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The Draco tera enterprise is a high performance, modular matrix system for bidirectional signal distribution of high definition video, audio, and data over Cat X, multi-mode and single-mode fiber.
The MATRIX-1000 V2 is a complete sound reinforcement solution comprising of two 10” two-way satellites, a dedicated 15” subwoofer and a built-in three-channel 700-watt power amplifier. To transport the MATRIX-1000 V2, simply set the subwoofer on its casters and place the satellite speakers on to the subwoofer’s front panel, facing down. The MATRIX-1000 V2 satellites are loaded with a custom designed 10” speaker and 1” titanium diaphragm compression driver. The three-channel amplifier features three distinct volume controls, electronic crossover with equalization and a VCA compressor.
Fasten the satellites with the included locking strap using the handles on either side of the subwoofer cabinet.
Using XV fiber cards the Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix switch offers tremendous scalability with cost effective features supporting Ultra High Definition up to 4K at 4096 x 2160 resolutions. The circuitry is designed and fine-tuned to integrate all components for the best possible sound. Place the included cover over the entire system and you’re ready to move the MATRIX-1000 V2 with ease.
Thus, the various entities of your business portfolio may move forward by a different pace and with a different strategy.
There is no need to finesse settings on a crossover or compressor to make your system sound great.
This includes a 400-watt amplifier for the subwoofer, 2 x 150-watt amplifiers for the satellites, electronic crossover, VCA compressor, electronic equalization, pre-amp and power supply. The BCG analysis actually helps you in deciding which entities in your business portfolio are actually profitable, which are duds, which you should concentrate on and which gives you a competitive advantage over others.Once you know which businesses stand where in your business portfolio, you also come to know which businesses need investments, which needs harvesting (making money), which needs divesting (reducing investment) and which needs to be completely taken out of the business portfolio. Simply roll the system into place on its heavy duty casters, plug in the AC, connect the two speaker cables, run two XLR cables to your mixer and you’re ready to go! For a major organization like HUL, ITC etc which have multiple categories and within the categories, they have multiple lines of products, the BCG analysis becomes very important. The rounded front of the satellite speaker is a perfect fit for the convex face of the subwoofer, allowing a mobile entertainer to stack, roll and transport the entire MATRIX-1000 V2 in and out of a venue in record time. At a holistic level, they get to make a decision on which product to continue and which product to be divested. This growth rate is then pitched on the graph.Thus by having 2 basic but at the same time very important factors on X axis and Y axis, the BCG matrix makes sure that the classifications are concrete.

The market share on the other hand comprises of the competition and the product potential in the market.
Thus when we consider growth rate and market share together, it automatically gives us an overview of the competition and the industry standards as well as an idea of what the future might bring for the product.Once the businesses have been classified, they are placed into four different quadrants of the matrix. Lets discuss the characteristics and strategies of each quadrant in detail.1) Cash Cows in the BCG MATRIXThe cornerstone of any multi product business, cash cows are products which are having a high market share in a low growing market. As the market is not growing, that cash cow gains the maximum advantage by generating maximum revenue due to its high market share.
Thus for any company, the cash cows are the ones which require least investment but at the same time give higher returns. These higher returns enhance the overall profitability of the firm because this excess revenue can be used in other businesses which are Stars, Dogs or Question marks.Strategies for cash cow –  The cash cows are the most stable for any business and hence the strategy generally includes retention of the market share. If you look at any top 5 telecom company, the market share is good but the growth rate too is good. Thus because these two factors are high, the telecom companies are always in competitive mode and they have to juggle between investment and harvesting vis investing money and taking out money time to time.
Unlike cash cows, Stars cannot be complacent when they are top on because they can immediately be overtaken by another company which capitalizes on the market growth rate. However, if the strategies are successful, a Star can become a cash cow in the long run.Strategies for Stars –  All types of marketing, sales promotion and advertising strategies are used for Stars.
This is because in cash cow, already these strategies have been used and they have resulted in the formation of a cash cow.
Similarly in Stars, because of the high competition and rising market share, the concentration and investment needs to be high in marketing activities so as to increase and retain market share. 3) Question Marks in the BCG MatrixSeveral times, a company might come up with an innovative product which immediately gains good growth rate. The product might lose customer interest and might not be bought anymore in which case it will not gain market share, the growth rate will go down and it will ultimately become a Dog. On the other hand, the product might increase customer interest and more and more people might buy the product thus making the product a high market share product. From here the product can move on to be a Cash Cow as it has lower competition and high market share. Thus Question marks are products which may give high returns but at the same time may also flop and may have to be taken out of the market. New Customer acquisition strategies are the best strategies for converting Question marks to Stars or Cash cows.

Furthermore, time to time market research also helps in determining consumer psychology for the product as well as the possible future of the product and a hard decision might have to be taken if the product goes into negative profitability.4) Dogs in the BCG matrixProducts are classified as dogs when they have low market share and low growth rate.
However, they are considered as negative profitability products mainly because the money already invested in the product can be used somewhere else. It can be moved only to the question mark region where again the future of the product is unknown.
Thus in cases of Dog products, divestment strategy is used.Sequences in BCG MatrixSuccess Sequence in BCG Matrix – The Success sequence of BCG matrix happens when a question mark becomes a Star and finally it becomes a cash cow. The success sequence unlike the disaster sequence is entirely dependent on the right decision making.Disaster sequence in BCG Matrix – Disaster sequence of BCG matrix happens when a product which is a cash cow, due to competitive pressure might be moved to a star. It fails out from the competition and it is moved to a question mark and finally it may have to be divested because of its low market share and low growth rate.
This sequence affects the company as a lot of investments are lost to the divested product. Along with this the money coming in from the cash cow which is used for other products too is lost.Strategies based on the BCG Matrix. These strategies are1) Build – By increasing investment, the product is given an impetus such that the product increases its market share.
Example –  Pushing a Question mark into a Star and finally a cash cow (Success sequence)2) Hold – The company cannot invest or it has other investment commitments due to which it holds the product in the same quadrant. The strategies recommended after BCG analysis help the firm decide on the right line of action and help them implement the same.
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