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Whatever you do to stay fit - Bodybuilding, Crossfit or athletics, R1 CreatineTM can take a vital role in retaining strength and producing extra energy beforehand. Glutamine or L-glutamine is what is known as a conditionally essential amino acid, which means that they can be synthesized within the human body except under certain conditions, for example illness or nutritional deficiency[1]. Approximately 90% of all glutamine in the body is produced in the muscle tissues, synthesized by the enzyme glutamine synthetase from glutamate and ammonia, with the remainder typically deriving from the lungs and brain. Regulated by the liver, glutamine is typically taken up in the gut by the cells of the intestinal wall.
Glutamine can also be taken up and utilized by the kidneys and macrophages, playing a somewhat relevant role in maintenance of pH balance in the body as well as general functioning of the immune system. Aside from L-glutamine that only major form of glutamine is isoglutamine which is derived from glutamic acid[2]. Isoglutamine doesn’t play any role as a dietary or sports supplement so we won’t be discussing it here.
While glutamine does play a role in protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy in general it is important to note that its role is not nearly as vital as that of the essential amino acid L-leucine. What’s more, it is not yet concluded whether the utilization of glutamine as a fuel source is actually worthwhile or if it is simply a wasteful consequence of overconsumption of this conditionally essential amino acid. Bodybuilders and athletes are typically those of will tend to use glutamine supplements, and while it hasn’t been conclusively shown to provide any dramatic benefits[1] it is still worth considering. Anyone engaging in frequent high volume training with a lot of intensity could potentially benefit from using glutamine because of its apparently modest impact on muscle protein synthesis and immune function. If you have ever felt rundown towards the end of a training cycle and are looking for something to perk you up a little then adding some glutamine to your existing supplements might be worth considering[2][3]. If you are working on a tight budget and are looking to really get the most bang for your supplement buck then you would probably be wise to opt for supplements that are more extensively backed by conclusive research because glutamine does not fall into this category[4].
Animal proteins will tend to contain higher concentrations of glutamine due to their very nature, and if you are consuming a large amount of protein then you may find that you are already consuming more than enough glutamine, thereby negating the need for glutamine supplementation. There are currently no known side effects associated with supplementation of glutamine in otherwise healthy adults; however, if you suffer from sensitivity to monosodium glutamate or MSG then you may experience side effects because glutamine is converted to glutamate within the body[5]. As with any dietary supplement, we recommend that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding consult their doctor or physician prior to use. Having said this, using glutamine first thing in the morning with breakfast and as part of your post-workout protocol seems to make the most sense anecdotally.
Doses as high as 15g of per day have been shown to provide no side effects in healthy adults, but we recommend that you refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on any product you purchase.
Choosing a glutamine supplement is not very difficult because it is typically only available in the form of L-glutamine, meaning there are no complicated choices to be made.
With this in mind it seems as if the main distinguishing factor is going to be the quality and reputation of the brand you are purchasing.
None of the purported benefits of glutamine supplementation in healthy adults are backed up by conclusive peer-reviewed studies, so at this point in time it is important to bear this in mind when trying to look beyond the marketing claims of supplement manufacturers. Context is the most important thing here, so if you are already using a wide range of supplements and can say with a great deal of certainty that they are all providing you with the benefits you seek then there is nothing wrong with running your own experiment and seeing if glutamine works well for you. Whether or not you do this will depend on your budget, but please don’t think that glutamine is a magical supplement that will somehow fly in the face of the huge body of research that shows it to be ineffective compared to a placebo.

Author’s Note: Speaking somewhat anecdotally from experience, the main benefit of glutamine supplementation in bodybuilders seems to be that of immune support, especially during the winter months when the flu and common cold are running rampant.
Brands such as Dymatize, ON, and Cellucor are all well reputed manufacturer’s that offer a range of high-quality supplements. Having said this, the quality and efficacy of supplements can vary somewhat, even within the range of a certain brand, so with this in mind we continue to publish our series of supplement reviews so that you can see exactly what ingredients are in each product. This will allow you to see just how beneficial these supplements are as well as whether or not they offer decent value for money. We all know that bodybuilding and athleticism in general are far from being the cheapest hobbies in the world, so it is important when buying supplements to ensure that you are spending your money in the wisest manner possible.
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Baie proteien bars daar buite is vol van ongesonde bestanddele soos suiker en ander vullers. Baie minderwaardige proteien bars bevat vullers te help jy voel vol en die verhoging van die grootte van hul bar, sodat jy voel soos jy kry 'n goeie waarde vir jou geld. Ons gebruik nie 'n eier of melk basis, as die basis van elke maat is Banana, vandaar die naam Sterk aap!
Hierdie ongelooflike bars het 'n natuurlike soetheid wat kom uit bosbessies en rosyne (as dit is wat jy wil in te sluit in jou persoonlike bar), en gebruik slegs die hoogste gehalte wei of soja proteien beskikbaar. Klapper: Behalwe dat lekker, klapper bevat vetsure wat bekend is om die hart te bevoordeel. As jy soos die meerderheid van die mense daar buite, jy moeg is van proteien bars net beskikbaar in sjokolade, grondboontjiebotter en koekie deeg geure. Met sy all-natuurlike, organiese bestanddele en hoe proteieninhoud, Sterk aap is seker dat jy nie sal vind 'n meer voedsame of hoe gehalte proteien bar op die mark vandag.
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AANGESIEN suiker nie gelys kan word op die verpakking, is dit dikwels teenwoordig is in die vorm van bruin rys stroop.
Die gemiddelde voedingswaarde feite van die mees algemene kombinasies is: 220 kaloriee, 23 gram proteien, geen vette en geen preserveermiddels. Hulle is bekend atletiese prestasie te verbeter, die gehalte van die slaap verhoog en die bevordering van die immuunstelsel. Dit help ook drange om te veg vir suiker, werk vertering te verbeter en kan u voorsien met 'n vinnige energie-hupstoot. As gevolg van sy hoe anti-oksidant-inhoud, sjokolade help om hartsiektes en kan hoe bloeddruk verlaag. Hierdie diens is werklik revolusionere as dit lei die gesondheid voedsel industrie in 'n nuwe era.
Saam met artikels wat verband hou met gesondheid, fiksheid, bodybuilding, voeding en nog baie meer.
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