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Allowing a guest blogger to contribute to your website or blog used to be a viable option for growing your online audience and boosting traffic to your page.
In his argument against guest blogging, Cutts points out that many small-business owners (in particular) and webmasters not involved in the SEO community are often duped by guest bloggers with little or no real authority in a given niche. My name is XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX and I work as a content marketer for a high end digital marketing agency in [a city halfway around the world]. We are always on the lookout for professional, high class sites to further promote our clients and when I came across your blog I was very impressed with the fan following that you have established.I [sic] would love to speak to you regarding the possibility of posting some guest articles on your blog.
The biggest problem with guest blogging is a lack of quality content and knowledge on the behalf of webmasters and site owners.
When conducted properly, the practice of guest blogging can still offer your website benefits. If you’re going to allow guest bloggers to contribute to your website, there are a few simple guidelines you should follow to ensure that you are building links in a quality manner that will not result in penalties from Google and other search engines. Ask for a bio: Ask any blogger you are considering hiring for a bio to double check their statements.

The thinking behind allowing a guest blogger to post on your site was that, assuming the individual represented a respected brand, the person’s voice represented authority within your industry. In Google’s quest to clean up the Internet and its search results, allowing a guest blogger was one of the SEO tactics that was designated as a black-hat tactic. Individuals looking to make a quick buck contact webmasters and site owners offering their services and promising to deliver 100% unique content that will help generate visibility and boost traffic on their site. Should you be open to the idea, we can consider making suitable contribution, befitting to high standard of services that your blog offers to larger audience. Deceitful bloggers offer to provide quality content, which is really low in quality, and the result is often spammy information that dents the credibility of a site and harms its visibility on Google SERPs. Assuming you are working with a reputable blogger representing a position of authority (as an individual or representative of an established brand), you can increase your site and brand visibility, while enjoying the benefits of greater traffic levels.
Allow a blogger to identify themselves as guest contributor in their opening paragraph if you like, but don’t label the post in the headline as a guest post. Look through the content you’ve been provided to ensure that it offers an authoritative voice and relevant information.

An individual’s contribution would increase traffic on your site, boost visibility for your brand, and create backlinks for your site. The question on the minds of many is whether or not they should allow a guest blogger on their site. When Cutts and his team make a decision regarding web spam and SEO, it is often the final word on the topic.
He used his own blog in early 2014 to provide a clear warning about the dangers of guest blogging as a link-building technique. If you follow the information we’ve provided, you will avoid unnecessary penalties from search engines and enjoy the benefits guest blogging can still offer.

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