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This entry was posted in Diagrams, Muscles and tagged human muscles, human muscles anatomy, muscle, muscle chart, muscle diagram, muscles, muscles anatomy, muscles diagram, muscles system by admin. The muscle system of the male differs from that of the hermaphrodite primarily in its complement of sex muscles, derived from the M lineage. With the exception of the longitudinal muscles, the (M-derived) sex muscles of the male generally conform to the non-striated class of muscle types (see Muscle System - Introduction for a description of muscle types and Muscle System - Nonstriated Muscle for hermaphrodite nonstriated muscles. Sexual specialization of the male muscle system beings in L2 and continues through to the final (L4-adult) molt.
Some tail muscles that are present in larvae of both sexes become modified in the male late in development to function in mating behavior or copulation. The male anal depressor (adp): In both male and hermaphrodite larvae the adp is an H-shaped cell connecting the dorsal body wall to the roof of the rectum (MaleMusFIG 6).
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Sex-specific differences derive from two sources (1) the M-lineage (MaleMusFIG 3), which generates 41 sex muscles not present in hermaphrodites and (2) male-specific modification of certain juvenile muscles that are common to both sexes. These alterations can be subtle, such as the establishment of connections between non-sex-specific muscles and male-specific muscles or neurons. Epifluorescent images from transgenic animals expressing the unc-27 reporter gene (Troponinl, sarcomere thin filaments).
Low-power TEM showing the relationship of the diagonal muscle with the seam, transverse section.
Higher magnification TEM of region highlighted by white box in 12A featuring diagonal muscle with actin and myosin filaments, transverse view. Diagram of physical and lineal relationship between longitudinal muscles and ventral body wall muscles (vBWM), right side. For example, dorsal body wall muscles, present in both sexes, can be considered sexually dimorphic because they establish gap junctions with spicule retractor muscles in the male (Male-specific Muscles; MaleMusFIG25 C).

Image shows attachment sites of muscle to cuticle (red arrows) and muscle to muscle (yellow arrows).
Low-power TEM showing the relationship of the longitudinal muscle with the diagonal and body wall muscles, transverse section. Low-power TEM showing the relationship of the caudal longitudinal muscle with the diagonal muscles, transverse section. Other modifications are more striking, for example, the anal depressor (adp) and the sphincter (sph) undergo extensive morphological and functional changes in the male but not in the hermaphrodite (Sulston et al., 1980).
Serotonin-deficient mutants and male mating behavior in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.

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