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INFLUENZA VIRUS-TYPES A- Birds, mammals (including humans, pigs, horses, sea mammals etc.) B- Humas C- Humans. Influenza virusu, solunum epitelia hucrelerine bastan basa bulasmak ve gecisi kolaylast?rmak icin birkac mekanizmaya sahiptir A- virusun yuzeyindeki HA proteinleri hucrenin yuzeyindeki tabakalasm?s sialik asite baglan?r B- bu komplexin olusumu hucrenin tamamen virusu kaplamas?n? tetikler C- viral RNA hucre nukleusuna girer ve viral replikasyon baslar D- yeni olusmus hucrenin yuzeyindeki NA; hucrenin yuzeyindeki sialik asit molekullerini kopar?r, virusun ortaya c?kmas?na ve solunum organ?’n?n mukoz astar? boyunca yay?lmas?na olanak tan?r. Bunu indirmek icin lutfen bu sunuyu herhangi bir sosyal aglarda arkadaslar?n?za tavsiye edin. Her iki protein; ayn? al?c? hucre molekulu olan sialik asidi tan?mlar ve secici olarak ona baglan?r. Viral replikasyon hucre olum prosesini baslat?r, bu; virusun ortaya c?kmas?ndan ( replikasyondan sonra) birkac saat sonra baslar. If two different viral types infect the same cell, then segments from both types can get jumbled together (they reassort) as the new virus particles are assembled. Around the new nucleocapsid, the matrix proteins are shown collected beneath the cell membrane (the haze of purple particles marked), while above the cell membrane, haemagglutinin and neuraminidase have coated the surface.
HA, virus infeksiyonunu baslatmak icin hedef hucrenin uzerindeki sialik asit iceren reseptore baglan?r, oysa NA; hucresel reseptorlerden sialik asiti kopar?r ve hucre d?s? geri kazand?r?c?d?r, yeni olusan viruslerin serbest b?rak?lmas?n? kolaylast?r?r ve komsu hucrelere enfeksiyonun s?cramas?n? tesvik eder. Other vmRNA directs the production of matrix protein (purple dots) shown emerging from a viral polyribosome (several ribosomes strung together along a length of viral mRNA) in the middle of the picture.

These new -ve sense viral genomic RNAs become associated with nucleoproteins and some matrix proteins that have migrated into the nucleus. With all these viral elements now in place, the newly forming virus particle (which contains segments derived from both the BLUE and ORANGE strains) can begin to take shape and to bud from the cell surface. Bir cok arast?rma glikoproteinlerin aras?ndaki reseptor baglay?c? ve reseptor y?k?c? aktivitenin optimum etkilesiminin olmas?n?n virus replikasyonu icin gerekli oldugunu ac?klam?st?r. Image shows two different viral strains (BLUE genome at upper right and ORANGE genome at upper middle) infecting the same cell (at lower right). The altered haemagglutinin draws the membranes of the virus and endosome together and they merge, creating a hole through which the viral contents are poured into the cytoplasm. Such newly formed nucleocapsids and their associated M proteins exit the nucleus via nuclear pores (BLUE and ORANGE segments can be seen streaming across the cell). The cell membrane that envelopes the emerging nucleocapsid and matrix protein becomes the viral envelope (complete with projecting spikes) and the virus particle is released.
During replication, new viral particles may emerge that contain segments sourced form both the BLUE and the ORANGE strains. These contents include the viral matrix protein (purple) and the nucleocapsid (BLUE segments).

The new strain (BLUE & ORANGE STRIPED genome, shown at left) has the potential to spread rapidly. The nucleocapsid segments, which contain the viral genetic information, migrate to the nucleus.
Production starts in the rough endoplasmic reticulum and progresses through the Golgi apparatus.
This dramatic change in the genotype is called antigenic shift to distinguish it from the more minor changes that occur due to mutation or poor fidelity RNA copying, which are called antigenic drift.
They move into the nucleus via nuclear pores (the flower like structures on the curved surface of the nucleus) and so deliver the viral genome to the nucleus (which contains the cell's own genetic material). The haemagglutinin (red) is shown progressing through the Golgi at lower left, finally being discharged onto the cell surface from a vesicle (the sphere containing red dots that is delivering its contents onto the cell surface through a hole). The neuraminidase (yellow) is shown (for clarity) going through the Golgi in parallel but above the haemagglutinin.

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