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Location and Marketing Area   If the business is location sensitive, has the location been selected?
Is some type of territorial exclusivity included in the contract or critical to the business? Trademark Issues   These should usually be reviewed closely when a franchise is being ac­quired from a new franchisor or from a franchisor who does not have its trade­mark federally registered.
Omissions from the Franchise Agreement   Have any representations been made by the franchisor on which the franchisee is relying or which are critical to the franchisee’s business plan? Termination and Its Consequences   Is there a provision setting out the pro­cedures and circumstances under which the franchisee is permitted to terminate the franchise contract? Sources of Essential Products   If the success of the business is largely contingent upon the franchisee’s abil­ity to obtain a certain type or quality of product, and at an economic price, what types of arrangements does the franchisor now have for such supply? Restrictions on Transfer of the Franchise or Ownership Interests of the Franchisee   Is the franchisee permitted to transfer in­terests in the franchise? IFA’S director of International Affairs appointed to serve on the International Trade Advisory Committee.
The EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was developed and created through the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  However, it has a mission that has been shaped by numerous pieces of legislation. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the EEOC is a federal agency which has the responsibility of enforcing federal laws which prohibit discrimination of any kind in the workplace.

If the franchisee is a corporation, will a personal guarantee be required, and if so, what obligations are covered? Under what conditions might the franchisee not be permitted to renew—e.g., loss of the lease for the premises, failure to achieve minimum performance levels, franchi­sor’s determination not to have a unit at the franchisee’s location? What types of factors could affect the franchisee’s ability in the future to obtain essential goods economically from a reliable source? What conditions or restrictions are placed on transfers of the franchise and of majority or minor­ity ownership interests in the franchise? It may have seemed to start simple enough but over the years many laws and amendments have continued to expand the role, responsibilities and authority of the EEOC. Employment laws are in place which make it illegal for an employer to discriminate against an applicant or an employee based on the individual’s color, race, gender, state of pregnancy, religion, age (40 years old and above), national origin, genetic information or disability. If the franchisee will execute the contract as an individual, does he or she have the right to assign the franchise to a corpora­tion that he or she owns? Is the grant of franchises contingent upon the franchisee being able to obtain and maintain a lease for the selected loca­tion? What restrictions are placed on the types or brands of goods to be purchased by the franchisee and the suppliers from whom the franchisee can purchase goods?
There are many pieces of legislation that make up the employment protection laws of the United States.

Retaliation against a person who complains about or reports discrimination, files a discrimination claim, or participates in an investigation about employment discrimination is also prohibited.
What restric­tions are there on other activities of the franchisee, the relatives of the franchi­see and their family members (such as ownership, employment or other participation in businesses that might be competitive)? Does the franchisee have a right to relocate in the event of condemna­tion, lease expiration, or poor business results, or is relocation a matter of the franchisor’s then-current policy? What will happen to the franchisee’s lease for the premises of his business, and to the assets of the business upon termination? Does the franchisor have an option to purchase the franchised business in the event of a termination or expiration?
Does the franchisor have the option or the obligation to purchase any or all assets of the business or to take over the lease for the location upon termination? Discrimination laws are applicable to all kinds of work situations such as hiring and firing, harassment, wages, benefits, training and promotions.
Are the franchisee’s obliga­tions following termination or expiration such that the franchisee will be able to pursue other employment or business interests without undue hardship?

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