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I lease my car every two years and I don't check anything, Ed gives me the papers and I sign them. Boy, is it great to stand next to Scott Mendelson the strongest man in the world holds the record for bench pressing the astounding weight of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS.
Because he is Scott Mendelson, my buddy, I always try to give him his supplements on the house; Scott would have no part of it. I want the world to know that Al Franco, the strongest man in the world, is a buddy of mine and buys his health supplements at Total Nutrition. Nikki Fuller, former top female bodybuilder and a good friend and supporter, posing behind the counter at the store.

Kevin Levrone and Leroy Colbert taking some mug shots at the end of the day at Total Nutrition. Vincent Calloway a many faceted man with many talents a top fitness trainer, world class runner and Kung Fu master.
It has the highest protein content of any vegetable protein, is very low in fat, and comes all the way from Belgium. I have so much respect and confidence in my friend Ed that I do something that may not seem prudent to some people. It's also low in sugar and carbs, and is free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy and GMOs, making it ideal for everyone; from your kids to athletes.

Al is a great guy with a go get them attitude and by the way, Al is an instructor in the Los Angeles Police Dept. Nevada in 2004 and 2005 is a very supportive friend of bodybuilding, the store, and of course not to brag, Leroy Colbert.

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