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Therea€™s the easy way and therea€™s the right way to getting things done; and the gym is no exception.
For a lot of people, their 2013 wish list might include core strength, which is at the centre of every movement we make (no pun intended). Finally, this advanced exercise can be difficult but it promises to be a full core workout. Good Luck with that core!  If you have any questions - please feel free to leave a comment or contact us! Many of us are eager to lose a few pounds, get in shape and tone up, but dona€™t take the time and effort thata€™s truly needed to succeed.

However, like anything else, your abs need to be trained properly in order to see results because of the many different layers and muscles.
Keep a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders, and your elbows underneath your shoulders to ensure good form. Support yourself off the ground with a leg raising machine or get on the bar in a squat rack and crunch your knees up towards your chest, or if you are more advanced, try it with your legs straight out. Everything from your lats to your back will be engaged and hurting by the end of this exercise!
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Herea€™s a short list of exercises that target all the areas of the midsection that will help turn your tummy into 6-pack (while eating clean too of course, right?)! Keep that twist going and your shoulders off the ground to work your hip flexors, rectus abdominis, and serratus anterior. Doing different movements like up-down, diagonal, and twist will help you target every layer of your core.

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