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The human growth hormone is basically benefited by athletes and body builders; more recently HGH has become a potential solution by people as a solution to aging. You see, HGH works much like a steroid: it works to develop and encourage muscle growth, increasing the effectiveness of workouts while giving your muscles an increased rate of muscle recovery in-between exercises.
If you want to have a high rate of HGH, your best bet would be through workout programs and supplements. Comparing HGH treatment results before and after is one of the most common frequent medical studies undertaken not only by researchers but by endocrine specialists and their patients.
Although many physicians depend on using lab test results to measure increases in low IGF-1 levels, many patients prefer to take before and after HGH pictures to maintain a visual representation of their progress. HGH or Injectable Somatropin - is a prescription hormone treatment drug used for the replacement of low growth hormone levels. Men and women taking hormone replacement therapy using bio-identical human growth hormone naturally ask their prescribing physician this question. Even with research on the internet, patients see different time frames for the effects of HGH replacement therapy to become realized. Since each patient;s chemistry, medical history, age weight and prescription for HGH is so different, there is no one time frame for when the expected results will appear.
Remember, that GH treatment is a personalized therapy program and you should always follow your doctor's instructions.
Some results can be expected in some patients after only 4 weeks of HGH Therapy but the results will not be enough to make any meaningful before and after HGH comparison. The changes you will see in your body resulting from taking HGH are seen gradually over time.
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When you contact a physician to talk about HGH Before and After Therapy, you will learn more about the uses and power of this hormone including its anabolic effects and its pharmacological properties. Real Growth Hormone is somatotropin injections using rDNA technology to allow its use for human injections as a bio-identical or natural hormone treatment. Growth hormone preparations are FDA-approved and administered for medical purpose, usually for GHD or AGHD (Adult growth Hormone Deficieny).
Growth hormone increases energy, stamina, endurance, physical and sexual performance reducing fatigue and boosting recovery from exercise and workouts.
Human Growth Hormone Injections should only be taken under careful supervision of an experienced medical professional and used for a documented deficiency.
There is an injectible of this HGH but due to medical issues, it is considered illegal save for selected medical practices. Lifting and building cardio is not the only way to force your body to naturally increase its production HGH. It has been proven that, even with bovine extracted HGH that it works and builds muscle mass to a considerable degree as well as shorten the recovery time in between sessions.
Naturally producing HGH is better since your body can then regulate it at safer levels rather than injectibles that can cause spikes in your system that your body cannot properly accommodate the change quick enough and thus causes some unsightly side-effects such as rapid hair growth, parted teeth and other unsightly symptoms. Your physician will adjust your medications as needed to ensure the best possible results without unwanted side effects.
The photos of men and women before and after HGH show how powerful injectable growth hormone is. That is not to say the positive effects are not felt and seen in the first 3 to six month period of treatment, they are. The reason for this is pretty easy to understand: HGH promotes repair and improvement of certain processes in your body, once that wears down everything else follows.

So until it becomes legal, you have to get it the old fashion way: exercise, rest and of course, supplementation. However, in order to get the maximum effectiveness of supplements you must also pair this with exercise and a decent recovery time. Also, having too much HGH in your system has some considerable side-effects as is with steroid-related injectibles.
For incredible HGH results, contact Optimal Health Medical HGH Treatment Center at 1-888-763-4221.
Sylvester Stallone, a man who is in his 60's but looks like a 37 year old athlete - he stated he believed HGH would be sold over the counter in 10 years and swears by its use. So does Susan Summers the sexy blonde actress from Three's Company wjo has written many books about Hormone Replacement and advocates the use of HGH and Testosterone for managing the aging process. The documented results from the collection of data from these HGH therapies demonstrated similar health improvements to those in the famous Rudman clinical study on HGH.Benefits of HGH Therapy with the Data. The data collected about Human Growth Hormone from this study were derived from randomly selected, self-assessment questionnaires completed by over 200+ patients during the term of their therapy programs between the years of 1994 and 1996. In general, the Human Growth Hormone research and information study showed improvements of the patients occurring within one to three months from the day Human Growth Hormone began with a tendency of the patients to continue improving over six months of HGH treatment.Other Growth Hormone Benefits Studies.

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