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It is provided that MOH of Ukraine should establish astandingcommissiononmedicinalproductspricesregulation, which shall decide on the relevance of wholesale-retail prices’ level of declared medicinal product and on the possibility of its inclusion into the register of wholesale-retail prices. Wholesale-retail prices fororiginalforeign medicinal products are proposed to be designated according to the minimal price (and not according to arithmetic average as previously) of one of the reference countries (country of first registration, Bulgaria,  Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Check Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Serbia). Should be 20% less than the price of reference original product based on minimal level in one of the reference countries. The package of documents required for submission should include the declaration, statement on prices level and power of attorney. When declaring the price for generic product in comparison with the price of other reference generic product it turns out that the price for the first product should be lower than the price for the last one. From the existing today procedures for wholesale-retail prices declaration there is left the provision left regarding the automatic correcting by the Ministry of Health of the declared prices level, in the case of currency fluctuations. It also should be noted that according to the current CMU Resolution as of July 2, 2014, a„– 240, the wholesale-retail prices for medicinal products purchased under international procurements procedure (centralized procurements) are not subject to mandatory declaration.
On amendments to the Regulation on the register of wholesale-retail prices for medicinal products.
Moreover, these or other orders would need to approve the declaration form, statement template for the information on prices level and data sources regarding the level of prices in reference countries. It is also worth to mention that the draft resolution does not provide for the declaration procedure for wholesale-retail prices for medical devices. The Law provides for the simplified registration of medicinal products being registered by the competent authorities of the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the European Union in accordance with the centralized procedure.
The registration procedure for such medicinal products envisages the submission of the smaller package of documents, reduction of registration terms (17 business days), and no need for the expertize of the registration materials. The representatives of state authorities (in particular Maksym Nefyodov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, and Olexander Starodubtsev, Head of the Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade), real business representatives – pharmaceutical companies, distributors and pharmacy chains, international organizations and professional associations brought together in order to complexly and comprehensively discuss the given issues.
Dmytro Aleshko, being a leading expert in the area of state (public) procurements, participated in the profile discussion panel, which opened the conference. The abovementioned Resolution proposes to simplify the state registration procedure for all medicinal products that have already been registered in the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the EU. Novelties in materials expertise for the abovementioned category of medicines and requirements to such materials deserve a special attention. It is worth to mention that despite the fact that the Resolution has not come into effect yet, the text of this legal regulation published on the CMU web-site should be considered as final.
Upon the consideration of the provided materials the Antimonopoly Committee has come to the conclusion that given marketing agreement does not contain any signs of the abuse of monopoly and anticompetitive concerted actions conducted by GlaxoSmithKline Ukraine.
Moreover, the project team put major efforts into the materials preparation aimed at the justification of Competition Law non-infringement by the drafted marketing agreement concluded with the pharmacies and pharmacy chains. The document proposes to extend the list of medicinal products liable for simplified state registration, in particular to simplify the procedure for those medicinal products that have already been registered by the competent authorities of the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada or the European Union.
The Parliament Health Care Committee did not support this Draft Law and submitted it for further improvement. The Regulation proposes to establish the selection procedures (development of the first draft Essential Medicines List by the Expert Committee) and yearly revision of the National Essential Medicines List. Further, upon the approval of the first Draft National Essential Medicines List the Expert Committee shall revise the existing taking into account the abovementioned factors and sources.
The Draft Regulation also established the schedule of revision of the National Essential Medicines List.
Please note that the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as of February 11, 2016, a„– 84 approved the Regulation on the National Essential Medicines List and the Regulation on the Expert Committee on the selection and usage of essential medicinal products. For 28 years, The Legal 500 has been analyzing the capabilities of law firms across the world, with a comprehensive research programme revised and updated every year to bring the most up-to-date vision of the global legal market. The Concept suggests the implementation of activities aimed at solving the issues of timely patients support with qualitative, safe and efficient medicinal products, immunobiological products and medical evices, and activities aimed at the prevention of corruption and limited competition that lead to medicinal products and medical devices procurement at an over-inflated price.
The document authors note that the Concept designates the directions, mechanisms and terms for public procurements system transformation in healthcare sector of Ukraine through the development of modern convenient system aimed at the establishment of competitive environment and further development of fair competition in this sector. The Concept shall be implemented with the assistance of international organizations and donors in three stages during 2016—2018. Stage 1 (2016) – establishment of institutional and legal basis for the reformation of public procurements in healthcare sector. CPO shall fulfill the procurements at local and foreign levels, and if required shall maintain the procurement from international suppliers — import of medicinal products, immunobiological products and medical devices, involve other organizations into customs clearance, storage and distribution, conduct other business activities based on long-term plan principles. The procedure for insulin products reimbursement foresees that the pharmacy warehouse should file monthly report on the medicinal products sold. Moreover, the document amends the CMU Resolution as of March 5, 2014, a„– 73 "On the Implementation of Pilot Project on State Regulation of Insulin Products Prices" regarding the definition of the unified mechanism of the state regulation of insulin products prices. These medical devices are allowed for market distribution before their expiry date and not later than 5 years from the date of their sales start without the compliance assessment and national quality standard mark. Based on the abovementioned, the compliance assessment procedures shall become obligatory starting from July 1, 2017 for registered medical devices with the unlimited state registration certificate or with the certificate expiring after this date. Another significant change introduces the opportunities to conduct the compliance assessment procedures during the period of validity of medical devices registration certificate. Moreover, certain changes have been introduced into the registration of the officials responsible for putting medical devices into operation. In case such entity is not a resident of Ukraine, the authorized representative should be assigned with the responsibility to introduce such medical devices into Ukrainian market. State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products should maintain a Register of entities responsible for the introduction of medical devices into the market. The legal support of the development and adoption of the abovementioned Order of Cabinet of Ministers, as well as the above-mentioned order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine was provided by the Legal Alliance Company in cooperation with the SIAPS project. The said provision establishes that the drugs will be included in the National List of Essential Medicines (hereinafter - the National List), taking into account population incidence rates, prevalence of disease and mortality, evidence of the comparative effectiveness (performance), safety and cost-effectiveness of medicines, as well as industry standards  in terms of health and level of funding for health care. The Expert Committee will consist of 12-18 people, it will be composed of specialists with higher medical, pharmaceutical and economic education. Once an expert committee under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is established, work concerning the selection of drugs to be included in the National List will be conducted by them. Interested individuals and legal entities can apply with a package of necessary documents  for inclusion of drugs in the National List of Medicines. Notice of tax assessment is developed for each separate tax due together with the penalties, as well as for each penalty and poena for the violation of other legislation being under supervision of regulatory authorities.
