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Motorola's Atrix HD smartphone has a nice price at $100 on contract, but its killer feature is the 4.5-inch touchscreen, which offers an iPhone-rivaling level of clarity. A little less than two years ago, Apple’s iPhone 4 made its debut with a display of unrivaled clarity. With the arrival of the Morotola Atrix HD, which is available for $100 on-contract from AT&T, Android fans now have a modestly priced handset with a sharp, iPhone-like display.
It was only a matter of time before such high-quality displays started trickling down to $100 Android handsets, but I wouldn’t have guessed it would happen this soon. If you drop $100 on the Atrix HD, you can feel confident that you won’t tire of this display.
The Atrix HD is essentially an evolution of Motorola’s Verizon-exclusive Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx handsets. The lockscreen is unique, with the ability to open the handset directly into the camera, the phone, the text messaging app, or to your primary homescreen. But while there are a few downsides to the Atrix HD, it remains one of the best phones I’ve seen at the $100 price point and one of the overall nicest Android phones on the market at any price. Interestingly enough, this phone seems to have nothing other than its name and AT&T exclusivity in common the previous Atrix and Atrix 2 phones.
What would happen if you took a Motorola RAZR and took out a few of the features that made it a striking piece of hardware? Speaking of taking a hint, a round of applause for Motorola moving even further away from its Motoblur past and delivering a fat-free version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
The Retina display’s pixel density of 326 pixels per inch gave it a sharpness that no Android phone could match. At a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and with a density of 331 pixels per inch, text looks crisp and images are rich with detail.
Motorola is currently offering the closest experience to stock Android that you can find in a manufacturer’s skin. The 1,780 mAh battery is about half the size of the long-lasting unit found in the Razr Maxx. Everything is sealed up, aside from the microSD and SIM card slot found on the lower-left side behind a hinged plastic door. It used to be that if a phone lacked the premium features to match high-end phones, but was too powerful to fit the entry-level class, you’d just call it a midrange device.
It’s understandable to assume that just because something is half as expensive that it must only be half worth it. While other companies have made drastic alterations to ICS for their most recent phones, the changes seen in the Atrix HD are mostly icon replacements and tweaks geared towards device optimization. There’s a tweaked launcher with a beautiful circle widget, and the beloved SmartActions that can automate tasks and features to improve battery life or provide shortcuts. There are no promises when or if the Atrix HD will receive Jelly Bean, so buyers should purchase this phone without any expectations. The interface of the camera app isn’t bad considering that users can set the zoom to be a gradual zoom or capture option. The phone benefits on Motorola’s experience acquired with the design of the Motorola Droid RAZR and the Droid RAZR Maxx. Colors, while a bit bright and over-saturated compared to the One X and iPhone, are beautiful. Like the Razr line, the Atrix HD has a Kevlar back panel and contains a chassis made of a mix of metal and plastic that feels tough and looks good. The Atrix HD is fast and responsive, easily handling games, apps, video playback and everything else I threw at it.
A microSD card slot lets you add up to another 32GB of storage if you’re so inclined.
However, more than a few phones released today blur the line marking a phone as high-end that calling them midrange seems to be off-base.

