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VIT-ACELL™ Anti-Oxidant formula gives you a high potency, great tasting way to get your daily nutrition.
A revolution in vitamin mineral nutrient delivery has just arrived at your Max Muscle store. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is proud to introduce Pro-Vite Ultra High-Potency Sports Formula.
Max Complete’s New and Improved Formula by MMSN, is a unique multi-vitamin and multi-mineral dietary supplement, a hybrid of both essential vitamins and minerals fortified with the powerful food-based green foods, Spirulina, Aloe vera, and Chlorella. Iso-Extreme provides an amazing 92% protein per serving with very little, if any, fat and lactose! MMSN has created a new product called Triple Whey Protein containing three sources of whey proteins with added L-glycine and digestive enzymes.
MAXPRO™ Super Protein Concentrate (SPC) by MMSN was developed to supply your body with an economic, consistent and rapidly assimilated source of pure high-quality protein to be used on a daily basis. Albupro is the newest addition to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s extensive line of proteins. Max High 5 Synergistic Protein Complex is the ideal blend of 5 proven and highly effective protein sources. Essential minerals like calcium, magnesium & potassium, energizing herbal extracts, whole food juices, antioxidants, phytonutrients and caffeine will nourish your body and invigorate your mind.

VIT-ACELL™ Anti-Oxidant provides 100% or more of the Daily Value of 13 essential vitamins and over 60 major, trace and ultra-trace minerals, beneficial anti-oxidants and other key nutraceuticals. Max Complete supplies 100% of the Daily Values of 24 essential vitamins and minerals, including Biotin, Molybdenum, Manganese, Iodine and Pantothenic Acid. The Product Development Team at MMSN has specialized in high quality protein supplements for over a decade, and Iso-Extreme takes it to the next level. Each protein packed serving has 26 grams of TriProComplex™, a proprietary high-quality blend of whey protein concentrate 80%, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate 90% with only 1 gram of fat per serving.
Research suggests that by supplying the body with high-quality protein every 3-4 hours, it is possible to elevate nitrogen levels and increase the body's ability to build and maintain muscle growth.
Albupro is pure 100% egg white albumen that many athletes and nutritionists consider Nature’s almost perfect food source of protein.
We specifically combined and balanced these protein sources to optimize protein uptake and absorption. This formula provides you everything you need to support athletic performance, muscle growth and recovery, as well as great overall health.
Pro-Vite is a 100% pure formula delivering 65+ nutrients in their most effective biochemical forms and potency levels to achieve a perfectly balanced and optimally active formula. Whey Protein Isolates contain a superior amino acid profile, highly soluble in liquids and has a rapid absorption rate.

We added additional L-glycine, and the proteolytic enzymes bromelain and papain for even greater benefits.
Egg white albumen is ideal for supporting and building muscle mass and a great alternative from whey, casein or other proteins.
This process increases the duration of nitrogen retention, and may enhance muscle recovery and strength. Iso-Extreme is ideal for both pre- and post-workouts or during the day to be assured a continuous and adequate amount of amino acids.
Albupro blends quickly into a delicious and refreshing protein packed shake supplying your body with 24 grams (48% Daily Value) of superior quality and fast assimilating egg white protein that is fat-free with no cholesterol, sugars or dairy. Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCl at 500 mg per serving has been added to support the youthful elasticity and healthy structure of your joints. Glucosamine sulfate is an essential structural component of your skin, arteries, veins and heart valves.
The polyphenols contained in these fruits have beneficial cardiovascular, immune, and anti-oxidant benefits.

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