Notice of tax assessment is considered to be submitted to the taxpayer – legal entity if such assessment notice is delivered by hand to the official employee of such taxpayer against acknowledgement or forwarded in a letter with notification of the delivery. Notice of tax assessment is considered to be submitted to the taxpayer – individual if such assessment notice is delivered by hand to such individual or his authorized representative or forwarded in a letter with notification of the delivery to the address of residence or of the latest known location of such individual. The new Law provides for the implementation of public procurement with the use of two competitive regulatory procedures: open tendering and competitive dialogue, as well as a non-competitive procedure - negotiating the purchase procedure. An important innovation of the Law is the introduction of electronic procurement (e-auction), the electronic review system, as well as the implementation of the exchange of information, documents, to provide clarifications in the e-procurement system.
Moreover, for the conduct of unauthorized concentration, which did not lead to monopolization and significant impediment of competition on Ukrainian market , the AMCU recommends to calculate the basic penalty in accordance with the total revenue (income) received from the sales of products (goods, services) at all commodity markets of Ukraine. The AMCU made the greatest specification regarding the calculation of the basic penalties in the cases of the infringements of informational character. Moreover, the AMCU believes that if the incorrect information has been provided several times during the consideration of the case regarding the violation of informational character, the total penalty charges shall amount to the penalty for one relevant violation. It is worth to mention that the AMCU established the reduced penalty, which may be imposed on the respondent during the investigation of the case of informational character and on the applicant in the case regarding the concentration and the concurrent actions if they provided incomplete case information. Correction of previously determined penalty taking into consideration the aggravating and mitigating circumstances. Declarations with violation of the deadlines for submission for the reporting period in case the application is submitted within its contents. The registers are published at the official State Fiscal Service’s web-site on a daily basis. In case the Main Directorates of the State Fiscal Service in regions, or in the city of Kyiv send to the appellant the decision on final or partial denial of the appeal, the appellant has a right to file the subsequent appeal within 10 calendar days upon the receipt of such decision. The document in its new edition, updated and improved in line with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption", was recently approved by the  Management Board of AIPM Ukraine. The project was conducted by Oleksii Bezhevets, partner with Legal Alliance Company and senior associate Lidiya Sangarovskaya-Gurlach. The most important among the suggested amendments is the one concerning the Procedure of monitoring of adverse reactions to medicinal products permitted for medical use as approved by decree a„– 898 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, dating December 27, 2006 (hereinafter - the current procedure), in the new edition, changing its name to "The Procedure for the Conduct of Pharmacovigilance" (hereinafter - the new procedure). Thus, the new procedure determines that the applicant may have more than one system of pharmacovigilance, for example, specific systems for different types of medicines (vaccines, OTC drugs, etc.). With regards to the authorized person, the new order establishes that in the case of the applicant, who is located in Ukraine, the authorized person must be part of the applicant's personnel. The new procedure defines the document with a detailed description of the pharmacovigilance system as a Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF). An important achievement of the new procedure is to establish the requirements for the system of risk management in pharmacovigilance. In contrast to the existing rules, the new procedure provides for the obligation of creating a risk management plan.
In concern with medicinal products that do not require the creation of risk management plans, the applicant must support the specification file of important identified risks and important potential risks with the aim of preparing regular reports. In terms of other amendments foreseen by the new procedure, emphasis should be given to the advanced categorical apparatus and a new player in the field of pharmacovigilance - rapid response groups of relevant departments of Health, which are responsible for investigating all serious adverse events after immunization and some others. Therefore, the adoption of the new order will contribute to the harmonization of national legislation with the European the field of pharmacovigilance.
It is to be recalled that  in their time some of the provisions were "the bone of contention" between the regulator and the subjects of the pharmaceutical market.
Therefore a situation may arise where the abovementioned provisions will be in force before the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers' of Ukraine albeit with the edition of order a„– 143.
The abovementioned draft legislation proposes the disclosure of information contained in the materials of the pre clinical studies and the clinical trials that are attached to the application for the registration of the medicinal product.
In the opinion of the legislation draft's initiators, the closed nature of such data results in the circulation of drugs, whose effectiveness and safety have not been proved. The Project aims to supporting of Ukrainian government in issue of improvement of effectiveness and transparence in public purchasing system for medicinal products, in particular, by complying of National list of main medicinal products and medical devices with international standards. This year the event attended 130 representatives of the pharmaceutical sector, specialized media, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, and state regulatory authorities. In the beginning of the session Dmytro Aleshko presented a report on the regulation of the medicinal products and medical devices market.
Taking into consideration the composition of the event members many of whom represented the medical devices market, the regulation of the medical devices circulation in 2016 was discussed during a separate interactive session involving Pavel Harchyk, President of the Association of market operators of medical devices, Natalia Serhienko, Health Care Committee Executive Director, European Business Association, and Darya Bondarenko, CEO of Association of market operators of medical devices. The next session of the conference touched the most current issues of the organization of corporative ethics and anticorruption compliance system in the pharmaceutical business. Following the traditions of the summery conferences the session on taxation of pharmbusiness was held.
The highly topical conference programme did not let the participants to relax and loose focus, just as the regulatory and law-enforcement authorities does not let the sector representatives to relax in the course of the year.
Hygiene requirements  exclusively concern dietary suppements and do not apply to medicinal products, functional foods and special dietary foods.
