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The extremely strong bonding between the metal base and plastic shoulders provides additional security. Individually usable for double creasing and for small spaces between cutting and creasing rules. Special product for corrugated board which requires creases that can be folded on both sides up to 90 degrees. The smooth surface reduces optical degradation of the material and leads to a higher production output. Our dedicated production facility is EU (European Union), cGMP, HACCP and NHP certified as well as being licensed by the CFIA.

I just changed the professional line of hair color that I use on my hair recently to Matrix Logics. Feed them with our fastest and strongest muscle building whey protein formula: 4 DimensionTM Isolate Matrix.
4DNTM has taken the time, effort and energy necessary to ensure that every product bearing the 4DNTM name is produced in accordance with these protocols. This scientifically engineered formula delivers a whopping 24 gram dose of ultra-fast release protein, including whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed WPI 97. The result; Isolate MatrixTM is a truly superior product that meets or exceeds the strictest standards in the world.

In addition, 4 DimensionTM Isolate Matrix is loaded with over 6.4 grams of micronized BCAAs to help send you into muscle building overdrive.

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