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And if you think I’m just now touting the benefits of training with bands upon the release of my brand new JYM Strength Bands, wrong again!
Elastic resistance exercise, such as the use of elastic tubing equipment, has been around for almost a century. Despite these similarities, people would assume, due to the lightweight and “flimsy” appearance of elastic tubing, that free weights are clearly the superior resistance-training equipment. In other words, your muscle fibers don’t know the difference between dumbbells and elastic bands in a given range of motion, provided the amount of resistance is more or less the same.
Another study, this one from Louisiana State University (New Orleans), discovered that an elastic-band training program strengthened the rotator cuff muscles of collegiate baseball pitchers better than a program that used dumbbells. These horizontal-plane movements also come in handy when performing regular daily tasks like turning your body while carrying a heavy box. Because elastic resistance doesn’t rely on gravity, it’s also possible to redirect the emphasis placed on working muscles during an exercise by changing the line of pull on the tubing or bands mid-set. This ability to change emphasis is important for those looking to target specific muscles either for aesthetic reasons or for sport-specific requirements. Another benefit of elastic resistance is that it provides continuous tension to the muscles being trained.
For example, when doing a biceps curl with a dumbbell, as you curl the weight up, at the very top of the movement the dumbbell is literally falling toward the shoulder. As a bonus, elastic resistance equipment is inexpensive, lightweight and easily stored and transported, despite its ability to provide strong, heavy-duty resistance.
One benefit of this elasticity is that as the range of motion (and thus the resistance) increases, so does the number of fibers involved in the target muscle. Another valuable byproduct of this linear variable resistance is that in most cases, it better mimics what’s known as the “strength curve of the muscle” than do free weights. Again, using the dumbbell biceps curl as an example, as you bring your hand toward your shoulder, the biceps muscle gets stronger until about the halfway point of the range of motion. When performing a curl with elastic tubing, however, the resistance increases with the range of motion. Many individuals using elastic resistance report that they can feel a difference, such as a stronger burn in the muscles and greater muscle fatigue, as compared to using free weights. Another study performed at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse reported in a 2006 issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that when athletes used elastic-band training in addition to free weights, they had significantly more leg power than when they utilized only free-weight training. Another critical benefit of elastic resistance is that it prevents the user from “cheating” on the exercise being performed. The physical properties of elastic resistance devices simply don’t allow the user to cheat by using momentum. Elastic resistance offers several benefits that outweigh (pun intended) those of free weights.
Believe it or not, though, a program using only elastic bands can also provide the type of results that most people think can only come from free weights.
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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. Unfortunately, compliance regulations on supplement labeling prevents me from listing the most effective and thorough dosing instructions on some JYM products. To avoid any breakdown of ingredients, your supplements should never be exposed to prolonged heat.
Shake up the container of Pre JYM (make sure the cap is on tight!) before use to make sure all 13 ingredients are mixed up, remain in their intended ratios and none have settled at the bottom. Shake up the container of Post JYM active matrix (make sure the cap is on tight!) before use to make sure all 13 ingredients are mixed up, stay in their intended ratios and none have settled at the bottom.
Again, sip on Post JYM slowly over the next 20+ minutes for maximal absorption and to avoid any stomach discomfort. I’m not overly particular about whether you take Post JYM or Pro JYM first after your workout. There’s no need to let Pro JYM sit for a while after mixing or sip on it slowly (as with Pre JYM and Post JYM). As for timing pre-workout, have your Pro JYM shake before workouts in the same time window as you’re having your Pre JYM.
As I mentioned above in the Post JYM section, after workouts you can either drink your Pro JYM immediately following your training session and then sip on your Post JYM after that, or vice versa. Because Pro JYM provides a good dose of calcium (400 mg), it’s a good idea to take vitamin D3 with it, which enhances the uptake and utilization of calcium. Check out my video demonstration on How to Take Pre JYM, Pro JYM and Post JYM around workout time.
Always take Vita JYM with a meal (particularly a higher fat meal) to ensure proper absorption of nutrients in your body. However, make sure the meal you’re taking Vita JYM with is low in calcium, as calcium interferes with the absorption of iron and manganese, both of which are present in this multivitamin. Vita JYM (not to mention most other multivitamins on the market) will make your urine turn a bright yellow color. You can also take Omega JYM at the same time as Vita JYM to boost the fat amount you consume with Vita JYM.
It’s common with fish-oil supplements for some people to experience undesirable “fishy” burps.

Shred JYM can be taken with or without meals, though some people don’t tolerate green-tea extract well on an empty stomach.
Shred JYM contains 200mg of caffeine per serving, so keep that in mind when coordinating with other caffeinated beverages. Caffeine sensitive individuals should also not take Shred JYM close to bedtime, as it could interfere with you getting a good night’s sleep. While I recommend starting with 2 doses per day, those who tolerate caffeine well can do 3 daily servings.
