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Would have been fun to make take those for a spin down the beach, wind blowing and cute flag girls. As to any speedster organizations on the right coast like NWVS, I haven’t heard of any that specialize in speedsters as they do. But as to honest-to-goodness face-to-face groups, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting one… unless someone out there in Hemmings land can tell us of one that already exists?
Are there speedster organizations on the east coast similar to Northwest Vintage Speedsters?
A lot of us who play around with such machines often look to print resources like Secrets of Speed Magazine, Model T Speed Secrets, Ford Speed Manual, etc.
I have to admit that those old 4-bangers had a bark all their own, and they were nothing to be trifled with. This part of our automotive hobby is a special passion of mine, so I hope to be able to bring more stories like this to you all in the future. Pulling up to the line, all I knew was I was going to win as long as I didn’t stall the motor or scatter it along the beach.
I had never seen the car run, but knew it had a hot banger in it, and it had some real mean knobbies.
He’d probably take me off the line, but I knew I’d have the advantage in the top end. When I got to the line, there was a very attractive flag girl; it was difficult not to get too distracted. Thirty-one-year-old Mike had grown up in a family of wrench-turning tinkerers and automotive fabricators, so its no surprise that he, too, would exhibit a decidedly technical bent, becoming a mechanical engineer with Northwest Aerospace Technologies in Everett, Washington, and collecting a 1937 Chevrolet pickup, a 1930 Model A Ford sedan, and several piles of assorted spare parts along the way. Ultimately, it was those spare parts that would become the formidable four-banger Mike would race on the sands of Wildwood, New Jersey, in the second-annual Race of Gentlemen this past October. Mike decided right then and there that if he was going to go, “I wanted to be the first one there.
Actually, Mike chose five different Model A engines (all from various parts piles), but as he discovered that each one of those had bad babbitting and as he was unemployed at the time and couldn’t afford to have new babbitt poured, he approached another uncle, Art, who gave him a good deal on what had likely been a stationary Model A engine. Mike was careful to not deviate too much from the basic principles of the Model T’s spiderlike design. Mike flipped over the front crossmember, and to accommodate his engine’s new seven-to-eight-inch setback, lengthened the radius rods, leaving the wishbone unsplit for better handling. To further improve handling, he pushed the engine down as low in the frame as possible while still maintaining safe clearance between the oil pan drain plug and the ground. This allows the spring shackles to be located at their stock angle of approximately 45 degrees. When people flatten the springs out by removing leaves or by re-arching or even heating them, the springs become longer. Mike had acquired it from his grandfather, who bought it believing it to be an original Cragar. Neither of them could learn much of anything about it, but Mike was determined to try it out and see what it could do.
After installing a new head gasket on a fresh motor, I always run it for a few minutes, let it cool and re-torque the head before I add any coolant. However, with the overhead conversion, the throttle linkage I originally had on the car didn’t work and would need to be completely redesigned. My brother-in-law, Jake Koester, suggested that I disconnect the e-brake and hook a rod straight from the carbs to the e-brake handle.
The motor fired right up, but it sputtered and coughed as I pulled back and gave it a little more fuel.
Same thing, the car sputtered and coughed and wouldn’t smooth out when I revved it up. This was the first motor I had ever built, so I had double-checked and triple-checked everything. Then, I realized the only thing I didn’t personally do on the motor was the plug wires. Well, as soon as it fired up, that little amount of gas turned the motor into a fire-breathing dragon! Well, that meant I grabbed a handful of throttle – both carbs dumping fuel into the motor, front end of the car lifting up, squealing the tires. I was able to get the car stopped just inches before I smashed the Violet-Ray headlight lenses I had mounted in front of the car a few days before. With that ego-stroking if not hair-raising taste of what the machine was capable of doing, Mike set his sights on the Race of Gentlemen this past October, all the way out on the East Coast.
Final preparations included grooving the tires for better traction in the sand and locating the cause of a knock the engine had developed, which turned out not to be unruly rods as Mike at first thought, but the flywheel coming loose. Once again, he pulled the engine; he replaced the stock 65-pound flywheel with one weighing just 29 pounds. Along the way, Mike told his friend Scott Hill about where he was going to race, and Hill convinced him that to be successful on sand you need to lock up your differential. So, just three nights before Mike had to load the speedster on his trailer to begin the trek east to Wildwood, New Jersey, and not very sure of what he was doing, he dusted off his Miller welder.
The only testing the car got with the new modification occurred between the garage and the trailer. After hauling his purpose-built race car across the width of the continent, Mike arrived in Wildwood only to discover that, once again, something wasn’t right with the way it was running. In checking the points, he learned that they varied within a couple thousands of an inch of one another. So I shifted into second gear, I gave it about three quarters – once again no traction. I looked back a second time when I got to the finish and couldn’t even see the car I was racing.
Pretty excited, I didn’t realize how many people where watching the race on the sideline until I drove back to the pits in the opposite direction and saw all the cheering people. Mike and the bobtail he built went on to beat every banger on the beach on Saturday, and then, on Sunday, after he discovered he’d been winning with only one of the carburetors open, he made the adjustment and then beat all the flathead V-8s, only succumbing in the end to a flat-track racing bike, and only after his clutch began slipping. There will be a lot of people building new, fast, cars just for next year’s Race of Gentlemen.
For more on Mike’s speedster, check out the February 2014 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines, on sale now.

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