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Disclaimer – While I do have a good base level of knowledge about this topic, I’m not a doctor or medical expert.
Now, while some men who happen to have high testosterone levels may exhibit these characteristics, this really has to be attributed to the fact that they are, in no uncertain terms, arseholes, rather than due to them having high testosterone levels. In fact, exciting new research is now showing us that anybody has the ability to be an arsehole, regardless of what their hormonal profile looks like**. It’s kind of like me saying that all NFL players are mentally unstable all because Plaxico Burress went and shot himself in the foot in a night club. So let me preface this article by saying that having high testosterone levels, or seeking to increase your testosterone levels, doesn’t make you a bad human being – in fact, it would probably make you a better one. This is because men with low testosterone counts often present with symptoms ranging from emotional problems such as irritability (having a short fuse), depression, a lack of confidence, to physical problems such as difficulty in falling asleep, low energy levels, loss of strength, higher fat storage, and perhaps the worst of all, a loss of sex drive – all symptoms that seem to disappear once testosterone levels are normalised. In short, if you’re a guy (or a girl for that matter), you don’t want low testosterone levels!
Now, before we go on, I should make it clear that our testosterone levels naturally decline steadily from the age of 27, and then more rapidly after the age of 35. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that plays a vital role in both men and women – although it does present itself in higher concentrations in men.
In fact, I feel so strongly about the need for testing, and diagnosing, low testosterone levels that I think that everyone reading this, if you haven’t already done recently, should get their levels tested.
If you’re within the medium to high end of the ‘normal’ ranges then there is no need to start implementing the ideas below, because you’re sweet (and with hormones, being overly active is just as bad as being underactive). If your levels are on the low-normal, or below the norms, however, you need to start making changes to your lifestyle – stat! 1) Get lean and stay lean, because the more body fat that you have, the more likely that your hormones are going to be out of whack.
So it’s definitely worth getting your eating under wraps, and starting an exercise program aimed at burning through some of that excess fat. In fact, a study published in the University of Chicago showed that men who averaged just 5 hours of sleep or less experienced a drop in testosterone levels of 10-15 percent.
So your goal is to get at least 6 hours a night of solid sleep, but 7-8 seems to be what’s optimal.
3) Ensure that you’re getting an adequate intake of healthy fats such as fats from coconut oil, raw olive oil, nuts, avocado, fish oil and lean animal meats.
4) Limit your intake of alcohol (especially beer) as alcohol consumption definitely has a negative impact on testosterone levels, not to mention your waistline. Now, while it’s true that short-term alcohol consumption probably won’t affect your testosterone levels too much, I’m of the opinion that you’re better safe than sorry, and trying to minimize drinking as much as possible (that’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a drink or two every once in a while). The scary part of this is that Xenoestrogens are everywhere – in our plastic, toothpaste, on our foods (that’s why it’s important to eat organic wherever possible), shopping bags, cleaning products, and even in our water.
Now, while reducing our exposure to these may sound like a huge task, you can start by following the advice outlined in THIS article. As you’re about to find out (in the next point), carbohydrates temporarily drop our testosterone levels, and seeing as our testosterone levels are at their highest in the mornings, we don’t want to disrupt that by eating some carbs. 7) Control your carbohydrate intake because immediately following any high-carbohydrate meal there is a temporary drop in testosterone levels. While this drop is only temporary, if you are eating 3-4+ carb-dominant meals per day, this will lead to lower testosterone levels overall.
In order to control your carbohydrate intake all I want you to do is to limit your consumption of starchy or simple carbohydrates to the 2-3 hour window after your training session for the day. 8) Eat lots of vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
In general, vegetables also help to support alkalinity, and keep inflammation down (kale and spinach are great for this, as are blueberries), which will help promote a lean body, as well as overall health – both of which can indirectly help with testosterone levels.
9) Keep your training sessions to 45-minutes, or less, of intense work, such as the ones in THIS program.
Beyond that, you’re a busy father, and if you’re taking longer than 45-minutes to get through your sessions, then you’re probably not optimizing your time as best as you can be.
10) Make sure you do your big, compound lifts frequently – squats, deadlifts, rows, bench presses, chin ups, shoulder presses and lunges have been staples in many successful programs for decades for a reason.
It’s because exercises that are associated with larger muscle groups have been shown to result in increases in testosterone.
11) Be mindful of your stress, and be sure not to let it get out of control.  A high level of stress increases cortisol (sometimes chronically), and when cortisol is high, then testosterone is low.
Putting some stress-management processes in place will help you keep this under wrap, as well as improve your mental focus and well-being – because no matter how ripped or muscular you are, nobody likes a crazy son of a bitch – am I right?
