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A high protein breakfast can significantly increase metabolic rate and help stabilize blood sugar levels. LeptiFiber® provides high quality soluble fibers that help provide a full feeling on less food.
Signs of sluggish thyroid function include low energy, cold hands and feet, dry skin, mental fogginess, and difficulty losing weight. Stress Helper® helps improve mood, reduce stress related cravings, and boost mental energy.
This superior quality Green Tea Extract is standardized for high amounts of polyphenols, total catechins, and EGCG. LeptiSlim® reduces sugar and food cravings, increases metabolic rate and promotes stable blood sugar. Cinnamon Plus™ contains standardized cinnamon, banaba leaf and coffee berry extracts. Mangosteen Plus contains the high antioxidant mangosteen fruit, a rich source of cellular antioxidants (prenylated xanthones) not found in other fruits.
Break free from food obsession, learn the Five Rules for healthy weight management, and take charge of your health today! Mastering the fat hormone Leptin is the single most important factor in preventing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
Increasing leptin sensitivity may be very important if you are trying to lose weight as obese or overweight people tend to suffer from leptin resistance (insufficient response of body cells to leptin), which results in high leptin levels in blood and poor utilization of this hormone by the body. This hormone transmits information to your brain that you have adequate energy stored in your adipose or fat cells required to carry out daily activities and metabolic processes.
But when you are on a diet, your food intake is decreased and your fat cells lose some fat, which then lowers the amount of leptin hormone being produced.
Let us suppose you starve, let's say your energy intake has decreased and you have lost weight. Scientists have as of yet not gained full knowledge regarding mechanisms by which this hormone regulates energy levels, but they do know that leptin curbs effects of an appetite-enhancing hormone known as neuropetide Y (5, 6, 7). Eating unprocessed oatmeal is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism and decrease leptin resistance (9). A brilliant breakfast food, oatmeal also lowers cholesterol and reduces the danger of heart disease, which is a serious problem for overweight or obese people. The protein present in turkey, chicken and other lean meats takes a great deal of energy to metabolize.
Studies have shown that tuna can be efficient in reducing the hormone leptin levels (17, 18).
Salmon is one of the best fat burning foods because it is highly rich in Omega 3 which helps bring down your leptin levels which in turn helps your body burn calories quickly.
Low-fat yogurt is among the best foods to eat if you are attempting to lose weight and speed up your metabolism.
The caffeine present in green tea speeds up your heart rate and accelerates your metabolism. Unlike coffee, which has very high caffeine content, green tea does not cause insulin to spike. Consuming a small amount of nuts everyday can help in increasing your leptin sensitivity (22, 23). Almonds might be high in calories, but they are also full of essential fatty acids which are great metabolism stimulators.
Eggs are jam packed with protein which human body has to work hard to digest and which also boosts your metabolism (24). Calcium present in milk can aid in cranking up your metabolism and individuals with a high calcium intake are known to lose weight faster than those who skimp on it. Consumption of whole grain cereals is an excellent way to increase leptin and they are great sources of fiber but the real profit comes from the complex carbohydrates. Many people use it instead of their regular cooking oil making it a very simple way to make a positive modification to their diets. Pork uses up a lot of energy from your body during its digestion and if it is lean, it is certainly a great fat burner and is helpful in fighting leptin resistance and in decreasing leptin levels in blood (31). Lean beef helps in burning fat as it has protein which requires your body to work hard to break down (32, 33). In another article, published in the Swedish Journal of Preventive Medicine, similar effects were seen in rats that had been given high-fat diets (36). Purple sweet potatoes are not the only source of anthocyanins, there are also many other blue, purple and blackish foods that contain considerable amounts of anthocyanins, berries being one of the most well-known sources of these leptin sensitivity boosting flavonoids. Apples are one of the best known whole food sources of pectin, and there is some research-based evidence that pectin might help battle leptin resistance (38).
Spirulina is an algae blue-green in color that has been linked with numerous possible health benefits, such as reduced cholesterol levels, shield against allergies and anti-viral activity. Keep in mind that the ideal way to shed weight is to combine a healthy diet with daily exercise.
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August 8, 2015 By admin The Venus Factor is a weight-loss program solely for women regardless of age, ethnicity, and metabolism rate (whether you believe you have a high or low metabolism). Venus Factor isn’t about starving yourself or denying yourself the things you like the most. The metabolic override plan depends on a combination of healthy eating and clever nutritional combinations designed to kick your leptin sensitivity into overdrive, thereby increasing the effectiveness of all your weight loss efforts. The program specifically avoid recommending supplements to their clients, simply because they don’t work. What many women may not realise is that, just as weight gain is often due to a combination of both genetics and emotions, so too must their weight loss programme address both the physical and emotional aspects of female fat loss.
These supplements help improve the healthy function of metabolism, blood sugar, appetite signals, and energy production. Daily Protein contains the finest quality whey protein, produced using a ceramic filtration process that leaves protein molecules undamaged and removes lactose, casein, and cholesterol.

