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By John McCrank and Richard Leong NEW YORK (Reuters) – Some Wall Street traders booked hotels, while banks and brokerages prepared to get by with bare bones staffing, but major exchanges said it was business as usual as a potentially historic blizzard bore down on the northeast. Images from the web about wall street braces for storm exchanges to stay open, hope you like them. Keywords: wall street journal, wall street, wall street movie, wall street survivor, wall street money never sleeps, wall street oasis, wall street prep, wall street bull, wall street crash, wall street journal canada, wall street braces for storm exchanges to stay open .

Intercontinental Exchange Inc’s New York Stock Exchange unit, Nasdaq OMX Group , and BATS Global Markets said the exchanges they operate are currently expected to stay open for normal operating hours Monday and Tuesday.
The last time the stock markets closed due to weather was in October 2012 when Superstorm Sandy bore down on the East Coast, bringing flooding, punishing winds and widespread power outages that led to a two-day closure of U.S.

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