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The easiest way for me to keep my eating on track is being able to know exactly what I'll be making and then only buying what I need for the week. I use a simple plan template that includes my workout for each day at the top and then what I want to eat.
I print 3 copies of this meal plan and I always send a copy of my meal plan to my Google Drive so I can always access it and make changes if necessary.
Every quarter, Beachbody holds an event that allows you to build momentum and hear tips and tricks from successful coaches. This is my honest opinion of what it feels like to be embarking into this new decade, as well as what it feels like to complete this Insanity Max30 Program, raise two wildly active boys that are 3 and 5 and my journey of, well just getting through it all!
Over the next 4 months I am going to be taking myself, and you, if you read this on a wild ride!
Before I go into how Insanity Max30 is going to kick my ass I want to share how I even got into this! So that leads me into my next amazing career I landed only a month after interviewing, never even being in the field! Shortly after establishing myself with this company we found out we were pregnant with my son John.
Slowly after college and my son I gained over 20lbs and just stayed comfortable, but inside I felt pretty crappy. So I completely let myself go at the end of my pregnancy gaining way more than I ever expected, but really not caring! So one day as I was leaving my unemployment office, and so embarrassing especially from where I come from. Because every time I see this picture and that face, I realized my why and over again every single day. I was so happy about losing just that little 15lbs that I decided to start looking for jobs aggressively! Starting in 2013 I decided to complete the Ultimate Reset and finally lose the LAST 25lbs of my baby weight. My husband and I won a free trip to the #1 resort in Cancun, so when I get there I want to be in the best shape of my life. Here is the Team Recording we just had to share tips and ideas suggestions to help everyone get started right with our Challenge Groups!! OUR Next one will be January 19th!!! I am also very excited to share with you all the SIMPLE MEAL Plan that has come with Insanity Max30.
I am on week 4 of the Max 30 and I am realizing more now than ever that its mostly all about your nutrition, which I think we can say is safe for all programs. Do you love the motivation you get from Shaun T and the inspiration he gives to get you through your toughest workout? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then Insanity: Max 30 should definitely be your next program.
This was featured in Men’s Health as one of the most effective programs to help you lose weight, sculpt and tone. This may not seem like a lot of food to some people and to some it may look like a ton, but this is what I'm eating all week. I tend to stick to the microwavable bags that you can get at Walmart that will steam your veggies for you in the microwave.
Right I mean lets be honest, this blogging is so NOT something I ever thought I would be doing and so is coaching! I took a job in Chicago, IL as a Publishers Representative and Curriculum Specialist for the Arts and Sciences for Higher Education for a Publishing company.

MENTALLY I had decided to find something where I could work for myself and no one could just take my hard work away from me. I ended up nailing two amazing job opportunities and by July I was back with my old company.
I have some high standards for ME I am not going to lie I am probably going to miserably fail, want to give up and each day is going to be a constant reminder of my GOAL at 30! First things First I asked TONS of people to DO THIS WITH me, there is NO way I can do this alone, so hence the accountability group—->check it out this group is AMAZING!!! I was bad over the holidays, I don’t want to say bad I want to say I ENJOYED myself because whatever you only live once right?
Max 30 has two modifiers so that you can complete the program and get insane results without the high impact jumps that strain your joints.
Follow the steps laid out in front of you, commit over the next 60 days and this guide will not just give you results in 60 days but it will give you the told you need to be healthy the REST of your life!
This week, I chose to make a very boring meal plan because I will be jumping back into everything right after a two week break! I also use the app called "21 Day Tracker" (it's purple) on my phone to keep track every day of what I'm eating as I eat it! I learned very quickly, I enjoyed working with the students and  this job and guess what I KILLED IT. I was so fired up with every emotion I was determined to someway turn everything around on my own. I realize how it feels to be in a spot where you have lost complete control and everything is spinning around you.
Ever since that date I have loved every minute of helping OTHERs succeed with these workout programs, eating plans, accountability groups and gaining financial freedom with starting their own business if they decide thats what they want to do. I wasn’t trying to go for the top but if you love something and you feel as if its not work then you will never work a day in your life! But I totally felt it after and I really needed to take these BEFORE photos so I could track progress.
I didn’t directly help the students, but I help the counselors by doing research, paper work, greeting people when they came in. Before calling my husband I sort of thought to myself  I am not sure where to go from here. I realize this was my breaking point and inside this person was ME a REALLY HAPPY person!!! I had the most amazing boss to this day she is really one of my true inspirations of what a true leader is. After receiving my final income for the year and realizing I replaced my full time income from last year BUT more importantly I was able to stay home with my kids and earn free trips. Stating with this call from my sister and myself on the nutrition, the workout, the guide, how the group works, we are in this TOGETHER! I am being HONEST this is scary for me to publicly SHOW before I even after an after photo, but that just makes me all the more accountable right!? Now you get to eat what you want and create your own meals, but with this program you are eating the right portions. I do love to workout with weights so that is a big struggle for me, but I feel more core tightening and really like the max30 abs routine! Also, If I have a fish on my plan, I try to eat it at the beginning of the week because I feel that it doesn't keep well. I genuinely LOVE every second of what I do and share very openly about my life, my struggles, my happiness.

I sort of laughed but really in the back of my mind I was thinking well it really would be pretty amazing if I could pull that off. When you look at this picture you probably think, wow look at that stomach, haha its okay I think the same thing!
She taught me so much about myself, about work, about sales and more importantly relationship building.
I will stick to having my Shakeology every single day and completing the 3 Day refresh at least once a month AND tracking it here!
Aw here is to hoping ?? First I am going to say, I am NOT going to totally restrict myself and go nuts. My shrimp is simple too, I just melt about a teaspoon of coconut oil in a skillet and fill up my red container with the shrimp I want to cook. I will put my dressing in the orange container the morning of each salad so I don't need to dirty extra containers.
As I went to put on my interview suit and couldnt even pull it up over my hips I knew this feeling sorry for myself really needed to STOP or it was only going to get worse! I did what anyone would do and went through the McDonalds drive thru, thats going to solved everything right? I was still on unemployment, had two kids but I had this deep feeling inside me I had belief.
I am going to have some cheat meals and take my time meeting this goal and that is why I gave myself 4 months. So now at the age of 24 I had one of the best career years of my life, had this amazing baby in South Boston, married my high school sweet heart and then moved back to our home town and bought a house because my company allowed me to relocate and gave me a position in the local Update New York with terms of traveling occasionally.
I mean I was ready to rock it and put my BB on the back burner but still always thought about that dream to be a coach and really make it my full time job, but ya know life. They gave me a car, they gave me an expense account, I am not bragging here I am JUST as shocked as you.
At around 7 months pregnant right before going into the holidays my company that I loved and I mean they loved me too right? We attended our first summit and I came back from that ON FIRE, but still lacking a little belief in myself.
I still kick myself I didnt that because each time you step back, you are just stepping back SO much and losing all the momentum you build up! Here on my website you can find the tools and support that you need to reach your fitness goals. It just made me realize its so amazing to be apart, even if it was small, someones life like that. I mean at the age of 23 this was pretty awesome going from literally paying $10 bucks left for a pitcher of beer in college!
I couldn’t believe these people did this for a living and actually got paid to help people! If you are looking to get healthy, lose weight, tone up, or earn money helping others as a coach, I can help you make it happen. So anyways, I helped out part time while I went to school full time as  Childhood Education Teacher K-6 with a Concentration in Environmental Science. I knew I needed a career, right I mean my dad was breathing down my neck about getting insurance, I had student loans building up…the girl needs a JOB!

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