Hygienic requirements set requirements for the content of dietary supplements, in particular, the latter indicate that for the production of dietary supplements  vitamins and minerals listed in Annex 1 of the hygiene requirements may be used, in the form specified in Annex 2 to the hygienic requirements. Therefore  amendments are provided to the Law of Ukraine "On Insurance" , namely by defining sponsor liability insurance a mandatory type of insurance . The document designates the mechanism for taxpayers’ appeals against tax assessment notices or any other decisions made by the regulatory authorities in the course of administrative procedure. This Procedure shall not be applied to the appeals against the regulatory authorities’ decisions, actions or inactions of their officers or other employees if the special law establishes other procedures for appeals. Complaints about the decisions of state tax inspection offices are filed to regulatory authorities in Kyiv and regions, to inter-regional territorial agencies. Complaints about the decisions of regulatory authorities of Kyiv and regions, of inter-regional territorial agencies, and of customs offices are submitted to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The decisions of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine made upon the consideration of taxpayers’ complaints are final and without any further administrative appeal, however may be appealed to court.
The complaint should be submitted in writing to the higher regulatory authority within 10 calendar days following the taxpayer’s receipt of the respective decision made by the regulatory authority. American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences - On-Line Community CoursesA Community Course Certificates will be provided to students taking the community courses. SEATTLE – Council unanimously adopted the “Carl Haglund Law” today, which prohibits rent increases on properties with unsafe housing code violations. Councilmember Sawant added, “I urge anyone who faces substandard housing conditions to contact my office. Osman Osman, tenant activist, addressing a rally outside of Carl Haglund’s office in October 2015. After more than a half-year of organizing, tenant activists and housing justice organizers have won a major victory with the unanimous passage of the Carl Haglund Law.
We will need to work together, form more tenants unions, and continue to organize and build our movement to shift the balance of power away from big landlords, slumlords, and Wall Street speculators to tenants and ordinary working people in Seattle. My Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee will receive an introductory briefing about this proposal on Wednesday, June 15. If you operate a short term rental out of your primary residence (including a connected in-law apartment or backyard cottage), you will be able operate all year long.
If you operate a short term rental in a property that is not your primary residence, you cannot operate year-round; you will be limited at 90 nights a year. For those who operate past 90 nights in your primary residence, you will need to go online and secure a new regulatory license. Overall, these are very modest regulations: we estimate about 80% of short term rental operators will see no new regulations at all under this proposal. These proposed regulations focus narrowly on the commercial operators that take advantage of home-sharing platforms to exacerbate our housing crisis. If you want to read more details about our approach, you can find them on the City Council’s website. Inevitably, no citywide policy can best meet the individual needs of every short term rental operator. SDOT has released its response to the West Seattle Bridge Council Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI) 2015 Council budget action, and submitted a request to release $100,000 reserved for studying physical and operational improvements. The report notes the $500,000 approved by the Council in 2015 for Intelligent Transportation Systems improvements will mostly be finished by 2016, with the rest scheduled for 2017. Also included are cost estimates and grant application status for the South Lander Street Grade Separation and RR Safety Project.
SDOT proposes to exclude some projects from future whitepaper reports, including 4th Ave Transit Ramp to Spokane Viaduct, Delridge Way Rapid Ride Transit, and Sound Transit expansion (which is subject to a public vote). In a separate request to allow $100,000 in spending to proceed, SDOT proposed to hire a consultant to complete a feasibility report by the end of 2016. Seattle has approximately 148,000 rental housing units and approximately 10 percent have moderate to severe physical problems according to the 2009 American Survey. My first amendment did not change the effect of the proposed bill, but makes it explicit to tenants and landlords when they can lawfully withhold payment of the rent increase. My second amendment added language to define how the City will work with tenants when the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection (SDCI) is notified by tenants that a landlord has given them a 3 day pay or vacate when the rent increase has been lawfully delayed.
Lastly, I supported Councilmember Sawant’s amendment which increased the time period given to the tenant after receiving a rent increase to respond to the landlord in writing from 10 days to either 30 or 60 days, depending on the effective date of the rent increase period.
My anger boiled over on December 14, 2012 when a young man shot 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary, and later turned the gun on his mother and himself.  I grieved for the families and could only begin to imagine the empty places in their hearts that might never heal. I felt this had to be a turning point for us as a nation.  I wondered how we could live at peace within our communities when people with grudges can readily obtain weapons and wipe out a class of innocent children?
This week I am proud to be working with Mayor Murray and my Council colleagues in announcing our next step locally to reduce gun violence that will have national implications.
Great thanks to Rabbi Daniel Weiner who first brought the Do Not Stand Idly By campaign to my attention.  This campaigns calls on cities across the nation to utilize their purchasing power to demand more of gun manufacturers. Second, our resolution will update the city’s  purchasing process requiring companies wishing to sell firearms or ammunition to the city provide a copy of any firearms compliance documents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Third, this resolution will restrict the sale of surplus Seattle Police Department weapons to law enforcement entities authorized to possess firearms. Fourth, will serve as a model for procurement strategy for other cities across our state and nation to promote another step for community safety. The following article was sent out in my City View Newsletter, which you can sign up to receive here. Ella’s and Olivia’s zip codes are different by just one digit; their likely life trajectories are worlds apart.
Sadly, and to our long-term detriment, not every child born in Seattle receives the same opportunity for a strong and fair start in life, as the stories of these two composite children illustrate.
And that’s why we urgently need a new, more intentional, more focused, and more strategic approach to how we address the inequality of opportunity that is holding so many of our children behind. What’s most troubling about the new research, however, is that America’s opportunity gap is both larger and more persistent than the gap found in Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom, three peer countries with a common language, economic system, and culture. According to WaKIDS, our state’s observational assessment of kindergarten readiness, only 40% of children from low-income families entering kindergarten in Seattle Public Schools last fall demonstrated readiness in all six domains (social-emotional, physical, cognitive, language, literacy, and mathematics). These same extreme childhood poverty areas also have some of the Seattle School District’s worst performing schools, a fact reported by the District itself in their annual ratings of school performance. The pressing question we need to address is: how are some schools in our high poverty areas doing a good job and others failing?
This is the greatest problem with public education in our city today: The excellence of some schools is not replicated among all schools for the benefit of all children. A strong public education system is supposed to be the great equalizer, the springboard to a successful life, the key strategic investment the public makes to give every child the strong and fair start they deserve. If Ella does not read at grade level by the third grade, her chances of graduating from high school fall dramatically.
Nearly one quarter of all students in Seattle Public Schools will not graduate in June from high school on time with their classmates. By the time Ella and Olivia make it through our public education system, they will likely end up in very different places. So, it’s time to rethink our approach to our decades-long deficit of opportunity for many of our children. Here is a continuum of care we can provide so Ella, and the many other children just like her, can have the same opportunity as Olivia.

