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I’ve recently had the pleasure of getting to know Doug Gollan a bit better and wanted to share his one of his latest products with our readers (and our clients). We are the first and only travel and luxury e-mail content platform for private jet owners written in “CEO-style” using Expert Content. Doug has not only written about UHNW marketing reach for the past 15 years, but has been also been in the trenches helping luxury companies get it done.
Doug’s new business venture is quite unique and without a doubt one of the most effective ways to get in front of the right UHNW audience quickly.
The DGAE newsletter reaches an amazing audience of private jet owners, CEOs and high level executives across a myriad of industries and locations.
Ryan is the founder of Luxury Branded and is a branding and marketing strategist for our clients.
And while many beginner affiliates fail to launch their first sale, many other succeed in doing so after couple of months. Many affiliate programs can offer you high commissions that can reach $1000 per sale; mostly they are products in lucrative niches like the luxury, travel and education. It takes the same amount of effort to promote a $10 product as to promote a $10,000 product, as both products will require you to generate traffic to your affiliate website.
The reasoning behind this is that there are always buyers looking for products, so why not find those high-paying buyers instead of the pennies-paying buyers. And before you pick a high paying product to promote you have to first decide which niche you want to be involved in.
The niche can show you who your target market is, and will help you draw up your marketing plan and determine the size of the market.
This information is vital when it comes to launching a paid ads campaign, because now I know who to target.
Affiliate marketing for high paying products requires you to own your affiliate website, this way you can offer more than just your affiliate link. In our example I need to build my affiliate website so it can show the mattress products in a user-friendly manner. It is ok if you want your affiliate website to be a blog, because even for products that are image based (like mattresses) they can be well presented in a blog. However you need to pick the right blog theme because the design will play a big part in my sales conversion rates. As I said above, my target market includes newlyweds among others, but I want to target only the newlyweds. Being focused in your market segmentations allows you to build your affiliate website solely around that segment which will boost your affiliate sales. Don’t be greedy and promote to every segment in the niche from one website, people will not see you as an authority in that niche which will negatively impact your sales. After you setup your affiliate website blog, you need to write content for the segment you chose (newlyweds in our example). Writing useful content will make your blog visitors stay more on your website and read other posts you have written. Now you need to organize your thoughts and figure out how you will be generating traffic to your affiliate website.
From our analysis of the market, we know that we need local traffic, depending on where your affiliate product is based.
SEO should be your long term traffic option, and that means you shouldn’t expect your first visitor from Google.
Usually you will see results from your SEO work after 1 month of link building, which is good because the kind of traffic Google sends you is both local and highly targeted.

Social media will be your major traffic source especially for a niche like mattresses because it is an image based niche. You can uses websites like Instagram, Pinterest to post images of the product and try to gain followers on your social media accounts. If the product you are promoting offers coupons then post these coupons on your social media account, because people are always looking for deals especially in a niche like mattresses.
Twitter and Facebook also should not be neglected; you will find huge part of your market there. Paid Traffic converts well if you target your ad correctly, almost every top advertising network like Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords allow you to choose which people to show your ads to. From what we know about our niche segment the newlyweds, we can set our ad show only to females aged 27-35. Running a successful PPC ad campaign can give you a high ROI, so if you spend $200 on an ad and that generated 2 sales for you then you will be making a net profit of $400 plus your original invested $200.
And the best thing about running PPC campaigns is that you can repeat the campaign dozens of times all while you are earning a handsome profit from your high paying affiliate program.
The last advice I can give you is not to spend too much on advertising at first, spend little and test many ad campaigns and once you find the perfect combination that works for you, you then stick to it and improve upon it. I offer the same advice to my students at my affiliate marketing course Affset because this is the key to be a successful affiliate marketer.
