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Although the 3 day split is probably one of the most popular workout routines, there is a better approach when training for muscle tone.
A 2 day split just means that you are training all of your muscle groups over 2 separate workouts. I think it’s important to bring out that no matter what workout split you follow, you can tweak it to fit your needs. Many times the 2 day split is setup with pushing exercises on day one and pulling exercises on day two.
With the exception of the ab exercises in day one and the leg exercises in day two you can see that each day separates the muscle groups into pushing exercise and pulling exercises. When you’re trying to focus on muscle tone, the split will look a little different as far as the grouping of the muscles.
Hey i have been following your suggested two day split for a while, however i noticed that i have become sore after these workouts despitedoing low reps as well as long rests.

Finding it hard to incorporate heavy deadlift and squat training into your bodybuilding routine? Here are 8 great Bulldozer Training squat workout variations that will keep your workouts from stagnating. If your goal is to gain muscle mass, go with a bodybuilding workout routine like the 3 day split. For example, you could setup a 3 day split to focus on building muscle mass or to focus on building muscle tone.
Separating your workouts into pushing and pulling days is smart way to go for building muscle mass because you can create more fatigue. Whereas a routine setup for building muscle mass should create fatigue, a routine purely for muscle tone should not create fatigue. This is different from the 2 day split for mass because we aren’t creating as much fatigue in the muscle.

In order for your muscles to look toned they need to constantly be in a state of contraction. If your goal is to get lean and defined muscles, the 2 day split workout is a better approach. Because of this the 2 day split for muscle tone will not group pushing and pulling exercises together.
For more information on this, you can checkout my post on how many reps to build muscle as I do into more detail on what different rep counts build.
No, you don’t need to walk around with your guns flexed, but by training frequently your muscles will be trained to be stay in a slight state of contraction, leaving them harder and more defined.

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