For two and three year olds there is the Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP), an evidence-based program that focuses on literacy through twice weekly, 30-minute home visits for two full years.
For three and four year olds we know from an abundance of solid evidence that the single most productive investment we can make as a city is to provide high quality preschool like the Seattle Preschool Program (SPP). All of these programs deliver culturally-relevant services, an important piece to ensure that their benefits are distributed equitably.
The Sound Transit Board has announced a revised ST3 plan that reduces, by three years, the projected timeline to bring light rail to West Seattle.
The revised plan also accelerates light rail to Ballard by three years, adds a new station to the existing line at South Graham Street five years sooner, and provides funding for completion of a station at NE 130th Street. Earlier this week the City Council passed a resolution  encouraging Sound Transit to accelerate the schedule and provide ST3 transit service as quickly as possible. Many thanks to the leadership of Board Chair Dow Constantine, my Council colleague and Board Member Rob Johnson, and Councilmember Mike O’Brien for his collaborative work in developing the Council resolution. The Sound Transit Board is expected to take final action to send the ST3 package to the General Election ballot next month. On May 3, the Mayor released his proposed 20-year update to the Seattle Comprehensive Plan. A key issue for me during this comprehensive planning process is commit to meaningfully addressing displacement.
In 2015, former Councilmember Licata and Councilmember O’Brien worked hard to ensure that the office of Department of Planning and Development (DPD) defined displacement and conducted a displacement risk analysis for the 4 Comp Plan alternatives being considered at that time. The involuntary relocation of current residents or businesses from their current residence.
Here is how the Displacement Risk Analysis was done for those four alternatives, the result being a CompPlan recommendation that includes strategies to mitigate displacement, in this case the above mentioned Equitable Development Implementation Plan. This was an important step forward, but the commitment to doing this work must be ongoing, not one time, for one plan. Is the intensity of expected growth in particular urban centers and villages likely to have an impact on displacement of marginalized populations?
Is the intensity of expected growth in particular urban centers and villages likely to have an impact on marginalized populations’ access to key determinants of physical, social, and economic well-being? What strategies and levels of investment are necessary to mitigate the impacts of expected growth and to maximize opportunities for equitable outcomes? Over the next several months, the Council will be reviewing the Mayor’s recommended CompPlan 2035.
Young people between age 11 and 25 have until May 29 to vote on how to spend $700,000 of the city budget, either online or in person. The options were developed as part of the Youth Voice, Youth Choice Participatory Budgeting project, run through the Department of Neighborhoods. If you are between 11 and 25, you can vote for your top 7 projects out of 19 total proposals, developed by city youth from over 530 project ideas submitted citywide. Youth also developed the rulebook for running the process; the Seattle Channel has a short video with more background.
On May 5th a coalition of 28 companies including Starbucks, Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, and Nordstrom held an opportunity fair for youth at CenturyLink Event Center. SEATTLE – Councilmember Debora Juarez (District 5, North Seattle) issued the following statement after the completion of today’s Sound Transit Board meeting, during which time City of Seattle representatives presented an amendment to the Sound Transit 3 package which will fully fund the NE 130th Street station on the Lynnwood LINK rail line. The amendment will be considered as part of a revised ST3 proposal scheduled for a vote by the 18 member regional Sound Transit Board on June 2, 2016. Seattle City Council meetings are cablecast live on Seattle Channel 21, HD Channels 321 Comcast, 721 Wave and on the City Council’s website. SEATTLE – Sound Transit Board members Mayor Ed Murray and City Councilmember Rob Johnson introduced amendments to the Sound Transit 3 (ST3) plan during today’s Board meeting in conjunction with other board members around the region.  The amendments effectively expand light rail and other transit services throughout the region.
Improve access to existing or previous planned routes with new stations at Graham Street, Boeing Access Road, and N.
Address immediate transit needs with investments in the RapidRide C and D Lines and Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit.
The amendment will be considered as part of a revised ST3 proposal scheduled for a vote by the 18 member regional Sound Transit Board on June 2, 2016.  The actions at this meeting will be related to the final adoption of the system plan, which is scheduled for the June 23, 2016 Board Meeting. As a daily transit rider I feel a strong responsibility to ensure that the decisions we make on the Sound Transit board will be in the best interests of our current and future riders. When we asked the public for feedback, we heard many things, including that the draft plan took too long to deliver important projects, especially the added lines to Ballard and West Seattle. First, additional funding allows us to speed up the delivery of new lines to Ballard and West Seattle.
In addition to the projects and timelines released today, Sound Transit’s staff and board are still working on important policy language to be included in the final plan including statements and principles on transit oriented development, project delivery, and station access amongst other issues. I also want to be clear that while the size of this package is increasing from $50 billion to $54 billion, the tax burden is unchanged. Sound Transit 3 will dramatically improve mobility across our region and help us keep up with our rapid population and employment growth.
On May 24, 2016, the Energy & Environment Committee unanimously voted in favor of the resolution I brought forward, drafted by environmental activists from Physicians for Social Responsibility, Heart of America Northwest, and others from the anti-nuclear movement.
On May 16, the Full Council unanimously voted to adopt the Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill Major Institution Master Plan. The Swedish Medical Center at Cherry Hill is located east of the Seattle University Campus in the Squire Park neighborhood. Swedish Medical Center at Cherry Hill is a hospital and is therefore regulated as a major institution.
In November 2011 Swedish Medical Center at Cherry Hill applied for approval of a new Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP). A MIMP is prepared with the review and participation of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The City Council has quasi-judicial powers to make decisions on the rezone application when there are appeals. The first amendment addressed heights on the Western block, where Swedish proposed to increase the MIO height to 160’ but the hearing examiner conditioned to 150’. As of July 1st, the High Point and South Park libraries will restore Friday operating hours. The Senior Center of West Seattle is holding an educational cannabis event for seniors on May 26th.
Seniors are the fastest growing demographic of cannabis consumers and they often have a lot of questions about what is legal and what is safe.
I’ve been asked by a few constituents whether any tracking technology might be available to help police officers apprehend suspects driving in cars. Because of the risks, some cities have no-pursuit policies.  Other cities are considering options such as Starchase.
