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It is derived from cow’s milk and is a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by product of cheese production. From this liquid whey, whey protein is then filtered out and then further concentrated to get its pure form. However, the key benefit is that whey proteins are easily digested and absorbed, hence they serve as an effective and convenient post workout drink to maximize muscle growth. Whey protein is also a big source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) which protect and repair muscle tissues and are used to build lean muscle mass. Overall, you can expect lean muscle mass gains, decreased recovery times, reduced post workout muscle breakdown and increased metabolic rate.
There is an increasing number of studies showing that whey may potentially reduce cancer rates, combat HIV, increase brain serotonin levels, A improve liver function, reduce stress, reduce cortisol, reduce blood pressure and improve immunity. As whey protein is fast digesting, it’s ideal to consume when you need protein quickly.
3.A Over dosageA of protein can lead to kidney stones or ketosis, which will in turn cause liver damage. Take note that there are no studies with concrete proof stating that high protein intake definitely causes kidney damage. Nonetheless, it’s safer to just limit your daily intake of whey protein (keep to max 30% of your diet). Whey protein isolates contain more proteins and less fats and carbs as compared to concentrates. However, for someone looking to gain weight, concentrates can be a better choice because it contains more calories than isolates. Nontheless, I personally use and highly recommend the Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein. The goal of ectomorph workout is simple: to act as a one stop source for all ectomorphs, hardgainers and skinny guys to pack on muscle mass and gain weight effectively.
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Chocolate and vanilla protein shakes are great, sure, but sometimes you want a flavor that falls outside the box.

Combining the almond butter with the fast-release carbs in the bananas also makes this a perfect post-workout shake.
Another favorite of Miller's, this shake packs a wallop of energy with a hearty dose of fruit, adds texture with oats, and packs a nutrient punch with spinach, yogurt, and protein powder. Myprotein Netherlands ambassador Lieke Hemelaer drinks this shake right after a training session or as a midday snack. Resist the temptation of falling face first into a chocolate cake, and indulge in the decadence of this chocolate-banana-peanut butter concoction instead.
Ditch the morning Starbucks run and the lure of a Frappuccino, and indulge in this caffeinated protein drink instead. Concentrates: Whey protein concentrates are 29-89% protein by weight, but typically about 75% pure protein. Isolates: Whey protein isolates are the purest form of whey you can find because fats and lactose are removed. Hydrolysate: Whey protein hydrolysates are more easily absorbed by our bodies because they are predigested and partially hydrolyzed. Lactose intolerant people may suffer from an allergic reaction due to the presence of lactose, though whey isolates contain literally 0% lactose. It is a whey protein blend - a mixture of isolates and concentrates, with significantly more isolates than concentrates. I am not fat, but I do not have a lot of muscle, I did exercise for 4 months, than start running but it was not good for my knees, so I stopped for a while, but now I see my muscles are smaller again….I want to form my body, can I use whey gold standard after exercise too as a women?
The pre-workout gives you that added boost to accomplish more while supporting a healthy cardiovascular system. Break free of the protein-shake rut with these 12 incredibly simple, ridiculously delicious shake recipes!
Check out these sweet takes on classic shake favorites to surprise your taste buds and fuel your hungry muscles every day! With a profile that's similar to that of a dessert-style crisp, it's no wonder that this sweet duo ranks among the favorite shakes of Myprotein athlete Chris Lavado. It makes for a nutrition-rich breakfast and also works as a great way to squeeze in another meal when you don't have the desire to cook. This favorite of fitness athlete Lewis Harrison is not only more flavourful than an H2O-based shake, but is also richer in potassium—an electrolyte that helps to maintain fluid balance in the body and is key to the rehydration process.

To elevate the flavor of the low-fat, low-carb isolate, she adds her secret ingredient: real berries.
Take that childhood favorite to the next level and ditch the Wonder Bread with this drinkable version.
The combination of powerful antioxidants and minerals in combination with the protein isolate go down smooth, and according to Ross, are almost dessert-like in flavor. The mixture of whey, carbohydrates and amino acids proved to stimulate more muscle protein synthesis.
They are low in fat and has the highest biological value (how readily protein is used in protein synthesis in cells). Casein is a slow digesting protein and so would be better used as a before bedtime supplement. Coconut water contains 470 milligrams of potassium per 8 ounces, or more than an average-sized banana. The combination of healthy fats and complex carbs in the form of oats will leave you feeling satisfied and satiated for the day ahead.
The combination of complex and quick-digesting carbs, as well as the caffeine jolt, make it a perfect pre-workout meal.
Instead of reaching for something that will sabotage a day of clean eating, mix up this sweet shake. Feel free to change it up as you see fit, swapping the peanut butter for almond butter at your leisure. The cocoa powder will satisfy your craving for sweets, and the protein will promote growth and recovery.
Sleep is critical to metabolism so I would also suggest minimum 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep per night. Also if you are trying to build size to your muscles try to stay below 10 reps per exercise, such as 3a€“5 or 6a€“8 rep range.

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