As a side note, although it probably won’t be a problem, overtraining has been showing to severely decrease testosterone levels. Beyond that, having sex more often will lead to an increase in confidence, as well as a decrease in stress. 13) Keep your conditioning (fitness) work to higher intensity stuff, such as interval sprints, strongman training, or cardio finishers. HIIT style training has been shown to have a positive correlation to testosterone levels, at least according to a study contained within the British Journal Of Sports Medicine.
14) Don’t restrict calories by too much (no more than 20% below base needs) when trying to lose fat. By ensuring that you don’t cut calories too far from your maintenance levels, you can be sure that you don’t suffer from the side effects of low testosterone (and other hormones, for that matter). DHEA – DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone that is very effective in increasing testosterone levels, especially in those who are older in age (40 years+). Magnesium Oil – I’ve spoken about the benefits of magnesium in a previous post, but know that, along with its other benefits, it will definitely help testosterone levels, particularly is you’ve found out that you have a magnesium deficiency. Considering that magnesium is a mineral that’s used mostly when we’re stressed, there is a good chance that you might be low if you haven’t been supplementing with it. Zinc Citrate – a deficiency in zinc levels can most definitely result in low levels of testosterone; in fact it’s one of the most crucial minerals for optimal test functioning.

In fact, there is research out there showing that a zinc deficiency can lead to as much as a 50% reduction in testosterone levels.
My magnesium oil contains zinc within it, so I don’t supplement with any oral form of zinc, outside of my food, of course. Fish Oil – as we’ve covered already, an optimal intake of healthy fats plays a significant role in producing optimal levels of testosterone. Vitamin D – vitamin D is another nutrient that can play a role in decreasing testosterone should the body be deficient in it. Research has shown that supplementing with anywhere from 3-5000IU of vitamin D per day can help fix this deficiency, and as a result, increase testosterone levels.
Beyond that, there are some tribulus and bulbine-based products that could help with natural testosterone levels, but I haven’t looked into them enough to recommend them one way or another.
Regardless, the list above is extensive enough for you to go and make some changes to your nutrition and lifestyle habits so that you can get a little extra kick start to your training, recovery, and sex life!
Sign up for Free below to get regular updates on any advances in increasing your testosterone levels naturally, as well as other stuff related to living a healthy, and strong, lifestyle. James Garland is a strength & conditioning coach, pseudo-writer, fitness entrepreneur, blogger, lover of all-day breakfast's, as well as a terrible poker player. I actually really love this response because I, like many others, have made this comparison mistake until you brought it to my attention. HI bro, I am starting to take Vitamin D-3 and Zinc just because I was reading tons of articles that showed that they were very good for a man`s health. It’s always wiser to choose natural supplements over synthetic – have you tried Testofuel? Speaking specifically to Test Freak, I can’t really comment on the efficacy of the supplement as a whole.
You had energy for days, an abundance of time, less responsibilities, and a body that seemed to never break down; regardless of the torture you put it through.
A fact to be noted here is that as the age of men increases, the level of testosterone in them decreases.
Depression – Depression can not only be caused due to work and life problems but also due to lower level of testosterone.
Sperm Production – One should note the fact that a lower or improper level of testosterone is prone to low sperm count of production in male.
Decrease in Muscle Mass – As said earlier, lower level of testosterone has to be taken seriously.
Now that you have got a very good idea on the details of this hormone, here are some of the tips for increasing the level of testosterone safely and effectively. 1.   Lose Weight—Overweight men tend to have a low level of testosterone so firstly one must make efforts to reduce weight. 3.   Consumption of Plenty of Zinc is important for testosterone production and supplementing diet. 4.   Strength Training focuses on exercises that work   on a number of muscles like squats and dead lifts. 5.   Optimize Vitamin D Levels Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that is essential for the healthy development of the nucleus of the sperm cell, and helps inmaintaining the quality of the  semen and sperm count.
6.   Reduce Stress Under stress the body releases a high level of stress hormone which blocks the effects of testosterone and has an effect on testosterone behavior like mating, competing and aggression. 7.   Limit or Eliminate Sugar from Diet Testosterone levels decreases with excess consumption of sugar. 8.   Eat Healthy Fats Healthy fats include polyunsaturated fats found in avocados and nuts and saturated fats that are essential in building testosterone.
9.   Boost Your Intake of Branch Chain Amino Acids Branch chain amino acids are found in dairy products like milk, cheese and whey. It is essential to boost the level of testosterone as low level develops a different personality in a person which includes lack of confidence, depression, difficulty in sleeping, loss of desire for sex and irritability. One of the ways of increasing the level of testosterone is to have those types of foods that increase its level naturally. Oysters are one of the zinc rich foods that can be considered as the trusted partner for shooting up the testosterone levels. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Most people seem associate it with the stuff that is considered bad – such as an overly aggressive nature, steroids, anger, violence and even general acts of douche-baggery. So if you’re over the age of 35, you in particular need to pay attention to the natural fixes contained within this article. In fact, there has actually been a lot of research done in this area, with many studies showing that the more fat you carry, the lower your testosterone levels will be. Getting adequate sleep has a strong correlation to optimal testosterone levels, and should be high on your priority list if you’re serious about correcting them. This will ensure that there are high enough levels of cholesterol to support proper testosterone production functioning.