Last year the City launched a youth-focused participatory budgeting process, where Seattle youth will get to choose exactly how to spend $700,000 of City money. Starting tomorrow, youth from the ages of 11 to 25 are able to vote for their favorite seven projects. International Shipping - items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value.
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BY SAM SPOKONY On May 1, a new state law solidifying the statutes against illegal hotels went into effect, finally giving the city a solid basis by which it can begin to prosecute buildings in violation. This reporter contacted Toshi and scheduled a meeting with General Manager Jason Montello at 316 W.
Montello was referring to the high profits managers of illegal hotels make through the rooms they rent. Not only did he continue to deny the fact that Toshi still uses its apartments as illegal hotels, Montello claimed that the company had been victimized by the new state law and Bloomberg’s crackdown. But many other legal tenants at Toshi’s various buildings throughout the city are not as content with the illegal rentals that take place outside their doors. Part of Toshi’s ability to avoid more frequent violations and investigations is most likely due to the underground nature of their rental process. Tom Cayler, chairperson of the West Side Neighborhood Alliance’s Illegal Hotel Committee, understands very well the reasons why a company like Toshi would want to hide its unlawful operations, and has had experience dealing with the shadowy circumstances that often surround them.
Although Montello also told this reporter that Toshi no longer has a hand in rentals at 808 Driggs, it’s clear that the building is still an illegal hotel hot spot.
Robert Chan did not respond to questions regarding the activity of his company, as attempts to reach him through Montello or other Toshi representatives were unsuccessful. Written permission of the publisher must be obtained before any of the contents of this newspaper, in whole or in part, can be reproduced or redistributed.
Commission shall be composed of the representatives of Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Social Policy and Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. It is worth to mention that currently this provision cannot be implemented, as the procedure of such correcting is not established. At the same time, in the newly developed by the Ministry of Health draft procedure such exception is absent.
Gorbatenko shared the structure of the smart office and the insights of the associates working remotely. Remote work has significantly changed the style of life and work of our lawyers, it has moved the Company closely to our Clients and partners in other jurisdictions”. Such products should be accepted for usage in the territories of the mentioned countries or the EU member-states.
Thus, the term for materials expertise conducted by the State Expert Center has been reduced to 20 business days. The Resolution proposes the Ministry of Health to establish the expertise procedures for the abovementioned products, but with an approval of the Ministry of Economic Development. This Draft Law also proposes to establish the simplified registration procedures for all medicinal products that have already been registered in the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the EU. In particular, the team made a comprehensive research on medicinal product markets, which may be affected by the concluded marketing agreement, conducted social and marketing studies, analyzed the experience of GlaxoSmithKline group of companies regarding the relevant agreements in other countries, developed internal standard operating procedures for the Client with regard to pharmacies and pharmacy chains cooperation. We would also like to express our gratitude to the project team members representing GlaxoSmithKline Ukraine for the fruitful collaboration. The Draft Law was initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and presented the same say at the Government session.
This Regulation belongs to the package of documents drafted in order to implement the new model of Essential Medicines List. The difference lies in the fact that all individuals intending to include a particular medicinal product into the List shall have an opportunity to submit a corresponding application including the documents confirming the comparative efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of the product. The Regulation Annexes formalize the application execution Instruction for amending the National Essential Medicines List.
The adoption of the Draft Resolution shall promote the establishment of professional centralized procurement organizations (hereinafter - CPO) in Ukraine, which requires some time and incremental actions. CPOs shall be established under the Health Ministry decision and shall operate under its supervision. During this period all medical devices shall be introduces to the market and put into operation on the basis of acting certificate of state registration. Registered medical devices with the certificate expiring after July 1, 2017, should undergo the compliance assessment procedures after the expiration of such certificate in order to stay on the market. The structure and contents of national lists will be based on the latest edition of the Basic List of Essential Medicines recommended by WHO. An important step forward is the need to study whether or not such persons present a conflict of interest, as well as the possibility of participation of foreign specialists with the necessary knowledge and experience in the selection process in the national list,"- said Dmytro Aleshko, who heads the team of experts developing a normative - regulatory package  on this matter. Such persons shall not present a real conflict of interest, in particular,  they should not be in an employment or any other contractual relationships with producers and holders of certificates of registration of drugs or associated persons. At the same time, the Law provides a number of cases to which the provisions of the latter do not apply.
In addition, the AMCU has specified the meaning of such aggravating circumstances as the obstruction of case investigation.
This method is recommended in case the respondent did not provide any information on the total revenue at the market where the concentration took place and at adjacent markets.
Thus, previously the basic penalty equaled up to 5% of the revenue from the sales of the products (goods, works, services) of economic entity in the last reporting year prior to the year the penalty was charged, and if there was no revenue or the respondent did not provide any information on the total revenue – the penalty equaled to 10 000 of non-taxable incomes of the residents. The written appeal should contain all data outlined in the Procedure, it should be signed by the appellant-physical entity or by the authorized person, for other appellants – the appeal should be signed by the director or a legally authorized representative and sealed (if available).
Thus, the new procedure provides a number of new features, the most interesting of which relate to the applicant.
At the same time, each applicant's pharmacovigilance system can have only one authorized person responsible for the pharmacovigilance (hereinafter – authorized person). Should the applicant not be located in Ukraine, then a contact person for pharmacovigilance in Ukraine, who is a subordinate of the applicant's authorized person, must be assigned on the territory of Ukraine. In comparison with the current procedure, the new procedure establishes simultaneously a clear framework for such PSMFs with the requirements for information that must be contained in it. It should be noted that the current procedure contains a provision, according to which the applicant creates a pharmacovigilance risk management plan, i.e.
The draft resolution prepared by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine , does not contain any significant differences , except for some editorial amendments. The matter concerns a three-way contract, the requirement for the conclusion of which seems by importers to not be feasible.
Therefore the draft legislation at hand is aimed at initiating access to such information, which will enable all interested citizens, their associations and professionals to decide on the selection  for the appointment and the medical use of the medicinal products on the basis of objective data concerning the level of proof on their safety and effectiveness. Being an annual event for the pharmaceutical sector representatives, the Conference focuses on the regulatory aspects of the pharmbusiness and other legal tendencies of the pharmaceutical market. Krzysztof Siedlecki, European Business Association President, Astellas Pharma Europe BV Country Manager Ukraine, Dr.
