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If you struggling to grow your hair and have used harsh chemical products, like perms, dyes and relaxers, in the past, your will need to reverse the damage they caused. That’s because many contain harsh ingredients that can change the organic structure of your hair.
While regualr Keratin straighening treatments will repair and restore damaged hair to a degree, it’s worth remembering that these products are intended primarily as hair straighteners, not conditioners. Despite these products being relatively mild when compared to other hair treatments, like Peroxide. This new breed of deep-penetrating conditioners with Keratin also include various beneficial oils, extracts, aminos and proteins designed to target specific hair problems like excessive dryness, breakage, split ends and frizz. They work very gently, and are usually left on your hair for several hours, allowing them to be slowly absorbed and fully penetrate individual follicles to their core. Azeita de Oliva for Dry and Brittle HairPerfect for dry and brittle hair, this is probably the best-selling Keratin treatment for hair repair. The anti-oxidants conatined in Olives actually stimulate your scalp, as well as your hair, to promote healthy new growth, and strengten what’s there already, as well as protecting against UV and the ageing process. Perfect for women like me, in their 30s who’ve done too many bad things to their hair. Volume Boosters for Flat, Lifeless HairThese are specially blended Keratin Conditioners designed for hair that’s dull, lifeless and lacking volume.
Because dullness usually comes with a lack of volume, added Lanolin and Vitamin E combine to add long-lasting shine as well as extra body. We have a selection of Keratin treatments to repair damaged hair available at our online store.Click here to see them all.
NovEx Repositor de Massa, or Volume Boost is perfect for hair that’s been left dull, lifeless and flat after using harsh chemical treatments like bleaching, perms and straightening.
Once a week, or more often if needed as a deep conditioner, NovEx Keratin, with Olive Oil can be left on for up to 4 hours before rinsing. Deep hydration power make Repositor a long lasting hydration therapy ideally suited to both semi-permanent and permanent treatments like relaxing and Keratin straightening.
NovExAzeite de Oliva works very well on hair that’s been permed, straightened or relaxed. Deep hydration and repair, using a mild, nutritious blend of deep penetrating oils and proteins that penetrate to the core of your hair’s follicles, adding strength, reslience and shine. Once a week, or more often if needed as a deep conditioner, NovEx Keratin, with Olive Oil ca be left on for up to 4 hours before rinsing.
If your hair has been battered by years of chemical straightening, or excessive use of electric irons, this olive oil based hydration treatment will nourish and protect it from further damage. Olive oil is an excellent emollient and as well as providing softness and vitality it actually stimulates blood circulation in the scalp – crucial for healthy hair growth. However your hair is now, you won’t believe how much better it looks and feels after using this product.
We know it reads like the recipe for a milkshake, but Beleza Pura is Hair Therapy taken to the next level. Its moisturising action prepares the hair for Keratin application, making it more receptive and dramatically improving results, allowing deeper absorption for longer lasting frizz and curl control.

NovEx Blindagem is a best seller in Brazil and we’ve become huge fans of it ourselves. Insert a keratin glue stick into the back hole of the keratin glue gun and push it down as far as it will go.
Lift up the top part of your hair around the crown and secure it with a clip so that it is out of your way. Place the hair extension iron around both the natural hair and the hair extension and press down for two to three seconds to bond the extension to the natural hair. Summer in Sacramento is perfect for barbecues, picnics in the park, waterskiing and lazy days by the pool, but it is not as wonderful for your hair.
JANE offers a variety of services and the menu reflects a sensitivity to customers’ concerns about chemicals. Vanity Lounge, located next to the former Buggy Whip Restaurant in the Arden-Arcade area, provides a full keratin smoothing and straightening treatment for $300. Colour Bar at Studio 21 in the Sola Salon building offers a keratin straightening treatment for $250. It can often make it weaker and incapable of supporting itself, after it reaches a certain length.
Products like NovEx Azeite de Oliva for dry and damaged hair combine extra-Virgin Olive Oil or other natural oils, combined with other amino acids and protiens, to hydrate and nourish even the driest hair all the way to the root. They’re effective on all types of hair and a product like NovEx 12-in-1 provides a massive dose of highly nutritious amino acids, vitamins and proteins for all round health and deep moisturisation. It provides an abundance of everything you need for healthy hair, adding strength, shine and maleability. They sell wide selection of leave-ins, rub-thrus and deep conditioners and have been around for years.
But it also works well with any treatment to restore and boost your hair’s natural volume.
If you your browser does not support JavaScript, please proceed to its simple HTML version. No prizes for guessing how much wonderful goodness NovEx cram into this, but all the ingredients have been chosen for their powers of protection, restoration and nutrition, leaving your hair shining like a star. This daily rub through adds shine and manageability – even in the most humid environments or grimy city conditions. Take a tiny amount (1-2g) and dab on damp hair prior to using any keratin hair straightener. After washing, towel dry your hair and when damp take 2-3g in your hands and massage through the hair.
NovEx Blindagem Hair Food can be used as a very effective, stand alone comb through frizz controller on all hair types, and works well as a leave-in conditioner, without other Keratin products. Keratin glue most commonly comes in a small tube or pre-applied to the top of the hair extension.
Plug the glue gun cord into an electrical outlet and allow the gun to preheat for two to three minutes.
Squeeze the glued tip of the hair extension between the iron to flatten it and disperse the glue evenly.

You only need to secure the uppermost layer of hair which will hang on top of the hair extensions to hide them.
High temperatures, strong sunlight, chlorine, air conditioning and environmental pollutants can cause hair to become dry, frizzy and downright unruly. The service costs around $300, depending upon the amount of product that is needed for the thickness of the client’s hair. The normal treatment, known as a “keratin blowout,” is available in the $200 range, but a version done without formaldehyde is possible for just a bit more.
A popular hallmark of the salon is that services are provided at set prices, with no additional cost for longer or thicker hair.
Other companies will no doubt follow suit before long, so look out for hair food in your local store soon. A healthy dose of Vitamin E adds an anti oxidant which defends against UV rays and fights the ravages of age too. Simply comb through a pea sized amount every morning for day long control and natural hold. When use like this it forms a protective shield which minimises external aggression such as pollution, humidity and strong chemical treatments like perming and relaxing. Insert a hair shield around the clump of natural hair and push it as close to the scalp as possible. Some local beauty salons offer keratin treatments as a solution for straightening and taming your mane this summer. Owner and technician Aaleahya Simmons says there is often confusion about chemical treatments; Salon Entro does not do Brazilian Blowouts, which use formaldehyde. In addition, hair color and highlighting can be done in the traditional way or without using products containing ammonia. The salon has several different keratin treatment formulas available, depending on the texture, thickness and level of damage of the client’s hair. Vanity offers color, cut and styling for guys as well as girls, including a Men’s Club “happy hour” with scalp massages and trims. Since the keratin treatment normally takes upwards of two hours, clients can appreciate relaxing with a glass of wine while they get their hair glossed and straightened.
The stick form of keratin glue is used to apply the glue tip to the hair extension prior to attaching it to the natural hair. JANE is open seven days a week and the website often features sale and pre-purchase specials on keratin services. The process takes a minimum of two hours and the benefits typically last three to five months, according to Smentek.

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