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When designing a weight-loss meal plan, it might be time to look further down the label than the calorie count and start focusing on upping your protein intake. If you're having a hard time incorporating adequate protein into your diet, here's why it's time to start. It repairs muscle tissue: A recent study shows that in addition a regular exercise routine, doubling your protein intake may be the key to losing fat pounds without dropping muscle mass. It helps you look beyond calories: Sure, knowing the calories in the foods you're consuming is essential to hit your weight-loss goals — but it's not everything.
Low-carbohydrate diet (also known as Low-carb) is dietary program which restricts carbohydrate consumption. Beautiful and sparkling Victoriaa€™s Secret Angels also follow Low-carb diet along with exercises to have perfect body. The formula for this diet is a€?low-carb, high fat, high protein.a€? People who go on a low-carb diet have to cut out all foods that contain carbohydrates. Protein shakes look and taste like milkshakes but contain powdered forms of protein such as soy or whey. It’s studies like this that have dramatically turned protein shakes from a bodybuilder’s food into a staple for everyone who wants to lose weight. Protein shakes suddenly skyrocketed in popularity especially with women who have busy lifestyles because of its convenience and ease. Let’s delve into some hot topics when it comes to whether drinking that ‘must have’ protein shake really is that important to losing weight and gaining muscle. Experts say that by JUST drinking protein shakes, does not guarantee trimming down your weight and producing larger muscles.
It is through time, that supplement companies realized they were only attracting a male dominant market so they thought ‘hey, why not market these protein shakes for weight loss, this will sky-rocket our consumer market to include women’. So from being marketed as a muscle gainer, over time protein shakes became the weight loss shake for women.
The only edge protein shakes have in comparison to other high protein foods such as egg whites and chicken is the sheer ease and comfort in preparing them; place a scoop of protein in a shaker, add some water or milk and you’ve had the protein required. There is a risk in the growing reliance on protein shakes for fitness and health as Dietician Julie Gilbert from Dieticians Association of Australia warns.
She even adds that it isn’t actually the protein that we get from protein shakes that sheds our weight but protein reduces our appetite when we take in more of it. The idea is, protein from protein shakes is not all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy. Identification and transformation of these habits into positive ones are the sure answer to effective and successful weight control.
Another very important point for successful weight loss and overall fitness is the sustainability of your commitment and strategy.
So the question now is, is relying on protein shakes the best and most effective weight loss method for a lifetime of health and fitness? What you must understand is that although protein shakes work at reducing your appetite and are great way to increase protein in your diet, they should not be used as the only vehicle to lose weight. When you think about it, convenience certainly doesn’t benefit any person, at all, in the long run when healthy living is concerned.

There are more exciting ways and means to sustain a fit and strong figure apart from drinking a protein shake. So what do we suggest to supplement the protein from your beloved comfort weight loss protein shake? The take home message is this: be careful what protein shake you are drinking, not all are beneficial for you. Tran Tien Chanh Manufacturing Facilities News & Media Careers Careers - Development Consultant Careers - Clinic Opportunities Contact information Ideal Protein 1-866-314-4447 Corporate Info Healthcare Practitioners & Pharmacists Canada English Canada Francais International Products Ideal Protein Weight Loss MethodProducts An incomparable variety of delicious foods.
According to Tim Rich, a fitness manager at Crunch Gym, anyone doing endurance or strength training needs at least 10 grams of protein right after an intense workout to make sure the body receives the proper nutrients to aid in muscle repair and recovery. While they might be higher in calories, protein-rich foods such as lean meats, fish, nuts, and pseudograins like quinoa and amaranth round out a healthy (and satisfying) diet and keep energy levels up. This kind of diet is suitable for people who want to lose weight and control their weight easily. The body stores the excess glucose, raising blood sugar level quickly and leading to increases in insulin levels and adipose tissue.
Besides, foods they can eat as much as they want are those that contain high protein and fat. People who go on a low-carb diet just have to follow the strict diet principles for the first two weeks. Added with flavoring, they become a quick and enjoyable drink when mixed or blended with water and milk. As per Federal Government recommendation, women are required 46g of protein intake per day while men are required to have 64g per day. But gradually, it has been discovered especially in 2007 through a US research published in the journal, Obesity, that a protein-rich intake like that in a protein shake, helps lower the levels of Ghrelin, a hunger-stimulating hormone. Now it seems, every supplement company produces protein shakes, and everyone seems to have a protein shake in their hands, for that matter. Supplement companies then tweaked their products and advertising campaigns to target protein shakes as a vehicle for weight loss for women. You can live fit and healthy life without protein shakes by getting your required protein from natural sources from foods with high protein.
In effect, the reduced hunger causes us not to take in more kilojoules (energy from food) esp.
A moderate increase of protein may be an effective strategy for losing weight but they are not the be all and end all for weight loss. Eating proper food to get your protein intake instead of guzzling down a protein shake with do that. It is not just what you take in but your overall lifestyle that you need to change and that you need to keep it that way for the long haul.
You can definitely and conveniently meet the same protein as protein shakes using other more natural approaches and means.
Even in a busy daily routine, it pays to regularly divert or reinvent your approach to not only your life but your diet aswell.
Here are a few examples of everyday foods that are high in protein with their quantities and corresponding caloric and protein breakdown.

Yes we do, but we limit them and have them in moderation, opting to get our protein requirements from real food such as the food we have provided above. Fruit as a snack is healthy, and if you clean your teeth after it will prevent teeth problems. If you hopped on-board a vegan or vegetarian diet with the hopes of losing weight, make sure you take stock on these high-protein foods that should be incorporated into your diet.
Low-carb diet is not only very effective and popular all over the world but also a treatment for obesity and diabetes. After that, they can bypass those rules one or two days a week of they feel hungry for foods containing carbohydrate. Hyped not just by many women who want to be healthy and sexy, but also promoted by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow as the quick elixir for fitness and health. Next time you go to the gym, take a look around, you can probably count on your hands the people that aren’t guzzling a protein shake down. There is a lot of argument circling to the importance of protein shakes but also on the contrary. It wasn’t that hard after all, with a few minor changes to the chemical make-up of the shakes, they then placed a fit looking woman on the packaging and started using feminine colors such as pinks, purples and yellow to attract women in. To assist with weight loss, protein shakes must be taken in combination not only with a healthy diet but you need to consider the type of exercise you do. Compared to carbohydrate or fat consumption, protein consumption has a greater a fullness effect which in turn reduces energy consumption, especially energy that will turn into fat for just being stored and unused in our body. If you take a closer look at these high protein foods and look at the nutritional information on your protein shake, you will soon realize that the real whole foods below most likely have more protein than your ‘high protein’ protein shake or protein bar! We drink the ones that aren’t loaded up with flavorings and we drink them in moderation.
We will do a post about the protein shakes we recommend for women soon, ones that aren’t loaded with artificial flavors that will just do more damage than good.
Low-carb diets are considered to be the perfect dietary program and frequently becomes peoplea€™s diet for a lifetime because it not only helps them to lose weight and maintain their fitness but also good for their health. But you should enjoy your life with real food that you can savour every day for the rest of your ever improving life.
The product to the right is just one example a protein powder we personally use and recommend for women looking for a meal replacement and to tone up. More often than not, our eating habits are unhealthy or even abusive which leads to an overdose of unnecessary calories. If protein absorption is low, you won’t feel satisfied and you may experience powerful cravings that overcome your determination. If you are going to go the easy route and consume a protein shake or protein bar, the best time is after doing resistance training such as after lifting weights. Therefore, to help our dieters have as great a chance at success as possible, Ideal Protein foods contain protein with a very high biological value.

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