If you’re sensitive to caffeine, consider starting with less than the full dose until you find you tolerate the lower dose well. First of all, be sure to read my Alpha JYM FAQs to determine if Alpha JYM is right for you. On training days, take Alpha JYM about an hour before your workout, which will fall a short time before your pre-workout Pre JYM and Pro JYM intake. ZMA JYM is most effective when taken on an empty stomach, so take it at least one hour after your previous meal or snack and wait at least an hour after taking it before eating again.
ZMA supplements are typically taken at night before bedtime, as it’s been shown to improve sleep quality to promote better recovery. This unassuming piece of equipment doesn’t look nearly as “hardcore” as a loaded barbell or heavy pair of dumbbells. I’ve been a huge fan of bands for many years, which is why I developed the JYM Strength Bands in the first place. It was originally introduced as a unique exercise tool and eventually became popular as a rehabilitation device.
All four of these properties are critical to ensuring an effective resistance-training routine.
However, studies have shown that muscle activity and peak load during elastic-resistance exercise is similar to that of free-weight training. But there are several key performance-enhancing features that elastic resistance offers that free weights don’t. This increases its potential for use in more functional movement patterns that mimic both everyday and sport-specific activities. People take these everyday movements for granted, but you can easily injure yourself, especially as you get older, if your strength is lacking in the horizontal plane.
Research performed at Brigham Young University offered a specific example of this, reporting that emphasis placed on the quadriceps and hamstrings during elastic-tubing squatting and stepping exercises changed when subjects altered the direction of pull.
It’s also important for those with injuries, as shifting the force more to certain muscles can help protect certain joints. When you lift a free weight in any direction other than straight up and down, the tension on the muscle can actually be removed at certain points in the range of motion.
This means that the tension on the biceps has been removed because the dumbbell is no longer being lifted up against gravity by the biceps.
What this means is, as the range of motion of an exercise increases, so, too, does the resistance provided by the band.
The more muscle fibers being used, the greater the adaptations in muscle strength that can be achieved. A strength curve refers to the way a muscle or muscle group’s strength changes over a range of motion.
Thus, the biceps muscle is weakest at the start of the exercise and strongest at the halfway point.
As a result, the muscle is receiving greater resistance at its strongest point to better stimulate strength adaptations.
One study performed at Truman State University (Kirksville, Missouri) found that athletes who included elastic-resistance bench-press training in their regimens had a significantly greater increase in bench-press strength and power on average compared to those who only utilized free-weight training. There’s a simple reason for this: Resistance from the band comes from the stretching of the elastic material, not the mass of the equipment as with a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. These bonus features include functional strength, injury prevention, greater gains in muscular power (explosiveness) and convenience of use, particularly at home or when traveling.
Investigation to determine differences in strength gains using Thera-Band at fast and slow training speeds. You've read and agreed to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount.
I recommend taking the scoop out before you do this so it doesn’t get buried in the powder!
Sip on it over the course of the 20-45 minutes leading up to your workout to ensure maximal absorption of all ingredients in your body.
If possible, have your Post JYM already mixed before your workout so it’s waiting for you when you finish training (preferably in a cooler or refrigerator so it stays cold for the best taste). If not, chomp on your fast carbs (gummy bears, pixy sticks, white bread, etc.) as you’re drinking your Post JYM active matrix.
I typically finish my Pro JYM before I start sipping on Post JYM, but many other people start sipping on their Post JYM immediately after working out and then chug their Pro JYM when they’re finished with that. Personally, I like to mix up a big batch of Pro JYM (2 scoops or so, or 50-60 grams worth of protein) and start sipping on it about 15 minutes before my workout Then I’ll continue sipping it through my workout and into my post-workout window. So Vita JYM and Pro JYM (high in calcium at 400 mg per serving) should definitely be taken at separate times. You can either take the four capsules all at once with the meal of your choice or split it up into two 2-capsule doses. I took special care with Omega JYM to minimize the burps, but it could still happen with some people, especially with the high dose of Omega-3 fats.
Pre JYM contains 300mg of caffeine, so I typically recommend not taking these two products in proximity with each other, especially if you’re caffeine sensitive. I recommend taking it shortly before bedtime as well (30-60 minutes prior), but you certainly don’t have to.
It stands to reason then, that bands are probably great for rehabbing an injury and low-impact workouts for the elderly, but lousy at helping the serious gym rat build significant size and strength, right?

Research has also found that programs utilizing elastic tubing, elastic bands and similar devices increase muscle strength and size and decrease body fat in a similar manner to free-weight training programs. Because free weights rely on gravity, they can only provide resistance in a vertical plane – the direction of gravity. Thanks to elastic bands, you can perform exercises such as twisting your body from side to side, sidekicks and punches, as well as movements that mimic a baseball swing or basketball pass, with added resistance.
