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Microsoft Lync is an instant messaging and conferencing communication platform, designed to fulfill the needs of every business.
With OneNote Share you can create meeting notes directly to OneNote within the Lync Meeting.
Share your desktop, PowerPoint slides, virtual whiteboard online during video and audio meetings. With Microsoft Lync, users are able to share desktop, programs, workspaces and files with other people who are taking part in the Lync Meeting.
The program sharing allows appointing a presenter, who can take lead of the meeting or edit documents, for example a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet. Empower your meetings with Microsoft Lync sharing features - use custom settings to manage other people’s permissions to collaborate in relation to the shared documents.
Having Microsoft Lync installed on your mobile device, allows you to chat or start a meeting anywhere you are. Microsoft Lync also allows adding contacts of people using Microsoft Lync outside of your company, Windows Live, Yahoo!
Microsoft Lync easily finds contacts of people from your company that have Office 365 accounts - just start typing names of your colleagues and Lync will suggest them to you.

With Lync you can chat, have voice, video, Skype and phone calls, invite people to web conferences. Microsoft Lync also allows sharing PowerPoint presentations for more efficient work and speakers convenience. Set up Lync on your tablet or a smartphone and stay reachable for your colleagues even if you are on the go. In case you do not have your tablet or smartphone with you, all you need is a web enabled device to access your Office 365 account via browser.
No need to search for people among global contacts and wonder if it is really the person you are looking for. Schedule a meeting in advance, accept invitation to take part in one or simply start a meeting in one click. Set the speaker, and have him presenting a project to other people by using all the features Lync has. Microsoft Lync saves and archives the chat history, which is always available online and in your Microsoft Outlook. You can still schedule or start meetings in one tap, invite people to have a meeting, or join one yourself.

Microsoft Lync allows its users to save time and resources by giving possibility to chat and talk not only with Microsoft Lync users, but with people who use Windows Live and Skype as well. Microsoft has resolved that with a perfect sense: invite people, who do not have Office 365 account, to have a meeting by sending invitations to their e-mails. See the status of your co-workers, get notified when a particular person becomes available. Voice meetings can be recorded - rewind and make sure nothing is missing after the meeting. They will be able to join the Lync Meeting via Internet browser by clicking on the link they receive in their mailbox. Lync will recognize the device that is currently used and it will be displayed next to your status. Your Lync status will be updated automatically according to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar, so your colleagues will always see if you are available, on a meeting or your working hours are over.

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