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Family meals do not always have to be made at home.A  Here are some quick, easy, and healthy ideas for meals in a hurry! In order to be successful in building a healthy family meal, there are a few simple guidelines to follow! 2.On the side, you may include a size of fruit and a dairy product, such as milk or yogurt!
3.Use the plate method (shown below) when planning your meal and setting up your dinner plate.

4.Dona€™t use large dinner plates.A  Try to down size your plate so that it looks like it is filled up, instead of left with empty space!
5.When going for seconds, always go for the vegetables first, fruit second, meat third, and starch last! Click on the video below, provided by the American Diabetes Association, to watch and learn about how the plate method works! Click on the handout below to enlarge and look at appropriate serving sizes of each food group!

Add a salad on the side with a vinaigrette dressing.A  Try some fruit and yogurt for dessert! Your meal will be done in no time!A  Add an ice cold glass of water to make your meal complete!

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