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Michael O’Neal hosts “The Solopreneur Hour” – a Stitcher Award nominated podcast that recently hit the 1 million download mark just 10 months after launching. At 1’30” Michael and I get into how being unemployable is a “one way street” and that at a certain point, like Neo in the Matrix, you take the red pill and you can’t go back. The first two are east – it’s the third one, financial freedom, that scares people and makes them stay where they are (or take the blue pill to continue the Matrix analogy).
Find out why Kate was such a stereotype bad manager and how she helped make Michael’s decision easy! Since then “being unemployable” has become a recurring theme of Michael’s life and he certainly never set out with the idea of building show about it.
Michael stresses that there are a million ways to build a business around something that you’re passionate about given all the online tools and opportunities we have today to build a platform – which is what gives us our business.
One important caveat to taking imperfect action is that you must get your brand right – people must know what you stand for and what you sell. Also, if you’re doing any kind of show or podcast then make sure that your audio quality is good otherwise people won’t listen. On August 10th 2013 – just before he was about to launch his show – Michael was knocked off his bike by an SUV in a hit and run.
This propelled the show into the spotlight and wouldn’t have happened if Michael had used the hit and run as an excuse to delay the launch. BTW, did I say that if you want to succeed you need to take MIA – Massive Imperfect Action?! Once the podcast got to 1,500 to 2,000 downloads a day Michael knew he had enough listeners to create a mastermind program, which he called SoloLab. Michael started talking about it in October and then scheduled forty Skype interviews with interested prospects. On top of this Michael also has a number of private coaching clients at the $500 and $1,000 per month level.
Add to this the podcast sponsorship from two sponsors per show and Michael now has a $250,000 per year (and growing) income stream all on the back of the success of the Solopreneur Hour podcast!

Here’s that Audible link again if you want to get one of them as a free audiobook download and listen to it in your NET time (which stands for “No Extra Time”).
When I first starting learning about the craft of writing, my mentors told me about this little thing called the inciting incident. Hey Rhenna, would you like to be part of a blog tour, sharing your blog with other writers? It also happens to have generated a $250,000 revenue stream in that same 10 month time frame! We both share the exact moments where we “took the red pill” and realized that was it – we would never work for anyone else again.
This meant he was eligible for the Stitcher Radio Awards and Solopreneur Hour got nominated for “Best New Show 2013” along with four others. Plus things turned out okay and Michael was able to keep getting the show out three times a week. In other words, he accepted lots of friend requests as a way to help build up his platform. The listeners would benefit from getting a free audiobook and Michael would get a $15 affiliate commission. SoloLab launched on December 5th for $297 per quarter and made Michael $3,600 in its first few days. Much more so that if Michael had charged a lower price or even if he had charged the same price, but split it out monthly.
Oh, and he’s recently taken his first private plane flight as a guest on a trip to Napa Valley! It has a great “concierge” feature that allows you to choose the right kind of music for the activity you’re doing.
KILL TERRORISTS!" I also have a Boycott Citgo sticker, and a science fish to annoy the fundies.
Michael has been “proudly unemployable” since 2005 and now he helps other solopreneurs follow that same road.

You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Take massive imperfect action and correct course along the way – that is how you will succeed. What this meant was that when he launched his podcast he had a platform of over 4,000 friends to promote it to. And at Comic-Con in San Diego this year Michael realized that instead of worrying about hard to get tickets he could have gone either as “talent” or as “press” thanks to his podcast.
Democrats will cancel the Patriot Act, terrorists surveillance and missile defense programs. Yes, the inciting incident was when I actually gave birth (or got pregnant, depending on how you want to slice it), but it didn’t hit me until that moment when she wriggled in my arms.
Years ago a boyfriend of almost three years broke up with me after telling me that I was the most negative person he’d ever met.
Michael shares a ton of great information on today’s show including the steps he followed to build such a $250,000 revenue stream in less than a year!
In the one month since hitting a million the show has done an amazing 302,000 additional downloads! You can print them off yourself under the landscape setting with margins set close to 0, cut them out and tape them to the inside of your car windows. My editor showed me a particular bad habit I’d used throughout my manuscript and worked with me until I could spot and (fingers-crossed) fix them. The danger of attempting to make a profit off of these is I use copyrighted material in some of my designs.

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