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For 2013, why not do the one single thing that can have a huge impact on your health – DITCH dairy!
Milks: Coconut milks, Almond Milks, Rice Milks, Soy milks (always organic, please), Hemp, Flax, Oat, and blends like Almond-Coconut. We are the ONLY species that drinks the milk of another species, consuming it long after weaning.
I have spent my whole adult life following all the standard advice for constipation, exercise, water, high fiber, etc, etc, but with no results. Ive given up dairy for two years because I became allergic to it and I started when I stayed on my own. I have been vegetarian for years but have only started to feel fantastic since giving up cheese!
One important point that no one has really talked about here is that our gut bacteria like us to keep eating what we have already been eating because the existing bacteria know how to digest those foods well.
So called greek yogurt is made from regular yogurt (they just drain the whey), so yes most greek style yogurt is dairy unless the label on the container clearly says otherwise. Okay, I’m sure this is TMI, but I had been constipated my whole life, regardless of how much fiber and water I consumed. Too many people are tricked into thinking that dairy is en essential food source, when really it’s killing them. I been wondering since cows milk is very bad for you cause it has A1 protein maybe goat milk would be healthier I tried goat milk after I gave up cow mill and don’t see the same effects when drinking cows. September 6th, 2014 was my last day of consuming dairy (well, with the exception of a pat of butter on two occasions but I am done with that). I have become a vegetarian over 6 months ago, eventually cutting out dairy products, I would still have cheese on random occassions but trying to ditch it too; I have more energy than ever before, my diet now consist of variety of vegetables, cooked, juiced and blended I feel that my skin is glowing, no more mood swings, no depression or anxiety (use to have them before). Feel free to send me a message, or you can join my mailing list, and I can tell you what's happening. Black tea and coffee, coconut and almond milk on my high fiber breakfast cereal and delicious DAIRY FREE custard for when I am feeling indulgent!
Throughout my life I have always believed that milk and cheese were supposed to be good, making our bones strong.

I moved in with my nephew three years younger than me on my dads side and it has been a nightmare everyscince, I only eat seafood and veggies and vegan products and he eats everything mostly dairy. I just learned of the dangers of cars milk and cheese, yogurt etc, maybe a bit late but it is better later than never.
Last summer I embarked on the Whole 30 Challenge, which eliminates grains, legumes, alcohol, dairy and sugar (plus sugar substitutes) from the diet for 30 days to determine if you are sensitive to one or more of those food groups.
It is so unnatural to be drinking another species milk but people just do not really think about it! When I started, it was to try to lose weight and because I felt that meat and dairy were having adverse effects on my digestion and energy levels. I’m hoping to lose some weight, get rid of my hormonal breakouts, chronic headaches, bloating and joint pain.
I’ve been having quite a few problems lately with heartburn, particularly after I have eaten chocolate or any other mainly dairy food. I have even found a local cafe that will make me a fancy coffee with frothy coconut milk on top, so I don’t have to feel sad that I can never have a cappuccino again. He has been eating my food and not his own burgers and chicken patties so when he has helped me eat up my food then he will eat his cause its the only thing left. AS AN EXCUSE I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT THIS IS MY FIRST POST EVER IN THE INTERNET, PROMISE I WILL GET BETTER. About a week into the experiment, my bowel movements became textbook normal for the first time ever. Once I started eating vegan, I decided to watch some vegan documentaries, and once I saw the horrible conditions these animals have to suffer through, that was even more motivation to strictly follow a vegan diet. I am because at that time I dont have anything to eat, I have to put my pans up and dishes so that no dairy gets in them and he gets mad at me for caring about my health, I thought I could dave some money by moving in with him but in restropect I shpuld have stayed on my own. Feeling so awesome far outweighs any addiction to the taste and texture…I just wish if done it years ago! I think that’s the thing I would like to eliminate from my diet to jumpstart my own fitness goals. I didn’t know which was the offending food group, so I slowly reintroduced each one after the 30 days to discover that dairy is the culprit.

It has so many adverse health affects and it is so sad that there is so much propaganda by the dairy industry even though there is no supporting evidence that consuming cow’s milk has any health benefits.
My stomach feels great, but I’ve had an awful headache the last 2 days, is that detox ? I have not had any cravings so far, but what is interesting is that my mind is rarely hungry- but my body is. I don’t drink cow juice anymore (but do have a splash of half and half in my morning coffee and fry my eggs in a pat of butter) and my constipation problems are gone.
Cheese and Milk continue to make people overweight and contributes to problems with inflamation. Before, I was always thinking about food and wanting to snack all the time, but I was never really physically hungry (always bloated maybe). Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University and author of The China Study, says casein is one of the most significant cancer promoters ever discovered. If you ask kids nowadays what is the most important drink they will say milk when they should be saying water!
I think it is important that we start teaching our kids what REAL health foods are and how important nutrition is for lifelong health.
My mind is calm and thinks much less of food, but when it’s time to eat, I get hunger pangs! Thrashed all plastic containers, cereals with BHT known to cause cancer and banned in many countries. I am in shock that in this continent we are poisoning our selfs and what is more terrible: our children. Still can not believe that this is going on in the most powerful and greatest country on earth.
I urge everyone that loves their children and family members to help create awareness of this situation.

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