growth-hormone release, as previously believed. Arginine may also enhance immune function in athletes, especially when combined with glutamine.
The benefits of ZMA supplementation include improved recovery due to enhanced sleep efficiency and increased anabolic hormone levels, as well as greater gains in muscle strength and power.
Thirty to fifty grams of protein, consumed before going to sleep, will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to repair and build muscles.
The mindless consumption of junk and processed foods destroys muscle building progress faster than almost anything else does, Judicious selection of a cheat food, however, can help keep you sane and help ensure your adherence to your overall diet strategy.
However, many people think that the carbohydrates are actually the key component of a diet when it comes to muscle building workouts, and the truth of the matter is the answer lies in the right combination of proteins and fats.
However, the experts recommend that when focusing on your carbs, you need to make sure that you’re saving some of them for those post-workout meals. As a good starting point, you want to keep your protein in between one and one and a half protein grams for each pound of your overall weight. Bodybuilders especially start packing on the protein at greater levels as they up the intensity and really start to build those big muscles.
There are different types of proteins of course, each of them digesting at different rates. First, you have soy protein, which I don’t recommend, egg protein, beef protein, rice and hemp protein and last but not least, milk protein in the form of Casein. You know that you want to avoid fast-burning carbs if your aim is to stay lean, and you know that you should be drinking lots of water a day—a gallon or more if you’re active. Unlike other tissue proteins, though, fatty fish provide a host of benefits to bodybuilders. All bodybuilders, regardless of their phase of diet or training goals, should strive to take in eight ounces of fatty fish at least twice a week. Studies suggest it speeds wound healing, which isn’t too far removed from what happens in the body after a workout.
Even if they’re included, most multis contain only a small percentage of the Daily Value (% DV) of calcium, magnesium and potassium.
Correct the situation by taking 1,000 mg per day of supplement-source calcium (or two to three cups of fat-free dairy products), 450 mg of magnesium, and five or six servings of fruits and vegetables per day (for potassium as well as other micronutrients).
In studies using military personnel as subjects, tyrosine was shown to increase performance under stress.

The right combination and timing of your carbohydrates has everything to do with you burning fat as you build muscle.
Many bodybuilders hear the word protein, and the first thing that comes to mind is whey protein powder. My choice for you would be to use both a Whey protein such as Dymatize ISO-100 and Casein protein such as Dymatize Elite Casein.
You might have heard that protein synthesis gets a big spike when there is more time in between your meals. Of course, you need to be eating the right combination of foods as well and train hard and smart in the gym. Multivitamins contain C, but additional supplementation will ensure that you don’t have a deficit. To get the best of both worlds—keeping your muscle while avoiding bodyfat—schedule a higher-carb day after every three to five low-carb days. Understand the basics of building muscle as brought to you by the experts, and put them to use. Instead of getting lost and inundated by the sheer number of suggestions, take a few solid tips from the expert, Coach Rob Lagana and put them to use. Please do not assume that you will make those same income figures.Please do not construe any statement in this website as a claim or representation of average earnings. Testimonials and statements of individuals are not to be construed as claims or representations of average earnings. We cannot, do not, and will not make any claims as to earnings, average, or otherwise.Success in any endeavor is based on many factors individual to you.
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