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Creatine monohydrate : creatine supplement facts, side, Welcome to what is creatine? Creatine side effects worry effects, Creatine side effects you need to know about what are the side effects of creatine? Creatine monohydrate : creatine supplement facts, side - Welcome to what is creatine? Creatine side effects - should you worry about the effects - Creatine side effects you need to know about what are the side effects of creatine? Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. In 1990, a study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Daniel Rudman, M.D, with the Medical College of Wisconsin, on the use of HGH in a small group of elderly men.
The study clearly showed HGH benefits — including increased muscle tone, loss of fat, and regenerated skin quality. Growth Hormone benefits have also been validated by extensive clinical use in the treatment of AIDS patients.
If HGH is what makes us grow from kids to adults, why does our body still produce HGH once we are “all grown up?” Simple.

The energy and vitality we relate to “youth,” is really your ability to replace cells almost as quickly as they die or get damaged, due to high HGH levels. We are still making new discoveries everyday about the role Growth Hormone plays in the aging process. You can find out a lot more about HGH optimization from trained and certified HGH physicians, like myself. Have you, or has anyone you know tried HGH or any other hormone optimization therapies, what were the results? HGH has been in the news again a lot lately, and I admit, I am really confused over its safety — thank you Doc Gaines for shedding some light. If you are searching for a provider of growth hormone therapy, most likely you have come across the term Sermorelin and wondered what does it have to do with growth hormone therapy?
HealthGAINS can only provide prescriptions or therapy services to patients who have a clinical need. Any claims or opinions stated within our HealthGains website should not be constructed as medical advice or as a diagnostic. As you get older, it isn’t that you are doing more damage over time to your body causing weakness and fatigue – less HGH lowers your body’s ability to produce new cells.

So, if I am interested in seeing if I qualify for HGH optimization, what are my next steps? To determine a clinical need, patients must complete any required lab work, physician consultations, examinations and a medical history review. However, in recent years there has been more and more research, and certainly a lot of anecdotal evidence to support the use of Human Growth Hormone to slow aging.
Human Growth Hormone benefits include significant increases in: muscle mass and energy, a higher quality of life and even prolonged longevity. We may not know for sure how and why HGH can reverse or slow the aging process, but what we do know is that Growth Hormone therapy can help you to age better.
Please note that even if you complete these steps, a clinical necessity for our prescriptions or hormone therapy may not be found. Please be advised that the statements on this informational website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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