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My wife held out as long as she could, but had finally had her fill of cramming two child seats in the back of her beloved but tiny Corolla coupe.
The base Matrix’s 130 HP, 1.8 -liter 1ZZ engine was tuned for economy, yielding 30 mpg in town and 35 mpg on the highway.
When the Matrix was new, reviews routinely panned the driving position, calling it awkward.
Despite the limp acceleration and squint-o-matic morning and evening driving, the Matrix really grew on me. I learned that if you have to have an accident five hours from home, you (obviously) want to walk away from it–but you also want it to total your car, so you don’t have to deal with having it towed home or fixed in a distant town. Vibe worth $5500can trade in, but with GM car loans at 1.99% north of your border it only going to cost him $340us per month. Most readers will also know that the Pontiac Vibe is basically the same car with different badging.
My partner at the time borrowed it to cater an event for 200, and managed to fit all of the serving paraphernalia AND the food itself in insulated containers. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the second generation of this platform was as good as the original, sort of like the story of the Scion xB. I solved the sliding cargo issue by going to Lowe’s and purchasing four running feet of anti-fatigue floor cushioning in the flooring department for less than $20. She tells the story of back in 2005 when she purchased it she had to order it because the dealer couldn’t find ANY manual trans models that were painted the metalic orange color she wanted. We had a ’99 Chevy Prizm, the last generation of Chevy- or Geo-branded Corolla twins to come from the GM-Toyota joint venture, the California NUMMI factory.
The Vibe was essentially the Prizm’s successor product at NUMMI, although I understand that the Matrix was made elsewhere while NUMMI concentrated on ordinary Corollas (and pickup trucks).
I am also a fan of small cars that can carry big loads, one of the reasons I bought a Honda Fit. I have never had any firsthand experience with a Matrix, but always considered it a car I could be interested in.
Manufacturers COULD make them more durable but the CHOOSE not to thinking that the extra money spend is not worth it given the miniscule nature of the market. Really, if gearheads want manual transmissions, the car companies will supply them it there is PROFIT IN IT. From the point of view of dealers, ordering in a manual is a sure fire recipe for having said manual car sitting on the back fence for half a year, only to be firesaled at the end of the year. For a buyer, it means a heck of a struggle at resale time, as I had when I sold my manual Fit. All of my future cars will be automatic, provided I can select whatever gear I want when I want it. This Matrix was manually shifted because my wife ordered the car brand new and checked that box. Even around 1993 when my sister bought a new Jeep Cherokee, she had to go several counties away to find one. My brother had to get his manually shifted 2008 Civic coupe from a few states away for the same reason. Depends on the model.My 2102 Mercedes A160cdi 5sp manual does 63mpg and cost ?20 per year Road Tax. The people down the street bought one of these for their daughter, same color and wheels, I swear that car has had every single body panel replaced at one point or another with the possible exception of the roof.
Better get a Matrix while you can, didn’t Toyota just announce that they’re discontinuing it?
The Matrix (AWD) is the car I should have bought instead of the Corolla back in December ’05.
I had an 03 Matrix XR 5 speed (the auto was quite gutless) for 5 years that I luckily traded in before the trans went .

