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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". Unlike the enslaved Afro-Americans in Lincoln's time, who experienced the hardships of slavery each and every day, in The Matrix most of mankind doesn't even know, doesn't see, that it's enslaved by and for the Matrix. What Lincoln stated in words, the Wachowski brothers convey through the modern medium of film.
Intended or not, the matrix in the movie that Larry Wachowski claimed "is about the birth and evolution of consciousness"2 is identical to the matrix that the Jungian psychoanalyst Erich Neumann refers to in his book, The Origins and History of Consciousness. This means the end of that beatific uroboric state of autarchy, perfection, and absolute self-sufficiency so long as the ego was swimming in the belly of the uroboros, a mere ego germ, it shared in that paradisal perfection. The two choices presented to Neo, to live blindly in the "beatific uroboric state of autarchy," to subsist in the matrix; or to see "how deep the rabbit hole goes," to enter what Morpheus calls "the real world," is something man has been tackling throughout his recorded history. Just as in Morpheus' words, "The Matrix is everywhere," The Matrix is different things to different people. That The Matrix is about seeing is underscored by the Wachowski brothers' two appearances in the movie.

This cleansing of the windows of perception is anticipated in our initial seeing of Neo, when he answers both the visible "Knock, knock, Neo" on his computer screen and the two (audible) knocks on his apartment door.
Assuming, as some claim, that the two window washers (unnamed in the credits) are the Wachowski brothers, the two invite us to "see for ourselves," showing the path to free our minds from our own unrecognized matrix. When Neo chooses the red pill (which initiates his seeing), the two pills Morpheus offers him are shown doubly reflected in his dark impenetrable shades, images that underscore Neo's two choices, two lives and two names, not to mention the real and the reflected.
When offered the blue pill, Neo is reflected in each of the two lenses, the right lens showing Morpheus' right hand holding the pill. When offered the red pill, which will take him to Wonderland, Neo is reflected in each lens, each one showing a different hand offering a very different pill. The third shot is a close up of Morpheus' shades, once again showing the same Neo and two different hands, each one offering a different pill.
The reflections are repeated in Neo's first venture into the world of the Matrix, to meet with the Oracle. Larry Wachowski to Richard Corliss, "Popular Metaphysics", Time Magazine (April 19, 1999, VOL.

Gershon Reiter, Gershon Reiter, a former high school teacher of film and music, lives on a kibbutz in Israel. Neumann and the Wachowskis view (see) the matrix the same way; only their metaphors are different. Where in Neumann's book the ego is in the grip of the uroboros, the primal dragon that feeds on its own tail, in The Matrix man is an embryo connected to a computer that feeds it like a pregnant mother, while sapping its electrical energy to keep itself going, giving one kind of life while taking another. Beyond its spectacular visual exterior, the movie can be read as a modern myth of slaying the dragon. The book addresses the father-son relationship in American cinema by re-examining ancient dragon-slaying myths, showing how they apply to movies, or to what the book calls filmmyths, that deal with fathers and sons.

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