The discussion was held around the current status, potential problems and roadmaps in this sphere. The session was opened by Legal Alliance Partner Oleksii Bezhevets, who informed the participants on the main changes in anticorruption requirements. Legal Alliance Associate Partner Andrii Gorbatenko, who leads the antimonopoly and competition law practice, acted as a moderator of this session.
Nevertheless, all the attendees remained satisfied with a quantity and quality of the information received at the event and expressed a desire to meet in such a format at least twice a year.
Quality criteria for nutrients used for the production of dietary supplements must comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and in their absence - standards established by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.
The opportunity to track  dietary supplements and any substance intended to be administered in dietary supplements should be ensured at all stages of production and circulation. According to the proposed changes , the relevant contract may be concluded not only by the sponsor of the clinical trial , but also by their  authorized representative. In addition the mentioned procedures shall not be applied to the appeals against decisions made in the course of administrative violations proceedings. The legislation, sponsored by Councilmember Kshama Sawant, comes as a result of months of organizing from tenant activists and housing justice leaders. This bill will ban rent hikes in buildings with code violations, a horrendous practice that has been legal and all-too-common. I want to thank everyone who fought in this struggle. We have taken a balanced approach that recognizes the benefits platforms like Airbnb or VRBO create for Seattle residents, while also attempting to curb the growing commercialization of this industry. This allows considerably more flexibility than the regulations in many other cities, which often include a hard cap on the total number of nights. This limitation will provide a financial incentive for property owners to move these units back to the long-term market, making Seattle housing available for Seattleites. By comparison, the City of Los Angeles recently announced a proposal that requires a special license for activity undertaken in the upper-left box in this table (by primary residents under 90 nights a year) and prohibits all activity in the other three boxes.
The proposed regulations attempt to recognize both the benefits and challenges offered by short term rentals. The SLI grew from the West Seattle Bridge-Duwamish Waterway Corridor Whitepaper commissioned by former Councilmember Tom Rasmussen.
In addition, SDOT added four projects from after the publication of the whitepaper in 2015, including installing additional locational markers on the bridge.
Of note is that the West Seattle Bridge carried an average of 107,300 vehicles per weekday, and 29,300 transit riders. The online open house gives an overview of the process, options in the DEIS, and provides a place to comment as well as sign up to receive email updates on T5.
During the Affordable Housing, Neighborhood and Finance Committee we discussed and voted on the Tenant Protection Ordinance (CB 118678).
To address this concern, I proposed two amendments to safeguard tenants if they were to face this form of retaliation.
It’s important to know that tenants have the right to report any housing code violations anytime. I’ve read that this week’s shooting on the UCLA campus was the 186th shooting on a school campus since Sandy Hook. She lives with her family in Seattle zip code 98118 in the Rainier Beach neighborhood in the city’s far southeast corner.
She lives in Seattle zip code 98117 in the Ballard neighborhood at the opposite northwest corner of the city.
The so-called American dream is just not available to all of our children, and it hasn’t been for a very, very long time.

As the map below shows, neighborhoods with childhood poverty rates of 40% or higher—meaning 40% or more of the children under age 18 in these areas are in families below the federal poverty level—are clustered in the south end, to the east of downtown, and in the north near Lake City. Look where the Level 1 and Level 2 schools are located—exactly where childhood poverty is concentrated. How can we take the exceptional work being done by teachers and support staff in the higher performing schools and replicate it in our lowest performing schools?
Her chances of finding a good-paying job are slim; a recent study shows that by 2020, 7 out of 10 jobs in Washington State will require some level of post-secondary education.
It’s time to redirect public dollars to those programs that will actually make a significant difference for our kids. Proven home-visitation programs like the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) for first-time low-income parents beginning in pregnancy and continuing until their child is two years of age lead to better health, reduced emergency room visits, improved education outcomes, and reduced criminal justice system involvement. The outcomes are amazingly strong: better kindergarten readiness and higher reading and math abilities in third grade compared to children not enrolled in the PCHP. Who wouldn’t want these life-changing results for our kids: higher likelihood of reading at grade level in the third grade, higher high school graduation rates, higher college entrance and graduation, better health, and higher earning power as working adults.
And supporting families of color early allows for a stronger connection and relationship between those families and our public education system, which too often disciplines kids of color at disproportionate rates. The City anticipates that by 2035 the city will have 120,000 more people, 70,000 more housing units and 115,000 more jobs.
This is a different phenomenon than when property owners voluntarily sell their interests to capture an increase in value.
Economic displacement occurs when residents and businesses can no longer afford escalating rents or property taxes. Given the breadth of topics covered by the Plan each topic will be heard in the committee that oversees that issue. Attendees were able to access career development, education opportunities, civic engagement, and legal resources.
A stop at NE 130th -if approved- will mean neighborhoods including Cedar Park, Lake City, Pinehurst, Haller Lake, and Bitter Lake will have access to a light rail station, translating into increased ridership across the entire system. Copies of legislation, Council meeting calendar, and archives of news releases can be found on the City Council website.
Additional funding for near-term C line improvements is also a welcome improvement,” said Councilmember Lisa Herbold, District 1 (West Seattle).
Today’s amendment is due in large part to successful advocacy by North Seattleites, who are committed to the prospect of light rail service for generations to come” said Juarez. To that end, I am incredibly proud of the work that our staff and board have accomplished with our updated Sound Transit 3 plan.
The Ballard line, originally scheduled for delivery in 22 years, will now be completed in 19 years.
This additional funding does not come from new taxes, but rather from improved financial leveraging of Sound Transit’s debt capacity.
With these critical investments, I believe that the Sound Transit 3 plan represents a huge opportunity to expand access to reliable, high speed transit, while creating tens of thousands of jobs and making our region more affordable.
