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For a physical and mental boost that lasts all day, start off the day with a good healthy breakfast.
Be sure your child is not loading up on empty calories or high amounts of sugar from snacks or drinks that are lacking in nutrients. You might be surprised at the benefits of improved moods and attention spans that come with a healthy and nutritious diet!
Recent studies from the University of Texas show that chocolate milk is the ideal post-workout recovery drink for athletes – much better than energy drinks like Gatorade. Chocolate milk has the right combination of carbohydrates and protein to help build muscle, burn fat, improve physical performance, improve recovery times, and resupply the body with vitamins and nutrients exhausted during intense workouts or exercising.
Building lean body muscle and lowering body fat to healthy levels is important in the development of young athletes. The study used low-fat chocolate milk, but other studies indicate that regular (whole) milk may be even more beneficial. If your child has any allergies, please consult a health care practitioner for alternatives.
Good sports nutrition for kids, includes breakfast, healthy snacks and plenty of water, will build a foundation for healthy young athletes — and all kids. Below are 7 reasons why you can feel good about indulging more often in this dark and delicious chocolate treat. Dark chocolate contains the polyphenols, which act as powerful antioxidants in your body that prevent degenerative diseases. Studies on dark chocolate have found that the high polyphenol content of dark chocolate  helps to increase the “healthy” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels in your body. Dark chocolate can help you to lose weight because it is very rich, so just a small amount can help to satisfy your cravings and prevent you from overindulging in other sweets which lead to weight gain. According to a study conducted at the University of Nottingham, dark chocolate helps to increase energy levels by boosting blood flow to the brain and body, and the increased blood flow can last up to three hours. To obtain all of the health benefits and nutrients that dark chocolate has to offer, the University of Michigan Health System recommends choosing a product that contains at least 60% cocoa and is made from organic or free trade cocoa beans. Cold & Flu Prevention, Digestive Health, Dr R's Thyroid Protocol, General Health, Probiotic.

Everyone was surprised to hear that chocolate milk is a healthy and great post-exercise drink. It’s important our young athletes are drinking water throughout the day, not just during practice, to stay healthy. Soda pop, energy drinks and even Gatorade can add excess calories that will convert to fat.
Not to mention the overall improvement of health and mobility, which will form good life-long habits in your kids. Tip: either pre-made chocolate milk, or regular milk with Ovaltine or Nesquik added will work. It doesn’t take a genius to know that eating large quantities of dark chocolate can boost your brain power. These nutrients help relax your blood vessels to deliver more blood to the brain – but only if the chocolate is a dark and pure.
The benefit of dark chocolate is that it increases the levels of neurotransmitters in your brain so that you can appreciate good mental health. These antioxidants contribute to good health by scavenging free radicals and preventing them from damaging your cells and DNA. However, it is the sugar, nuts and many other ingredients that are added to most chocolate bars that contribute to weight gain, and not the chocolate itself.
Also, many people eat to suppress negative emotions such as sadness or depression, and as mentioned above, dark chocolate works as a natural mood booster. If you are currently trying to lose weight and vehemently counting calories, you are likely to fall into this category.
In addition, chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine – enough to give you a boost, but not enough to cause the subsequent crash associated with highly caffeinated beverages. Be sure your child remembers to drink a few glasses of water during the day, starting before breakfast.
Rather, fuel your child’s body with energy from vitamins and minerals and eat naturally colorful foods like fruits and vegetables. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

Feelings of wellbeing and happiness are the result of dark chocolate’s ability to boost ser0tonin, dopamine and tryptophan.
In addition, the antioxidants in dark chocolate can help to fight cancer and heart disease. The benefit of eating dark chocolate is that it will diminish your desire to gorge on comfort foods. Finally, dark chocolate contains theobromine which helps to provide a relaxed feeling whilst simultaneously fighting mental and physical fatigue. It also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and decrease appetite, making it especially beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight.
Finally, if you are calorie counting or trying to lose weight, eat a chocolate bar with a low sugar content, or one that is made with a low-calorie sugar alternative such as stevia. Because our bodies lose water all day, we need to keep fluid intake levels high several hours before practices and games. Find creative ways to get your kids to eat their veggies, maybe by adding some ranch dressing as a dip. Fortunately, eating dark chocolate can give you an energy boost without the anxiety and jitters associated with stronger stimulants such as coffee or energy drinks. In addition, studies have found that dark chocolate reduces inflammation, increases blood flow to the heart and arteries, reduces blood clot risk, increases cognitive performance in the elderly and may even lower blood pressure. Chugging water right before exercise can still lead to dehydration – it’s best to be hydrated several hours before exercise. Also be sure your kids avoid eating too much junk food like donuts, cookies, candy and sugar-cereal.

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