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Try The Entire Muscle Matrix Solution For 60 Full Days… And Unless You See Tremendous Results, You Get It FREE! Muscle Matrix Solution is a total testosterone-maximization system that delivers dramatic body transformations in as fast a time as humanly possible.
By combining nutrition, workouts, and supplementation, you kick your muscle-making machinery into overdrive while simultaneously burning fat day and night.
If you want to have that perfect male physique, you’ll be able to achieve your goals with the Muscle Matrix Solution. Muscle Matrix works by naturally increasing the amount of testosterone, free testosterone, and growth hormone all while reducing the amount of fat-producing cortisol in your body. I didn’t have the best genetics – heck – I can almost guarantee that I had worse genetics than you! But I developed an incredible system that allowed me to far surpass every goal I set for myself and become one of the first ever IFBB Pro Physique competitors, appear on numerous fitness magazine covers, get sponsorships with major brands and model for companies like Nike and more. Hundreds of high-paying private clients have used this system and now it’s your turn to use my methods to pack on pounds of lean, clean muscle and incinerate unsightly abdominal fat. WAIT!This Is The Only Time You’ll Get Access To The Abdominal Acceleration System For $50 Off! I agree to forfeit my discount on the “Abdominal Accelerator System.” I understand that this program is backed by a no questions asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’ve been training for a while, your goal isn’t just to “get big” or “get lean” anymore. This month’s program maps out exactly how to bring up the body parts you think are lagging, while giving you a template to build overall muscle strength.

There are endless ways to strength train whether you are a rookie, a seasoned veteran, or a competitive lifter.
The following workout design matrix chart can be used to design strength-training workouts. By targeting your training, eating, and supplementation around hormonal optimization, you create the necessary conditions in your body to get jacked – FAST – without the “juice”. I also understand this is an exclusive offer that is not available at any other location, for any other price.
You’re at the point now where you’re noticing that some muscles just aren’t coming in like other ones, and you want to refine your physique by working on your weak points and emphasising certain hard-gain areas. To emphasise some muscles over others, you simply need to plug in the appropriate exercises that focus on them from the lists provided.
Then, rest for a day, do the back workout, rest for another day, do the arm workout and rest again before repeating the entire cycle.
To integrate an alternative move, swap the number of the exercise in the workout with its corresponding replacement number in one of the green boxes.
Upper body pushing and pulling, lower body squatting, pushing, and pulling, and total body. Barbells, dumbbells, selectorized machines, plate-loading machines, and kettlebells all work. Logically split body parts and work on separate days or address the entire body in a single workout. Using a combination of the variables within the matrix charts offers an unlimited number of potential workouts based on your goals.

The recommended supplements are dirt cheap and can be found atyour local grocery story store. This is what muscle-building is all about — isolating muscles to carve the shape and look you want out of your physique. The areas we’re offering targeted training for are the upper chest, lower lats, side delts, biceps and calves — common weak points on guys that, when corrected, really make for a complete physique.
For example, if you want to target your upper chest, find the “Upper-chest Emphasis” exercise list and replace the dumbbell bench press with the incline dumbbell fly (or incline cable fly), the bench press with the incline bench press, and the wide-grip dip with the stretch push-up. The beauty of that is you can design workouts to not only fit your goals but also have virtually endless variety in doing so.
He also trains clients through Pinnacle Personal & Performance Training in Chesterfield, Missouri. Note that the arms and calves don’t need replacement exercises: They’re simply trained more often or with more volume. Alternate a pushing, pulling, lower body, and abdominal exercise over three to four sequences.

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