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DHEA is also one of the first hormones to decline sometimes as early as age 30.  For some women DHEA can help them generate enough testosterone on their own to need test. DHEA is a wonderful bioidentical health aid, but it must be micronized by a top-grade compounding pharmacy,  as it has so many contributions to metabolism, body weight, bones and  immune function. Testosterone can help improve libido, build stronger bones and muscles and strengthen the heart.
Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women - Estrogen-hormone replacement therapy can help women improve their quality of life in many ways.

HCG Medically Supervised Weight Loss - Do more than just lose fat, keep it off and look and feel great? Service Area: We provide our services to the greater Denver are including Downtown Denver, Castle Rock, Centennial, Aurora, Littleton, Lakewood, Greenwood Village, Colorado Springs and other fine are areas of Colorado. We are, however, talking about prescription grade bioidentical DHEA – not the consumer product you send away for or buy at the health food store. We offer Bio-nutritional support for weight loss such as HCG, medically supervised body detox, IV nutrition (Meyer’s Protocol), lipotropic Vitamin B12 injections, and ALCAT food intolerance testing, counseling and support.

We also specialize in aesthetic facial injections of Botox, Dysport, Juvederm and Restalyne. Hormone replacement therapy needs to be administered correctly in order to attain beneficial results.

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