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Hers Magazine, formerly Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine, ceased publication starting with the Spring 2005 issue. Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine , now simply called Hers Magazine , is the first magazine for women who take fitness training seriously.
Just Eat It!: Let us eliminate the guesswork - here's exactly what to eat every day for a week.
7 More Great Exercises You've Never Heard Of: Supercharge your muscle growth with these seven undiscovered exercises. All Abs All The Time: For former amateur bodybuilder Sagi Kalev, maintaining model perfect abs is a full time job. Jack Up Your Back: Pull out all the stops on your way to getting a wide, thick back with new IFBB sensation Troy Alves' high powered workout. Set It Off: Blast your muscles with a technique that allows you to keep going and going long after a normal set would end.

Two Days With Timea: Burn fat, build muscle and speed up your result with Timea Majorova's two day full body program. A-Rod: Alex Rodirquez, the best player in baseball, lifts his game with intense weight training.
Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more.
This product is from the website of one of our vendors.Click here to visit Crown Antiques and browse their other products! With Muscle and Fitness Magazine being the number one magazine in its genre, this spin-off aims to do what M and F did for men, to teach women about muscle and fitness, and why it is important.
You can burn 1,000 - yes, 1,000 calories - in one supercharged cardio and weight training workout. Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine is geared for women and their unique ways of working out, nutrition, etc.

Each monthly magazine usually contains information about weight training, nutrition, training, bodybuilding and many other topics that are current in the bodybuilding and fitness world.
Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine is a comprehensive magazine on bodybuilding and weight training. Muscle & Fitness is more of a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, which has excellent articles and pictures. Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine includes expert advice for women of all levels of fitness.
In every issue of Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine , you will find weight training routines for your fitness level and nutrition plans you can tailor to your physique.

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