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Head Synthetic GUT : Head's unique synthetic gut combines a monofilament center core with 19 outer filaments for outstanding all around performance. IntelliSTRING : This one of a kind hybrid string provides the perfect blend of power, durability, and feel with a spin enhancing texture. GUTSY ARAMID Cost CAD 45.00 incl stringing( (STRINGS OF SIMILAR CONSTRUCTION - Ashaway Crossfire II, Prince ProBlend, Wilson Hammerlast) GUTSY ARAMID comprises a very durable Aranid (previously known as Kevlar) string which is used for the "mains" and a softer synthetic gut which is used for the "crosses". Prince PROBLEND : A maximum-durability hybrid string for unmatched tensile strength and a very firm feel.
Prince PERFECTION : Innovative GripMore design provides extreme control and outrageous durability with an awesome feel. Maximum power and control, enhanced topspin, excellent durability, ultra playablity, and a crisp, solid feel. Ultimate feel, maximum power and control, and ultimate playability for exceptional all around performance. Gamma TNT Fat Core - FAT Core construction combined with GAMMA TNT processing offers the optimum combination of playability, durability, and control available. An ultra playable string with a highly improved extra outerwrap for maximum spin and longer string life.

Wilson NXT MAX : Combines more Xycro Micro fibers and more polyurethane resin for improved comfort and playability.
Wilson Synthetic EXTREME 16GCost CAD 32.00 incl stringing Co-polymer center core, multi-filament matrix and nylon 6 outer wraps with pearl coating for added comfort and durability. This union of high grade materials result in a string that has the playing characteristics of classical synthetic gut. This dynamic union of advanced materials results in enhanced durability with the exceptional transfer characteristics of high quality synthetic gut.
This combination results in a textured string with outstanding feel, control and capacity for spin. The highest quality micro Nylon 66 fibers have been tightly compressed and covered with a protective wrap of copolymer monofilaments for added durability.
This type of string has been favored by tennis enthusiasts for several decades and offers excellent value.
TITANIUM is recommended for players who require added durability in a premium synthetic gut string.
HEADSPIN is designed for players who demand excellent playability in a string with added bite on the ball.

The outstanding elasticity and resilience of ULTIMATUM offer power along with great feel and impact absorption. The thin gauge of the Kevlar string contributes to its elasticity and enhances spin control. Constructed of bundled Live Wire core and twisted Live Wire wraps with a soft pearl coating. ULTIMATUM is appreciated by tournament and recreational players for its energy restitution properties and for its all around playability. FILAMENT FRENZY is recommended for players who demand the best playing characteristics in a string.
GUTSY KEVLAR is recommended for frequent string breakers who seek a durable string with acceptable playability and comfort.

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