Thyroid Helper® naturally enhances thyroid function and improves metabolism, mood and energy, without stimulants or hormones.
It contains acetyl-l-carnitine, carnosine, and pantethine to positively support neurotransmitter and adrenal gland function.
It naturally supports the pancreas and metabolism of blood sugar and helps reduce overeating at meals. It may be taken along with LeptiSlim® to promote healthy blood sugar levels, control cravings, and improve glucose metabolism.
It also includes a special cranberry extract, a helpful berry for kidney and urinary tract health.
Learn how to master the hormone Leptin with this in-depth look at the five rules to weight loss.
This article features an evidence based look at 23 foods that may help you deal with leptin resistance.
Leptin hormone is made up of adipose cells and its function is to control energy levels by inhibiting hunger (1).The "hunger hormone" or ghrelin opposes actions of leptin. A portion of your brain controls leptin concentration in juxtaposition to your body fat weight (4).As leptin curbs appetite, it may seem advantageous to elevate your level. Therefore when leptin levels reach a particular threshold - for every individual, the threshold is probably genetically predetermined - when your leptin level crosses that threshold, your brain knows that you have ample energy stores, which means you can consume energy at a regular pace, eat normal amount of food and engage in physical activities. One such process includes stimulation of the vagus nerve, which has a course between abdomen and brain. It teams up with leptin to metabolism and food intake, according to an article that appeared in the Endocrinology journal (8).
This wonder food has abundant amount of fat soluble fiber, which needs a lot of calories to metabolize.
Reduced insulin levels after meals can facilitate your body process food more rapidly and effectively.
Hot peppers such as jalapenos, contain a chemical called capsaicin, which gives these peppers their spice and heat and cause a rise in your metabolism (12).
Grilled tuna steak is an excellent choice for barbeques or a comfortable low fat meal, or for a more inexpensive option prepare a tuna sandwich using whole grain bread. Some body builders have a complete sardine diet because they are rich in protein and fish oil and this combination helps burns fat and makes them stay ripped. Green tea also contains a chemical substance called EGCG, which stimulates the nervous system and burns calories at a quicker rate. These two nutrients work in conjunction to help you burn calories rapidly and more efficiently (21).
Zinc, protein, essential fats and dietary fibers found in nuts are vital for stimulating leptin production and increasing your satiety.
The carbohydrates in milk also regulate your insulin levels at a low level thus checking your body from storing fat (27). Muscle cells burn calories at a much faster rate than adipose cells so even a trivial increase can really help you burn away the fat. Lean beef also helps you bulk up muscles and the more muscle bulk you have, the more calories your body can burn.
Its active element, curcumin, has been known as a natural remedy for everything from allergies to arthritis, and now studies suggest we might soon be able to include yet another item to the already extensive list of health benefits accredited to curcumin: enhanced leptin sensitivity (34). However, when it comes to plant based foods that pack a real anthocyanin punch, one berry plainly stands out. Those having a purple skin get their color from anthocyanins, flavonoid pigments that are the subject of several scientific studies. Furthermore, there is at least one human research that postulates spirulina might also have weight loss benefits.
But including these leptin friendly foods into a healthy diet will give your weight loss plan a boost and help overcome leptin resistance. This is why Venus Factor has put together a comprehensive programme of weight loss advice and guidance that’s proven to help women lose weight fast and keep it off for good.
Instead, it gets right to the heart of weight loss, exposing common weight loss myths (including so-called ‘healthy’ foods that actually hinder weight loss!) and identifying the key components of an effective weight loss plan.
The surprising easy 12 week nutrition plan provides a simple step-by-step guide for women who want to lose weight fast, without having to disrupt their professional or personal lives to spend more time at the gym or cut out the foods they love to eat. This weight loss program is guaranteed to work – but only if you are willing and able to commit to the techniques described therein. They don’t ask for a monthly subscription or try to sell you additional products that you don’t really need. By supporting thyroid function, your metabolism increases and cells use more calories for fuel. It improves leptin hormone communication with the brain and helps prevent excess fat from blocking the function of leptin and thyroid hormone. Green tea also naturally contains some caffeine, which works with EGCG to increase metabolism. Both of these hunger hormones exert their effect on hypothalamus through receptors in arcuate nucleus to regulate hunger to attain energy homeostasis (2).During obesity, sensitivity to leptin is decreased, as a result satiety is not detected in spite of presence of high energy stores (3).
Each action of the vagus nerve is fashioned to make you ingest extra food and energy and store it up in your fat cells. This hormone is secreted from adipose cells, and its levels are associated with body fat percentage. Whenever you eat a carbohydrate-rich meal, your blood sugar increases and signals your pancreas to release insulin. Protein is also a key ingredient in building lean muscle mass, which uses up more calories than fat (13). Combine a grilled chicken breast with a side salad and some couscous for a calorie shredding well balanced lunch. The oil present in fish like tuna and salmon has been shown to boost leptin sensitivity levels and help your body metabolize foods more effectively and regulate energy levels. It provides you the energy your body requires to keep active all day and helps you develop lean muscle mass.

