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A weight loss pill containing a banned ingredient that has been linked to deaths is still available under the counter at health shops. Oxy Elite Pro, described as a fat burner, contains the organic compound 1,3-dimethylamylamine, or DMAA.
Originally developed as a nasal decongestant, the compound is claimed to boost workout performance, making the pill popular with people keen to lose weight. Health officials in the United States and some European countries have banned supplements containing DMAA, warning that side effects include raised blood pressure that can lead to cardiovascular problems and possible heart attacks.
Amin Al Amiri, assistant secretary for medical practice and licensing at the Ministry of Health, said products containing DMAA had not been allowed into the UAE. Staff at a number of nutrition and health-food shops in Dubai said Oxy Elite Pro was taken off the shelves because of health concerns. An employee at Nutrition Zone said they had also stopped selling the product containing the old formula. But Oxy Elite Pro was still available under the counter at another outlet, costing Dh185 a container. He said customers handed over their mobile numbers and listed how many items they wanted and he found them. Marti Susane, a body composition and fitness coach in Dubai, warned people against taking weight-loss pills.

Ms Susane took the supplements for three months three years ago to help get her lean for a fitness competition. There is also some debate as to whether the pills actually work or if people who use them experience a placebo effect, Ms Susane said.
The makers of Oxy Elite Pro, USPlabs, voluntarily destroyed US$8 million worth of products containing DMAA in July, including Oxy Elite Pro and the pre-workout booster Jack3d, following legal action by the United States Food and Drugs Administration.
The agency warned that the compound, in combination with caffeine, could pose a health risk.
The US defence department banned the sale of Jack3d on military bases after the 2011 deaths of two soldiers who had been using the supplement. In January, a British coroner looking into the case of Claire Squires, 30, who died at last year’s London Marathon, said that on the balance of probabilities, DMAA together with extreme physical exertion caused her to suffer a fatal heart attack. Testo Pro is natural testosterone boosting supplement that will provide you with the necessary energy to make it through any workout! 176g of protein for a 176 person would be extremely unhealthy, whereas the 76g per day range is about right. Please do not assume that you will make those same income figures.Please do not construe any statement in this website as a claim or representation of average earnings.
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