For example, greater hamstring emphasis during squatting or stepping movements (as illustrated in the above BYU study) can help protect certain structures around the knee.
Again, it comes down to the difference between needing and not needing gravity for resistance. When doing a biceps curl with elastic resistance, the tension is present throughout the entire range of motion because the elastic material provides resistance due to its own properties.
Barbells, dumbbells and weight plates are expensive, too, as they’re typically priced by the pound. For example, when doing a biceps curl with elastic tubing, as you curl your hand up toward your shoulder, the resistance gets progressively greater. When doing a curl with a free weight, you’re limited to how much resistance you can use by how strong the biceps are at its weakest point (the beginning of the exercise). The only way to continue a movement while performing an exercise with elastic resistance is to utilize more muscle fibers to continue stretching the band. Posterior Rotator Cuff Strengthening Using Theraband(R) in a Functional Diagonal Pattern in Collegiate Baseball Pitchers. An Electromyographic Investigation of 4 Elastic-Tubing Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Effects of Theraband and lightweight dumbbell training on shoulder rotation torque and serve performance in college tennis players. Effects of elastic bands on force and power characteristics during the back squat exercise. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Timing is critical, as is proper dosing and the biochemical interactions between individual ingredients.
Watch my Daily Video Tip on my YouTube channel regarding making ice-cold Pre JYM and Post JYM after the ingredients go into solution. That said, don’t let mixed up Pre JYM sit for more than around eight hours if kept in the fridge or three hours at room temperature – if you do, the creatine will start to break down.
That said, simply for taste and texture purposes, I recommend mixing your Pro JYM shake and letting it sit in your refrigerator for 30 minutes or more.
But feel free to down your Pro JYM shortly before your workout, either right after or just as you’re finishing your Pre JYM.
Mixing Pro JYM in milk rather than water is good for hard-gainers or anyone looking to build their own high-calorie mass-gaining shake. If you’re getting the burps, I recommend storing Omega JYM in the refrigerator, splitting up your doses and taking your doses with the largest meal possible.
They’re now used around the world by elite athletes in all sports – football players, UFC fighters, powerlifters, bodybuilders, you name it – to develop strength, power, speed and even muscle size. This means that if you do an exercise with a free weight in the horizontal plane – such as moving your hand (while holding a dumbbell) from the left side of your body to the right side – there’s no resistance to that movement. This is especially useful for athletes looking to enhance performance and reduce injury risk.
This is difficult to accomplish with free weights because, as previously stated, they require the direction of force to be vertical, due to the reliance on gravity for resistance.
This is due to the physical properties of elastic material, which we’ve all experienced at some point when using a rubber band for one purpose or another: The more the band is stretched, the more resistance it provides. This means the muscle isn’t receiving adequate resistance at its strongest point in the range of motion. Once that momentum has been built up, the muscle fibers no longer need to be maximally activated to continue moving the weight through the rest of the range of motion of the exercise.
I’ve taken care of formulating all the JYM products for you in the right combinations and in the safest, most effective doses. Feel free to reserve a kitchen cabinet for all your JYM products – just make sure that cabinet isn’t right above or below a heat source like your oven or stove.
You want to make sure all ingredients dissolve (creatine in particular) to ensure they’re getting into your system gradually as you sip on the solution, and this requires a sufficient amount of water.
Personally, I like to give it a shake before every sip just to make sure it’s all getting dissolved and mixed properly. Just don’t let mixed up Post JYM sit for more than around eight hours refrigerated – if you do, the creatine will start to break down. Or, drink your Pro JYM 30-45 minutes before your workout, then start sipping on your Pre JYM. One study published in a 1998 issue of the American Journal of Sports Medicine reported that collegiate tennis players who trained using elastic bands significantly increased their shoulder strength as well as the speed of their tennis serve compared to those not using bands. Follow these “rules” while hitting the gym hard and eating well and you’ll be leaving nothing to chance. Your best bet is to keep them in the pantry or other cabinet away from the stove and refrigerator. Both the refrigerator and the bathroom should be avoided due to humidity, though Omega JYM does well in the fridge. You don’t want the creatine sitting at the bottom and taking all of it in with your last gulp of Pre JYM; this could cause digestive discomfort (not to mention explosive diarrhea) for those sensitive to creatine. Just remember, if you’re having more than one scoop of Pro JYM at a time, you’ll probably want to add more water to keep the taste consistent.
Letting it sit 15-30 minutes allows the marshmallows to absorb water and puff up into real marshmallows. This is one of the main reasons I developed orange mango Pre JYM; it tastes amazing when mixed with vanilla Pro JYM.

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