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Bring home the spirit of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games with one of 5 uniquely designed re-usable aluminum water bottles. Each 500mL bottle captures winter athletes in exciting sports action poses and comes with a clip to easily attach to almost anything.
Considering these rather trendy, eco-friendly, sport bottles are also rather pricey in most stores, at $3.49 it’s also a great buy!

With respect to the advertisement where a little girl approaches Patrick Chen, asking for an autograph, why does she spell Mommy as MONNY? With that said, McDonald’s Dollar Drink Days remains in effect and offers the best value from their menu at only $1 plus tax on any size fountain drink which includes free refills! Heck, the contaminated juice will probably kill some of the carcinogenic and buttexpandic properties of the food.

It has shiny star-shaped holofoils over the entire area of the card that you can see if you tilt the card back and forth.

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