The Atrix HD follows Motorola’s tradition of phones that slope outward up top to house a camera, as well as offering scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass and Kevlar fiber and splash protection on the back. The phone has a 330 pixels per inch count that creates a smooth image free of pixelation or dotty displays the naked eye will notice. The Browser, Calendar, People, and Messaging apps look like ICS rather than a poor attempt to port the Gingerbread experience to a new platform version. The launcher also enables swipe actions that can create multiple functions, familiar to fans of third-party apps like Launcher Pro or Apex. What the Atrix lacks in camera quality, it makes up in decent speed and respectable battery life. Both the industrial design and the internal software are heavily inspired by its two predecessors which were launched with Verizon a while back.While the Atrix HD does not have the huge 3200mAh battery of the Droid RAZR Maxx, it does have most of the software features that Motorola has developed internally, and that includes SmartActions which remains unchallenged at this point in time.
For example, a cluster of three circles presents the time and date in one orb, local weather in another, and data usage in a third. This is a great phone too good to be considered mid-range, even if it’s not exactly on the upper-echelon.
Motorola also throws in HD ColorBoost, which is just a marketing term for higher than normal brightness and saturation settings. Someone can tap on the Browser icon to open the app, or then can quick hold and swipe up to see bookmarks. But that doesn’t mean much when you consider that the resulting images look a little off. Now, the question is: where does the Atrix HD fit in an extremely competitive Android landscape? Swipe your finger across any of the circles and the presented information changes: the digital clock becomes an analog clock, the weather toggles between different cities, and you can switch between seeing remaining battery life or remaining storage. But on days when I used the handset to check e-mail, fire off tweets, share photos on Instagram, check in on Foursquare and even make a phone call or two, battery life flew by in about 10 hours — about the same as the Droid Razr. As nice as these color changes may be, the best aspect of the screen is that it has virtual buttons. One can easily overlook that this is one of the only ICS camera apps to have shutter lag (however brief it may be), but it’s harder to put faith in a camera that rarely finds the right color saturation or exposure settings. And at a retail price of $99, half as much as that charged for the other phones, the quality per dollar score is very respectable on the Atrix HD.
Customizable and relevant information, presented clearly with a simple UI — this is how widgets should behave. If you pick up this handset, it might be a good idea to pick up an extra charger; one for work and one for home. I browse the web several times a day to check on news sites, but rarely watch movies or play music. This usage pattern will affect battery life and the perception of what features are useful. Now you know where we’re coming from…Industrial designFrom a design standpoint, the Atrix HD is truly the fusion between the Motorola RAZR and the Motorola RAZR Maxx. The overall design inspiration obviously comes from race cars, especially the black line in the middle which is reminiscent of American classic muscle cars.
In the back, you will find the same scratch-resistant carbon treatment that previous Motorola smartphones featured. The more productive you want to be, and the more likely this element may get in the way.Users have the choice between the Motorola Keyboard or Swype.
Although called Motorola Keyboard, it looks very much like a stock Android keyboard and any differences would be non-obvious. It’s very powerful because your finger doesn’t leave the surface of the screen, making the whole motion much more accurate than “tapping” on the screen. The typography makes emails very readable, and it is possible to perform actions on multiple items at once.

Deferring the email download *may* save some battery life, but it is also a major annoyance in my opinion. I get a lot of emails, so this is a big deal for me, and I feel like I can actually get some work done in an efficient way with this.On a daily basis, the most important features are the search and background download. In the back, the Atrix HD has a powerful speaker that should be plenty loud, even in a mildly noisy environment such as an office. The good thing about MHL is that it also charges the phone while connecting to a TV…Imaging (Good)Motorola has improved the camera capabilities by quite a bit.
In low-light, the photos can be a bit noisy (like with the iPhone 4S), but they look great for web uploads and social network updates. The Motorola Atrix HD also has a tendency to crank-up the contrast.This photo was shot late in the evening, and it was fairly dark alreadyThe video recording has most of the same properties. I’ve tried shooting a 720p movie outdoors, and again, for web usage this will work very well.
In conclusion, I would say that while Motorola has made indisputable progress in terms of photography, the Atrix HD still faces very tough -and superior- competition from the best Android handsets out there.
This means that unless you do something very specific (like “gaming” or “downloads”), those phones should provide a similar overall performance.As you can see, the Motorola Atrix HD scores pretty close to other phones equipped with a similar Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip which has very fast floating point performance.
In this test, the quad-core chip would tend to do better because Antutu has been written in a way that is friendly to more general (non floating-point) operations.Nenamark 2 is a test aimed at measuring the graphics processor performance. It is handy, but keep in mind that the latest games use much more complex techniques that are not represented in this test.
In this test, Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered phones take the lead and grab the three top spots. Performance jump of 100% have been witnessed after software updates, so keep in mind that this may not be a great CPU test.
It also uses a single-core, so it won’t be able to differentiate much between single and multi-core architectures. Most of the perceived web performance is felt during the load time and rendering time, both of which often have nothing to do with JavaScript performance.As you can see, the Motorola Atrix HD benefits from the latest improvements to the JavaScript engine, and easily gets the highest score. What they don’t show for example is the user experience is smooth and responsive (responsiveness is not always solved with brute-force processor power). In the end, what good is raw performance if you can’t perceive it?Perceptibly, the Atrix HD does well and it is comparable to other high-end phones in its category.
This is also the battery depletion that we expect to see when the phone is sitting in your pocket all day. With WiFi, the battery life should be better, and we’re still running the test at the moment. Now, you need to know that Motorola has built-in smart actions, a system that allows users to easily program many types of automatic behaviors and some of them are really handy for saving power.For example, you can pre-program the phone to turn off all the radios you go to bed, this is for sure a huge battery saver. And because it can wake up 30mn before you do, by the time you have the phone in hand, every email and updates will have been synchronized. If you are an business user, you may want to take a closer look at what Motorola has done to help IT departments integrate its phones. For the general public, the choice will be harder and things will often come down to the industrial design, or whichever financial incentives AT&T may be offering. SmartActions is my favorite one, as it is a feature that is genuinely useful and which may help you save battery life.
The MotoCast software can also be very handy if you need to access files on your home computer while on the go.I hope that this review was helpful, and if there is something that I did not cover, feel free to drop a comment below.

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