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A tissue is composed of similarly specialized cells that perform a common function in the body. Connective tissues bind structures together, provide support and protection, fill spaces, and store fat.
A type of connective tissue in which the extracellular matrix is liquid and contains soluble proteins that aren't made by the cells of the tissue (exception: some leukocytes secrete gamma globulins, or antibodies).

Nervous tissue is composed of conducting cells called neurons and supporting cells called neuroglia.
Astrocytes - provide nutrients to neurons, recycle some neurotransmitters, control the chemical environment around neurons, and secrete glia-derived growth factor, which supports the growth and health of neurons. The cells of connective tissues are separated by a nonliving, noncellular matrix which often contains fibers.

Smooth muscle is found in blood vessels and visceral organs, and cardiac muscle is found in the heart.

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