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Matrix was founded in 1980 by the American husband and wife hairdressing team, Arnie and Sydell Miller.
This section of TWICE, "The PR Wire," contains original press releases that reflect the views of the industry organizations issuing them. The Draco tera compact UNI matrix switch provides the option to switch any combination of 3G-SDI, USB 3.0, and ultra-high-definition (UHD) KVM using an SFP modular design. In addition to the standard compact UNI options, customized models can be configured using special-purpose Embrionix modules for HDMI to SDI, SDI to HDMI, MADI, and ST-2022-6 for broadcast IP distribution. IHSE's Draco ultra DP is the first 4K DisplayPort KVM extender with a 60-Hz refresh rate in full color depth. The Draco ultra DP extender allows the operation of CPUs from a remotely located workstation including DisplayPort monitor, keyboard, and pointing device over a pair of fiber cables. The Draco U-Switch enables parallel switching of USB 2.0 data and USB-HID signals to multimonitor workstations via keyboard commands, mouse movement, or push buttons. The Draco U-Switch is a perfect solution in any environment where multiple displays connected to different CPUs must be managed simultaneously.
IHSE USA is a leading provider of KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) products supporting long-distance signal extenders and switching for DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI, USB, audio, and RS-232 serial data. Japanese cellphone maker Freetel, established in 2012, brought its first phones to the U.S. If panels or other material on the Bill-of-Materials are not included in the shipment, or have been damaged during shipment, note those items on the Bill-of-Lading and notify your Porter Corp sales representative immediately.
D) Steel Lifting Plates – Pick up large panels by attaching lifting plates with screws to the top OSB surface. J) Panel Puller – With panels weighing 800 lbs, the panel puller is helpful to slide large panels together on base plates or slide up roof panels into exact position. When appropriate, measure to locate the vertical electrical chase locations on the bottom plate and, with a 1″ spade bit, drill wire chase size holes. Use construction sealant on all wood-to-wood connections and expanding foam sealant on all wood-to-foam connections.
When installing roof panels it will benefit the installer to do as much prep work as possible while the panels are still on the ground. Steel lifting plates, available from Porter Corp, can be used to hoist the panels from the ground to where they will be installed on the roof.
It is important with the roof panels that the panel connections are well sealed to prevent any air leakage as this may cause long-term problems with the integrity of the panels, not to mention loss of efficiency of the panel system. After roof panels are installed, make sure that all panels are fastened to the beams, trusses, and bearing walls of the structure. As structural panels are installed, the SIP installer will need to drill with a 1″ spade bit the sill and top plates, and any lumber connecting splines, to provide for clear entry and exit of the wire chases for the electrician.

PorterSIPs received a 2014 Building Excellence Award from SIPA in the category of Single Family Home (under 3000 sq ft). The Millers wanted to provide hairdressers with a comprehensive range of products that would help them grow their businesses and provide the means to take full advantage of their talent and creativity. Each port is designed around the IHSE flex-port technology, which allows any port to be defined as an input or output.
The device constitutes a new generation of digital KVM signal extension using the innovative Lightweight Image (LICI) codec, developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits. For 30 years, IHSE has been developing new and innovative ways of supporting next-generation products for KVM and signal extenders.
Signing the Bill-of-Lading without notes indicates that all materials listed have been received in full and in good condition.
If for any reason the panels are not wrapped when they arrive, tarp them to protect them from precipitation and keep panels elevated above standing water or contact with the ground.Keep OSB spline material and 2nd top plate material dry and flat. Each panel number will correspond to a panel number in the drawings that will accompany the panel delivery. As the SIP industry has matured, SIP manufacturers have become much better at designing and cutting SIP packages to meet the needs of the customer. To double check that the panel you are working with is oriented correctly, make sure that the horizontal wire chases are located at the bottom of the panel when installed.
Installing lumber and splines to the panels while on the ground will make for a more efficient time savings.
The lifting plate is a steel plate that is anchored to the outside face of the OSB with multiple #10 coarse full thread wood screws and provides a solid point to attach straps. When the roof panels are completely installed, fastened, and any gaps are filled with expanding foam sealant, vapor tape and roofing should be applied as soon as possible. Now, over two decades later, their original ideas still stand strong and Matrix is committed to the development of the salon professional and offers a wide range of hair care, color and hair texturizing products. The KVM extender also supports audio transmission via the DisplayPort interface, eliminating the need for additional audio modules and enabling playback of the audio signal on monitors with integrated loudspeakers. IHSE technology is deployed worldwide by public and private organizations such as broadcasting, postproduction, government and military, medical, financial, and oil and petroleum industries.
When notified of the shipment of the delivery, the SIP installer should be available and prepared for the arrival of the truck.
As material is unloaded, check to confirm quantities and sizes of the panels as ordered and itemized on the Bill-of-Materials.
Dimensional lumber to be used for sills, plates, and splines should also be kept flat and dry. While PorterSIPs is particularly well equipped to engineer, design and cut SIPs accurately, panels can still be cut in the field.

Using a wrap-around sling on panels can damage the SIP edges if not blocked, is difficult to release, and is not recommended. If any fastener is missed during the installation process, make sure to go back and complete all fastening requirements. When applicable, multiple panels can be assembled on the ground together and lifted as an assembly.
It is a good idea, and strongly recommended, to apply roofing felt onto the roof panels the same day the panels are installed. When electrical installation in SIPs is aforethought, not an afterthought, it will be much faster and easier.
Porter Corp typically installs wire chases per this standard, but wire chases can be installed to exactly match an electrical plan.
Each frame includes an internal controller card that can be managed with many different third-party control systems such as Crestron, HRS, DNF, and Lawo's L-S-B software. The company offers a complete line of DVI and HDMI video extenders over Cat-X or fiber optic cables for mission-critical video and data access. If necessary, store construction sealant and expanding foam in a heated enclosure to keep it above the minimum storage and working temperature. If field-cutting of panels is necessary, it can be done using tools commonly available to the builder. Through bolting with eye bolts, though safe and effective, requires access to the bottom side for attaching and detaching. Then, find the adjacent corner panel and install the corner stud in the appropriate end of this panel as well. Custom wire chase placement per an electrical plan is done at the time the panel layout drawings are made, so Porter Corp would need a detailed electrical plan at that time for this to be feasible.
When panels are manufactured they are numbered to indicate the panel location in the building.
A circular saw, reciprocating saw, and hand saws can perform all cuts required in an installation. Please note that while some panels may appear to be out of order, the numbers will always correlate to the drawings. Continue installing wall panels by following construction details and working in sequence around the building. Install splines and lumber before standing wall panels to save time and for ease of installation.

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