It calls on Seattle City Light to oppose the Columbia Generating Station, the sole nuclear power plant in the Pacific Northwest, and to support replacing it with green energy. Major Institutions are subject to a zoning overlay whereby an institution can deviate from the development standards in underlying zoning, if the institution prepares a Major Institutions Master Plan (MIMP).  The intent of the MIMP is to balance the needs of the Major Institutions with the need to minimize the impact of their development on surrounding neighborhoods. On September 24, 2015, the Hearing Examiner recommended conditional approval of the MIMP, incorporating some of the recommendations from the CAC. The Council’s decision to approve, approve with conditions, or deny the recommendation must be supported by substantial evidence in the record. I proposed two amendments to (a) make the mass of institutional structures more compatible with the neighborhood and (b) create a more gradual transition from more intensive zones to less intensive zones.
Six years ago they suffered reduced hours including the loss of Sunday and Friday hours due to a $1.7 million dollar cut to the Library’s budget in 2010. NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Women of Washington is offering Cannabis Education for Seniors at the Senior Center of West Seattle on Thursday, May 26th at 2pm.
NORML Women of Washington is a chapter comprised of women who are dedicated to education and outreach on marijuana in the State of Washington. The NORML Women representatives will also talk about myths regarding marijuana and can brief the latest research on medical marijuana and addiction. Existing SPD chase policies are available here.  You can see that these policies specify the importance of safety and require officers to end pursuit when the risk of the pursuit outweighs the danger to the public if the suspect is not captured.
Youth delegates helped select 19 thoughtful proposals to be on the ballot, including funding for safe routes to schools, murals, job readiness workshops, or a youth-produced podcast on violence prevention.
Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. In an effort to strengthen enforcement and remove loopholes, the law also states that the use of any single unit of a residential building for transient guests is illegal.
Because the apartments used for unlawful rentals are not registered with the Department of Buildings and are not subsequently zoned as commercial use, owners pay far less in taxes than they would if operating a legitimate hotel. His report, in particular, revealed the instruments and technologies being used in Legal Alliance for the organization of such work. They gave the participants the opportunity to make the most objective opinion on the changes in the field of public procurements.
During another session he presented a report on “Law Labyrinth of Legal Support and Appeal of Procurements Outcomes. The term for making the decision on or the rejection of the state registration has been reduced to 10 business days. Please note, that the Ministry of Economic Development is mentioned for the first time in the context of the state registration of medicinal products and previously was not involved into any step of the registration process. In addition, we would like to mention a substantial expertise and due attention to this issue expressed by Antimonopoly Committee specialists. The reimbursement of insulin products costs shall be fulfilled at the rate of reference price for the medicinal product approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The patients shall receive their medication for a lowered price or for free in accordance with these categories. Business entity should submit the relevant report not later than the 5th day of the month following the reporting month, and in December — not later than the 24th day of the reporting month. An important selection criterion is the presence of experience of the evaluation of the comparative efficacy (effectiveness), safety and cost-effectiveness of drugs. This Order updates the mailing procedures for tax assessment notices to be sent to taxpayers by regulatory authorities.
Today the AMCU increased the penalty up to 30% of the revenue from the sales of the products (goods, works, services) that violated the legislation on the protection against unfair competition. In the end of the session the Legal Alliance senior associate Alexander Bondar presented a report on the new public procurements law, which practically implements the electronic procurements (electronic auction), electronic system of appeal, and the exchange of information, documents, submission of explanations in the electronic procurements system.
In the course of his report the delegated had an opportunity to discuss the plans and implementations of 2015 and to share their expectations and forecasts for the coming year.
After he passed the floor to the special guests of the conference - Aliona Kushnova, Judge at the regional Kiev administrative court, and Jonas Triggvason, Managing Partner, UPharma Consulting.
The session was traditionally opened with an analytical report on the status of the pharmaceutical market in 2015 presented by Irina Gorlova, General Director, SMD. Vitalii Savchuk, Senior Associate, Legal Alliance, presented a report on the most high-profile cases, investigations and court practices regarding the pharmaceutical industry. At a time where long-term housing is hard to come by, we want to encourage owners of multiple properties to make their properties available to long-term residents. They also attempt to focus on this issue through an equity-based lens: those looking for an affordable home in this city are more in need of supportive local government intervention than those offering their second (or third or fourth) homes to out-of-town visitors. In 2015, there were 56 collisions on the bridge and the Spokane Street Viaduct, and 117 “incidents”, which averaged 47 minutes in duration. Last month I wrote a public letter to the Port in which I expressed the importance of the installation of shore power, the implementation of a quiet zone, and the addition of broadband back-up alarms. I encourage you to comment online if you are unable to attend one of the two public meetings mentioned above. A housing code violation plus a rent increase will trigger the protections outlined under the Tenant Protection ordinance if a tenant notifies their landlord of any deficiencies.
Nation-wide we have witnessed over one thousand mass shootings between 2013 and 2015.  1000! Her mom and dad both work two jobs to make ends meet but still fight to rise above the poverty line. Olivia’s parents each have high paying jobs with flexible hours, leaving her at a private childcare center on her mom’s route to work. It has been rated a Level 5 school by the Seattle School District, the best rating a school can receive.
Concentrated poverty contributes to the opportunity gap; it’s debilitating, robbing children of their future potential.
It’s time to intentionally and purposefully focus on families that need a strong springboard of supports. With communities of color disproportionately affected by our criminal justice system, this last finding is particularly important.
This analysis addresses both physical (direct) and economic displacement (indirect) displacement.
Cultural displacement occurs when people choose to move because their neighbors and culturally related businesses have left the area. This will help us have a deeper conversation about the issues in these elements most pertinent to each committee. In a city and region beset with daunting congestion, a Sound Transit 3 measure with a NE 130th Street Station represents a giant step forward. Through rigorous financial analysis from both within the agency and from leading financial experts, we’ve been able to modestly increase the bonding capacity by approximately 8 percent, or $4 billion.
The West Seattle line, originally expected in 17 years, is now scheduled for completion in 14 years. The recently completed financial work confirmed the feasibility of moving up and modestly increasing the issuance of bonds while remaining fully consistent with the agency’s conservative debt policies, maintaining the agency’s current high ratings and minimizing borrowing costs to taxpayers.
These investments will open doors of opportunity, improve equity, and advance regional connectivity for generations to come. In an effort to truly strike a balance between the request to limit the MIO height at 105’feet and the MIO height of 150’ recommended by the Hearing Examiner, I proposed the amendment to reduce the maximum allowable MIO height to 125’. In 2012 the voters passed the Library Levy and in 2013 Sunday hours were restored to all locations.
