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September 25, 2012 32 Comments Any of you who follow me on twitter saw the picture I posted the day Killer Abs came out. Lol I think we’ve all made a purchase like that before – that sale bin gets ya every time!
I am still ridiculously in love with her and credit her earlier DVD’s with helping me get started on my fitness path.
I actually debated on not posting a review since it would be negative but I thought it would be worth it so others wouldn’t be disappointed. I burn about 150 doing the 30 minutes of level 1 (and 2) but how many calories you burn will differ dramatically from person to person! This DVD has 3 levels and they are split up into 4 circuits each (her prior DVD has 2 levels with 2 circuits each).

Her description of how to do some of the moves is terrible and by the time I caught on to how to do them we were moving on to the next one. But, if you could return it and grab her other one (6 week 6 pack) I think it is much better! I’ve actually been thinking about trying out a Jillian Michaels DVD or two when the temperatures get colder in the morning.
Definitely check out 6 week 6 pack or 30 Day Shred if you want to start with two of her better ones that are absolutely appropriate for beginners (and advanced!) athletes. I should have looked more into it but I was just so excited I had to go out and buy it the day it came out.
The whole reason I do reviews is to educate people to make better decisions with their hard earned money – I guess my mission is accomplished!

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Initially, I thought I’d like that change as it would allow her to include more exercises and get a better overall workout.
I may actually do it this afternoon since I skipped my workout this morning :) One of the reasons why I love 6 week 6 pack so much is because it really is a total body workout and a killer ab routine.

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