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A few months ago, a work colleague was telling me a story about a friend of hers, or rather, this friend’s daughter.
Seeing how easily my body changed (and in a major way hormonal way) from my diet was pretty bizarre.
I’ve heard about people experiencing this, but never known anyone directly who experienced it. Welcome!This blog is all about prioritizing how you spend your resources (time and money), so that you can maximize happiness while minimizing cost.
Nutrilon Standard 3 with PronutraTM is a follow-on milk for the baby growing from 10 to 12 months. All the same, I’m pretty creeped out about it, so I feel compelled to share for anyone it may help. Her daughter was 7 or 8 years old and was having signs of premature menses and at one point, actually began having a cycle.

We’ve already established my love of all things cheese and I have a bowl of cereal every day before work.
It also made me kind of glad (in a strange way) that I had these weird episodes to signal the craziness that was going on in my body, because otherwise we would all be eating roughly the same and it’s pretty scary to imagine (if our milk was doing this to a grown woman) what might have been going on in the body of our three year old boy!! I wasn’t sure if I should share (kind of weird to blog about something so personal) but I thought, what the heck, maybe it will help someone. We explore ways to make life easier and more fun, especially for families on a tight income.
Because I am an old-fashioned sort of gal, I’m going to use the aphorism Aunt Flo in this.
After trying med switches, my doctors inevitably decided that I was pretty much a stress monkey (which any of you could have told them) and that was probably the root of my problem. As you might imagine, the troubles of being a 7 or 8 year old with her cycle (and the poor girl having to deal with it at a time when remembering to comb her hair can be an achievement) makes my situation seem rather trifling by comparison.

I also have documented my love of red meat, which as a family, we are having success cutting down, both by doing more veggie meals and also less cow, more chicken.
Then apparently the girl went to see a specialist who said she needed to have hormones cut out of her diet – only organic, no-hormone milk, meat, etc. In not much time, she stopped having her cycle and went back to being a typical 7 or 8 year old, attending pool parties, considering chapstick to be grown up, and everything else that makes early girlhood fun.

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