Besides being a source of vitamins and minerals, fruits are full of water and are low in calories and they increase satiety and curb hunger, which is ideal for your weight loss goals (26). Partner a dish of radishes, carrot, lettuce or raw zucchini with your favorite low calorie dip for an odd hour snack. It is said that fiber in beans is also a useful aid in preventing your body from storing fat.
In one research, curcumin was proven to improve leptin sensitivity as well as insulin sensitivity in rats that were fed in fructose (35). According to a research article published in the Chinese Journal of Agricultural Research, the maqui berry, which is grown in southern part of America and distributed as super food powder in the United States, has several times more anthocyanins than other anthocyanin-rich berries such as saskatoons, elderberries, blueberries or wild blackberries (37).
Leonard Galland’s much-acclaimed book, The Fat Resistance Diet: Unlock the Secret of the Hormone Leptin, enlists apples as one of the best 30 super foods that can help re-establish your body's sensitivity to leptin. In one such research, published in the magazine Food Science and Biotechnology, Chilean researchers gave a group of rats purple sweet potato anthocyanins. Men find it quite easy to drop a few pounds when they need to, but women often struggle and therefore need a bit more of a helping hand. Our world-class expert in nutrition and biology, John Barban, has dedicated his entire life to studying the science of fat loss and the female body. In fact, the guidance is based on brand new research about Leptin resistance – a problem experienced to a much greater degree by women than by men. The solution is designed to work with your body, instead of against it, making it truly the most effective and complementary product of its kind. All those companies who sell weight loss supplements are simply buying into your need to believe that you can lose weight quickly and easily by just taking a pill. You may find it difficult at times, but the rewards are there in the form of a firmer, healthier body and a happier, healthier you.
They don’t want you to put the weight back on so we can take more money from you further down the line.
Now is a great time to jump-start metabolism, curb sugar cravings, cleanse your body, and get back on track!
This scenario can take place at any leptin level, depending on what your leptin threshold is. It increases hunger and makes you eat so that you can get your leptin back to where it belongs and reestablish a leptin threshold. When body fat levels decrease, leptin levels also decrease correspondingly and appetite is stimulated; when body fat levels rise, the opposite process occurs. The presence of insulin in the bloodstream fires up neuronal pathways in the brain that indicate your body to lower food intake. Prepare the oatmeal with milk, to supplement calcium, itself acting as a good metabolic stimulator.
Medical experts say that fish is one of the ideal sources of protein and experiments have proven that fish is more filling than beef or chicken. To gain the most benefits, opt for sour apples or crabapples - which are said to be chiefly rich in pectin.
The researchers observed that the rats that were given the anthocyanins lost weight faster than the rats in the control group, and further experimentation showed that the observed effects were associated to the capability of the sweet potato anthocyanins to alter the effects of leptin in the brain and to decrease oxidative stress (39).
Plenty of unscrupulous providers have sought to take advantage of this fact by offering spurious programmes that promise to help you lose weight quickly but actually don’t give you any real solutions, or, even worse, give vulnerable women dangerous tips on how to lose weight fast by putting their health at risk. He explains, not just how you can lose weight, but why it’s so much more difficult for women to do so than men.
This unique problem increases during dieting, resulting in disappointing plateaus and eventual weight re-gain. So, in this sense, the pros and cons of Venus Factor are inextricably bound up with one another. What they want is for you to achieve the figure you’ve always dreamed of, with just one easy purchase made from the website today. The more leptin you have in blood, the more important the leptin resistance tends to be.So the target is not to increase leptin in your blood but to consume foods that perk up leptin sensitivity so that your body reacts better to its signal.
According to the writers of this article, leptin and insulin have a conjoined effect where suppressing appetite is concerned, and these two hormones act together in the brain to diminish food intake.
The complex carbohydrates help lower insulin levels, which decrease the amount of fat that your body has. Another reason why fish is usually preferred is because it contains health-enhancing, omega-3 fatty acids, known to combat heart disease and other chronic disorders (15, 16). The protein in tuna also helps in the development of muscle which helps you burn even more calories and fat.
Besides this, the anti-oxidant activities of sesame seeds help in lowering leptin resistance (42, 43). We’re now at the point where there are so many fad diets around that it’s almost impossible to figure out the best way to lose weight fast! This new understanding will help you to banish unwanted body fat and keep it off for good by increasing your metabolism and dropping up to 3 dress sizes in just one week! What John Barban seek to do is to help you reset the genetic switch that allow you to utilise your full leptin potential through a method known as Metabolic Override.
The ‘con’ in this case is that you must be prepared to change the way you think about yourself, your body, and everything you thought you knew about traditional weight loss techniques. You can make your oatmeal taste even better by adding a dash of cinnamon that will help stabilize blood sugar levels and even satisfy your appetite.
That’s right – just one easy purchase today and you too can have access to the awesome new technique that lies at the heart of Venus Factor’s amazingly successful weight loss programme.

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