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge, a two-lane metal grate roadway built in 1849, is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA. Living north of Wheeling between Weirton, WV and Burgettstown, PA…I could choose WV Route 2 or Ohio Route 7 to get to work. 1) the driving position you mention–it was like the elevated version of the long-arms, short-legs silliness that old Italian cars made you put up with. I could also carp about the mismatched hair-trigger 2ZZ engine and don’t-rush-me 6-speed, but I’ll save that for your XRS post!
Since I knew the roads in the area better than my mother or sister (I never lived in the area, but we visited so often through the years I learned the layout from my father) I did most of the driving. I’ve always thought it was the spiritual descendant of the tall Tercel wagon from the ’80s. That economy came at the cost of acceleration: It took a little patience to bring the Matrix up to highway speed, but once there it cruised happily.
You’d think that would have made my love strong enough to overcome any of marriage’s challenges. In those transient years I moved all manner of furniture in it–most notably, a six-foot-long dining table and six chairs in one trip. On a weekend road trip with a friend, as we crossed over from Indiana into Illinois on US 40 we noticed an abandoned brick road paralleling the modern highway.
We ended up lifting the front end of the car and pushing it right down the hill onto the old brick road. We took the long way home, driving along the old National Road, much of which became US 40. I’d always wanted to drive over the suspension bridge in Wheeling and was excited finally to get my chance.
My youngest son seemed not to know what had happened and was puzzled that I was checking on him until he tried to open his door, which was stuck shut from the impact. Bridgeport is such a small town that when I called to see if they received my check, the mayor answered the phone.
The plastic cargo area was roundly criticized by the motoring press when it was new, but it was perfect for hauling items that could be messy.
And it was so easy to haul at any time – just pull the pins on the seat backs and lay them down. My Matrix XRS is in the garage right now filled with a bookcase and a bunch of boxes of files and books waiting for me to move it to my new office. I swear the color was identical to that of my gray interior; cut it to fit the cargo area and it looked like it came that way from the factory. With the exception of true sports cars which are either rear wheel drive or have 6 speed manuals (in FWD form) manuals are overwhelmingly fitted to base model cars. With a good manumatic, you get all the advantages of a manual with the convenience of an automatic, with no loss in fuel economy. Do you mean the old Armstrong Siddeley system with electric clutch or the modern fake tiptronic mightmares.
There was *one* like that in Wisconsin which would have cost $1000 to have transfered to the Dealer. If I saw one of these by the curb I certainly wouldn’t photograph it and write it up as a full-fledged Curbside Classic. I did some time in radio as well, as a disk jockey for some stations in Terre Haute, IN — also on US 40. Despite being (unconvincingly) marketed to Gen-Y buyers, the strong point of these was that they were essentially Corolla wagons: simple, honest, versatile, economical. Well, for a couple years the Pontiac version of it was exported back to Japan, but it didn’t sell well. That limited our options plenty, yet when she learned that three child seats fit across the new Toyota Matrix’s back seat, she went right out and bought one.

She bought the base model, which could be had for an almost entry-level price but still came with some nice features–air conditioning, a CD stereo, automatic headlights and an outside thermometer on the dashboard.
My recliner threatened not to fit, but I maneuvered it 98% of the way in and tied down the hatch.
I could fit my two large dogs, my two growing sons and a weekend’s worth of luggage into the Matrix, all without anyone’s personal space being invaded.
We came off the bridge on Wheeling Island and then crossed a smaller bridge over the Ohio River’s back channel into Bridgeport, Ohio. We got out and walked around the debris from the other car, including its entire front bumper, and then sat on the curb as an ambulance and a fire truck came screaming to the scene. I ended up with another Matrix, this time the top-of-the-line XRS with a more powerful engine. My favorite times were pulling up to the loading area at Home Depot, and watching skeptical workers look on in amazement at the things I could fit into that vehicle.
Our local GM dealer fixed it for no cost, but yeah the manual transmissions on those cars seem mighty frail for a tiny little 1.8ltr engine.
My cars are both manual I cant see any point in a slush and my Citroen was not available in automatic not with a turbo. Didn’t care for the seating position (desperately needed a telescopic steering wheel) , dash lights always shining on the windshield , the shoddy hood paint which chipped far too easily , or the buzzy engine . There are two red lights in immediate succession – one on either side of the Route 7 underpass.
I kind of wish now we had walked all the way across and driven over the I-70 bridge instead.
You’d think it would have been cost effective for Toyota to throw in the power windows and locks that came standard on the up-level XR and XRS, but no luck. I just tried to avoid driving into the sun as it rose or set, because the tall roof and correspondingly tall windshield made the normal-size sun visors useless. The bottom of my car scraped as it went over, but no fluids or parts trailed behind me so I figured all was well. My Hillman OTOH was the first small engined car available with an automatic that did not rob power from the engine( Smiths easidrive trans) no thanks Ill just have the 4speed.
Clutch, transmission, and virtually at least one of every computer that they fit in the stupid thing.
While I wasn’t thrilled to be driving around in a car that reminded me of her, the Matrix turned out to be incredibly practical as I moved three times in three years before settling into my final post-divorce home. The front passenger seat also folds forward flat; I’ve moved long pieces of lumber and pipe, laid front corner to back corner, in my Matrix. While I’m complaining, I might as well add that I found the all-red dash lights to be annoyingly bright at night. As I tried to turn my car around on a narrow access road, I backed it off the edge, lifting the front wheels just enough so that they could get no traction.
Going up Polish Mountain, I could coax no more than 45 mph from it, the engine whining all the way. From my driver’s-seat perch, the headliner is a whopping nine inches above my head, and I’m six feet tall.
They were set deep into round recesses of varying sizes, and were visible only when the car was on, which was a cool touch for an economy car.

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