There is actually a strong correlation between consuming a diet that is higher in healthy fats, and testosterone production. This will ensure that your body is adept at handling the insulin spike a little better, and will also limit your consumption of these types of carbs to one meal per day – leading to better testosterone levels. Cruciferous vegetables contain indoles, which have been shown to remove the bad estrogens from our body. Once you start getting beyond 45-minutes of intense training, you cortisol levels start to elevate significantly, causing there to be a decrease in testosterone.
The combination of these factors can mean that having more sex becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in that the more sex you have, the more sex that you want to have. Yes, your low calorie diet is not only bad because it’s driving you insane, and making you feel like crap everyday, but it can also be lowering your testosterone levels. The reason for this could be because our DHEA levels naturally drop as we age beyond 30, and so we need a little bit of external help when it comes to getting our levels up.

Again, this is something that you can easily check with a blood test, and when you go to get your testosterone levels checked, I recommend getting them to do vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium at the same time. While our bodies should get a lot of our vitamin D from the sun, given that the majority of the population works in indoors nowadays, this simply isn’t the case anymore. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. I just hit 40 (I mean turn 40) and plan to keep my T level okay (though I haven`t been tested yet).
Instead, they tend to increase libido or sexual arousal, which is often confused as the supplement working by the user. The reason I ask is because high GI carbs activate the mTOR pathway which initiates protein translation and decreases protein degradation. Serum testosterone is a type of blood test that is used to test the level of this hormone in male.
Unfortunately, a man who suffers from lower level of testosterone suffers from mild to serious hair loss.
The best dietary supplement for zinc includes raw milk, cheese, beans, yoghurt and other products made from milk. Slow movement exercises turn into high intensity exercises and are more helpful in building muscles. Hence foods containing added sugar and fructose and fine grains like bread and pasta need to be limited or eliminated. The allicin compound that is present in garlic serves as the major ingredient for boosting up the content of testosterone. Since egg yolks contain saturated fat, cholesterol, proteins, vitamins and Omega 3S, it is one of the best choice for those who look for boosting up the hormone level.
The fact is coffee plays a vital level in stimulating the nervous system thereby increasing testosterone level. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). You can display the symptoms of low testosterone, yet have levels that are completely normal, and have it be that those symptoms are being caused by something completely different.
When we are exposed to too much of this estrogen-imitating chemical, our testosterone levels can drop significantly.
I also started to go to the gym again after a couples of years since I do not want to lose muscle and store (more) fat. I started using D-aspartic acid, ZMA, Tribulilus (60% saponins), Fenugreek and fish oil with high Vit.D content.
I know that protein also activates this system but high GI carbs activate it even more, so what is worse, the lack of mTOR activation from not eating the carbs, or the reduction in Testosterone from the carbs (with respect to gaining muscle mass)?
There are various side effects and problems that occur due to the lower level of testosterone. The hair production decreases not only in your head but also in facial, legs and hands area.
Hence if you are in continuous depression and experience low testosterone levels, then there is no other go but to have regular treatment for effective increase in the level.
If you are a male and the level of this hormone is found to be abnormal, then your muscle mass gests collapsed completely.
Healthy fats that give a boost  to the testosterone level include  olive oil, coconut oil  , butter made from raw organic milk, raw nuts, avocados, palm oil and unheated organic nut oils. Eating garlic has the power to ease off the stress producing hormones which in turn increases the level of the testosterone. Since coffee is loaded with anti-oxidant properties, it boosts the hormone level in a shorter span of time. Suppose, if you have a symptom of thyroid, there are chances that you have lower level of testosterone. If you wish to have tea, then it is desirable to go for herbal tea like green tea instead of other varieties. Apparently there is no evidence that Tribulus Terrestris increase testosterone production but Tribulus Alatus showed positive results in some studies.
The only time that I’d really recommend high GI carbs as a NECESSITY post-workout would be if you were doing 2 sessions in the one day. It also has an impact on muscle mass, hair growth, bone density, levels of blood cells and the sense of good health. If you are above 20 years of age, then there are lots of chances that this level keeps on decreasing. In this case, it is necessary to treat thyroid properly in order to increase the testosterone levels.
The level of testosterone begins to decline from the age of 30 and continues in later years.
My husband takes the Testosterone Pills from Doctor Max when he is not on the road and it makes our house a fun, friendly environment. These need to be substituted with healthy foods like fruits vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. I would like it much higher and will continue with this protocol but I’m pleased with the results so far. Body builders concentrate on the level of testosterone in their body to a greater level in order to increase the bulkiness.
For those, whose testosterone results turns out to be low, they have options of seeking natural remedies to improve the level of hormone.

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