Bring your questions–there will be ample time allotted for questions and for sharing wisdom across generations! If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Previously, a majority of units needed to be for transient use for a building to qualify as illegal. As a result of lower taxes, Toshi can charge lower prices to tourists, creating a situation that is both immensely lucrative and never short on prospective vacation renters. Icon was called for a comment from the manager, but a leasing coordinator named Latifa refused to comply — and shared her own opinion of the situation. Our joint efforts led us to the implementation of the project that only yesterday seemed to be almost impossible”.
The reports should be submitted to local budgets holders who have been legitimately assigned for the execution of operating expenses of local budgets for preferential provision of insulin products to diabetic patients defined by the decisions on such expenditures in accordance with the legislation for the reimbursement to business entity of the amount stated in the register within 15 days upon the report receipt. In addition to a lot of interesting facts the reporter highlighted that the total volume of the medicinal products market in Ukraine amounted to 2.1 billion USD in 2015. I am currently reviewing the DEIS, but it is important to note that May 23rd kicked off an open comment period where the Port is seeking the community’s input and feedback. The Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO), checklist will be used to determine whether the unit complies with only the most serious requirements of the Housing and Building Maintenance Code. As new parents, they struggle with the challenges, wonder where they will find affordable, high-quality childcare to match their different shifts. Ella will attend Emerson Elementary in her neighborhood, a Level 1 school, the lowest rating, and a rating that hasn’t changed since 2009 when the School District first published these scores. It’s time to recognize the problem and — as our peer countries have shown us — to realize that it doesn’t have to be this way. More than 1,300 interviews were conducted and coalition companies gave 700 on the spot job offers.
We’ve leveraged that bonding capacity to respond to the public request to deliver more projects, and to deliver projects more quickly. It is a tool that activists are confident they can use to put pressure on all those who decide the fate of the Columbia Generating Station, including representatives from City Light. Low-rise 3 multifamily zoning is located north of the site on the opposite side of Cherry Street, and a Major Institutions Overlay with a 65 foot height limit is located on the opposite side of 15th Avenue.
After many patrons expressed their wishes that the branches be open on Fridays the Library Board prioritized this request totaling $378,000, and was approved in the Library’s 2016 Operations Plan. The company changed its name from Hotel Toshi to Toshi Apartments after May 1 — and upon speaking with Montello, it was clear he attempts to create the appearance that the company no longer engages in illegal rentals. When asked about his knowledge of the rentals, the building superintendent replied with a reference to the Toshi offices — saying, “Oh, you want a room?
She said that Icon Realty Management, the company that owns her building, cares more about appeasing Toshi than catering to legal residents.
Volodymyr Redko, Executive Director of Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development APRaD. The Seattle City Council started a proactive inspection program focusing on the serious life safety violations in 2014.
Olivia is off to a strong start, while Ella encounters yet another systemic obstacle that will hold her back. Seattle could become the first major city in the United States to reverse the decades of systemic harm we have allowed.
With that feedback, here is how we are going to use this $4 billion in bonding capacity to improve upon the Sound Transit 3 draft plan. In the framework of this session the participants discussed the adjustments in the personal data protection, as well as promotional activities and programs of the pharmaceutical companies. When needed, translators are available to help you file your complaint about housing and building maintenance compliance issues.
The best retail figures are shown by dietary supplements, patients care items and medicinal products, the worst figures – personal care products and cosmetics.
This course will prepare the student for more advanced heraldic studies in history, art, and genealogical applications.
Session speakers - Zoya Zamikhovska, Junior associate, Lidiya Sangarovskaya-Gulach, Senior associate, and Andrii Gorbatenko, Associate partner, who presented to the audience their reports on medicinal products advertising, marketing agreements in the pharmacy sector, and distribution contracts. Andrii Gorbatenko emphasized the types of law infringements foreseen by the competition law, and paid the attendees attention to the provisions of distribution contracts, which are attracting a close attention of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, in particular the provisions regulating the reports, discounts and bonus payments. A A A short course for those who want, it A need it and will benefit from it.In my research in A 2009 I found that approximately 50% of my sample did presentations and taught classes in genealogy.Do you know what A the first thing every teacher must know to be an effective teacher? A Learn about A the SOLO Taxonomy and identify some examples of levels of A thinking A and learning as reflected A in A articles appearing in major genealogical publications.Learn about styles of learning and teaching methodology and how not only to write effective learning objectives but, how to follow through with them so you know that students have learned.
Learn about organizing learning experiences and the ingredients of a well written syllabus.Students will have exercises over the 5 weeks. LaWanna Lease Blount)Textbooks will be A Handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education by Heather Fry, Steve Ketteridge, and Stephanie Marshall, London and Sterling VA., 2003.
Have you ever thought about it?A  If you would like to learn more about your self, you will want to take this basic genealogy course that will get you started.
Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS! However, the ancient Celts of the Iron Age inhabited a large region, from the British Isles through Central Europe and even into Anatolia. They fought the Romans, made vibrant art, and left a complicated mythology that echoes in oral tales passed down for generations.
Recent genetic studies of European populations suggest that they have many descendents who today would not identify themselves as 'Celtic.' In fact, in recent years it has been somewhat popular to discount the concept of a 'Celtic' ethnicity.
Leaving recent politics aside, this course will use archaeology to trace to origins of these people from the Hallstatt culture of Austria through their wars with the Romans. It will also consider Old Irish literature to reconstruct their mythology, as well as consider early Christianity as expressed in Ireland.
It states that human cultures are on a march forward, and that progress is always for the better.
For example, usury was noted in the Bible, but it was also noted a thousand years before in cuneiform texts. The same is true of agreements and contracts, without which it would be very difficult to imagine a complex society. This course serves as an entertaining introduction to legal thought over time, and introduced key concepts in a humanities friendly way. Ancient sources will receive pride of place, and modern controversies will be noted where they have roots in the past.
The course will be assessed through short assignments over 5 weeks.A Origins of the Common Law by Arthur R. HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw? Instead of a single unit making them $1,200 to $1,500 under rent stabilization, they can then make maybe $5,000 a month.
You know, there are issues you can clear up when you move into an apartment if you have a permanent neighbor.

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