This exceptional palette creates an all-over radiant and sun-kissed look on both fair and tanned complexions. The top swatches are from the left side of the palette and the swatches in the picture below are from the right side of the palette. Now that I have had my hands on the Light and Tan Vibes palette I can’t help but feel the need to seek out the other one as well. I can see myself reaching for the By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Light and Tan Vibes all year round, which is ultimately why I chose this palette. Disney to Add New Luxury Hotel at the Disneyland Resort You are using an outdated browser. Plus, when you order through my link, it helps me to pay for my website, and continue to offer you lots of free stuff. Banana republic Canada has FREE shipping on all online orders of $50 or more in same order. Under Armour Outlet Canada has added new styles to its outlet sale where you can find top selling shoes and sandals for a fraction of the price starting from as low as $17.99! For example, you can purchase this Short Sleeve Blouse, which was originally $42 but is now on sale for only $24. This black and white striped blouse is styled with an asymmetric hemline and a v-neckline. Victoria’s Secret Canada is having its famous semi-annual sale where you can save up to 50% off more than 2,000 different styles!
When you order on the Victoria Secret website, keep in mind that the prices are in USD and even if you view in CAD, at checkout you will be charged in USD.
123 Ink Cartridges Canada Deal: Adjustable iVIM Hydration Belt with 2 Bottles for $19.99 + Free Shipping! Founded by luxury and travel media expert Doug Gollan, with a list developed from over 500 sources, we reach over 19,500 private jet owners and over 1,000 pilots of long-range private jets using Expert Content.
These people are usually extremely hard to reach, yet Doug’s provided a way to do it directly to their smartphone.
The DGAE newsletter is the first and only travel and luxury e-mail content platform for private jet owners written in “CEO-style” using Expert Content. Something else I quite like, for those in the luxury travel industry, is that the list reaches over 1,000 pilots of long-range private jets.

If you'd like to schedule an hour long free consultation on how and what we can do for your brand then please get in touch.
And being able to find those buyers and convincing them of the product’s quality is what we are going to discuss in this article.
And for a quality brand like the one I am promoting, my affiliate website needs to reflect that quality in the design. This will help establish a trust relation with your blog visitors as they will see you as an authority source and most likely will buy the products you recommend to them. It requires daily work of obtaining backlinks to your affiliate website, so we will work a bit by bit on that each day.
It features six elegant and sparkling shades playing the roles of bronzers, blushes and highlighters that enhance the skin’s appearance. This Banana Republic Canada offer valid from today, Wednesday, June 8, 2016 until Monday, June 13, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST. Available for a limited time only, you can try a small size for free! This new Three Peaks coffee comes from Cauca, Colombia and has a smooth and distinctive taste. Based on the list of participating restaurants, it looks like most of them are in New Brunswick.
Made of linen, rayon and elastane, this tunic has superior-quality fabric and is styled with high side slits and a flattering neckline. It features water resistant dual pockets for phones & essentials and also an elasticized limited stretch belt with ultra soft perimeter binding. He built one of the most unique distribution networks for the magazine, which got itself in front of the world’s elite.
It’s not something just anyone can do and it has taken us the better part of a decade to be able to do what we do. This means readers are getting the scoop from professionals who have experienced what they’re talking about. Pilots often influence travel decisions for UHNW clients so why not put your brand deep in their memory?
Delicate, soft and airy textures in both matte and satin finishes allow to sculpt contours, brighten features, correct or intensify the complexion, all the while revealing the full splendor of the tan. It’s a medium roast with hints of caramel that will be sure to wake up your taste buds in the morning! The world turns in this theme and you can stare at the constellations as you go through the menus on your console. I can honestly say this is one of the best tools in our marketing toolbox for clients that have the budget for this kind of media buy.
Plus, don’t forget to check out the sale section where you can find popular brands including Tarte, Stila, Urban Decay, and more! Follow MeLatest posts by Jessica M (see all) Disney to Add New Luxury Hotel at the Disneyland Resort - June 8, 2016 Blu-Ray Review – Disney’s Zootopia - June 7, 2016 Zootopia Reaches $1 Billion Globally! Not only would Disney be able to take advantage of this new policy by building a fourth hotel, but Disneyland has been experiencing record attendance numbers,and Star Wars Land will no doubt bring more crowds–the need for another nearby hotel is definitely evident.
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