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El siguiente procedimiento sirve para hacer un full reset o reinicio de fabrica de Motorola Atrix HD, con esto se borran todos los datos del telefono y puede solucionar problemas de reinicios espontaneos, congelamientos de pantalla (freezar, guindar, trabar y demas terminos), de igual manera soluciona el problema de patron de desbloqueo cuando se olvida. Eso es todo por hoy amigos, quiero aprovechar la oportunidad de dejarles nuestra aplicacion gratuita para conseguir Internet Gratis Android en su telefono android, tablet o pc, disponible para todos los paises, les mantendremos informados de actualizaciones y demas a traves de nuestra aplicacion que le ayudara a tener Internet gratis sin limitaciones. Mi nombre es Fernando, habitante por accidente del planeta tierra, intento escribir en este blog con la mejor intencion de servir, no siempre lo consigo pero hago el intento. The Motorola Atrix HD entered our battery test track right after we crowned our new champion – the GSM flavored, Android ICS booting Motorola RAZR MAXX. Things began to go south for the Motorola Atrix HD in the video playback section of our battery test. Overall, the Motorola Atrix HD for AT&T achieved an endurance rating of 36 hours in our battery test.
With half of 2012 behind us, ita€™s been an uphill joy ride for AT&T, as the carrier has been graced with some stellar Android powered smartphones. Motorola has been doing some serious work over on Verizon, as its DROID smartphones have taken the spotlight a€“ especially the battery friendly Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX. Leta€™s not beat around the bushes with this one people, but therea€™s not much originality found with the design of the Motorola ATRIX HD a€“ ita€™s actually a bigger version of the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX. Call it a rarity still, there are no capacitive Android buttons whatsoever with the handset, since theya€™re incorporated into the platform. Just like the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX, the ATRIX HD has a plastic flap on its left side that tucks away its microSIM and microSD slots.
Much like its rivals, the ATRIX HD packs along an 8-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash a€“ with three notches nearby that tucks away the internal speaker. Rather than employing an AMOLED panel, like whata€™s found on the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX, Motorola instead opts to grace the ATRIX HD with a 4.5a€? HD (720 x 1280) ColorBoost TFT display.

I bet that most of potential customers will wait to see if moto announces next month the same phone with a monstrous battery.
I will say though, I have the odd feeling they have updated camera software cooked up, but are waiting for the new flagship device to reveal it before pushing it to other devices. Also, it doesn't make sense that the battery life would be so weak, because the battery is about the same size as the Atrix 2 battery, which does fine.
I purchased this phone yesterday (49.99 at BestBuy) and I agree with the review for the most part.
Les agradecemos una vez instalen el App en su telefono movil, que dejen un comentario y rating en el Google Play store.
The AT&T exclusive device packs a truly impressive spec sheet, but is powered by a relatively modest 1780mAh.
This means that you will need to charge the device after about a day and a half if you use it for an hour each of telephony, web browsing and video playback every day. In fact, ita€™s arguable to say that AT&T has the deepest lineup out of all the major domestic carriers a€“ and it looks like ita€™s not stopping anytime soon!
Additionally, the placement of its physical power and volume buttons are in the same locations on the right edge. Naturally, its pixel density of 326 ppi produces some sharp details that allow us to easily recognize fine text. People will be mistaking this as a lower end model (people have a thinking tha expensive is better, ex. It looks nice and sharp on the ATRIX HD's ColorBoost display, but after evaluating it on a computer, its quality something entirely different. That’s why we were cautious with our expectations towards the Kevlar dressed handset.

The latter is not the best we’ve encountered, but is nevertheless a respectable achievement. Thus far, wea€™ve seen flagship devices from HTC, Samsung, and Sony, though, one venerable manufacturer has remained silent throughout it all. Thankfully, theya€™re heeding the call now that the Motorola ATRIX HD is finally here, which is sporting a drool worthy $99.99 on-contract price. At its core, the ATRIX HD is a solidly built handset, which is evidenced by its sturdy plastic body, clean looking KEVLAR rear backing, and water resistant nano-coating. And even though Motorola doesna€™t elaborate on the ColorBoost technology, our eyes take note of the superb and vibrant color reproduction of the display, which is a bit more natural in tone when compared to the over-saturation of AMOLED panels.
After seeing so many stellar devices for AT&T, the ATRIX HD has a tough battle ahead of itself in an attempt to stay relevant amongst the pack. Still, our biggest gripe is that it feels too unwieldy in the hand because of the larger bezels surrounding its 4.5a€? display.
Throw in some decent viewing angles and a high brightness output, it really comes to life in many aspects a€“ albeit, it still requires some shielding in direct sunlight. The display is really pretty, and the little circles widget is cool, but the lack of social networking integration and any other compelling feature will probably cause me to return it sometime this week. By comparison, its overall size is nearly identical to the HTC One X because of those wider bezels. The Motorola ATRIX HD feels too unwieldy in the hand because of the larger bezels surrounding its 4.5a€? displayYou can compare the Motorola ATRIX HD with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

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